Zimbabwe: All Eyes On Big Brother Stargame

What a hectic week it was and I do hope the Almighty Lord has been wonderful to you. So much has been happening on the small screens with the latest being the launch of Big Brother StarGame on Sunday.
Quite honestly, this is the show that continues to grip the attention not Africa but the whole world. As usual we intend to give extensive reviews through this column. Like in other parts of Africa including Zimbabwe, Season Seven of Big Brother StarGame is getting rave reviews.

For Zimbabwean it means serious business after Manita and Teclar were randomly nominated for eviction this weekend. This is one of the biggest drawcards for the show as it keeps viewers in suspense.
So far, there is really nothing new to the game save for the new housemates. We have seen the houses being split and later merged in previous seasons.
However, one hopes that the new housemates will bring quality entertainment to the show. At times the so-called twists actually kill the show as Big Brother introduces new rules to the game.
There are two houses — the VIP Upville and Downville or is it the house for wanna-bes.
Urban grooves singer Roki is among other African celebrity housemates who include DKB from Ghana (26), Prezzo from Kenya (32), Lady May from Namibia (25), Goldie from Nigeria (28), Barbz from South Africa (34) and R&B diva Mampi from Zambia (25).
According to Biola Alabi, M-Net Africa managing director, it appears fans have to keep guessing what Biggie has in store.
“The guessing around who the housemates will be; people trying to work out what Biggie is planning; the rumours and the speculation; it all adds to the excitement. It’s great for the show to get this type of support from the Big Brother community who really do engage with it, even before it starts on air.”
True to her words, Big Brother StarGame will thrive on rumours and speculation as fans patiently wait to see the goings on in the houses.
For now let’s wait and see but Zimbabweans and friends of Zimbabwe should vote to save Manita and Teclar!


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