StarGame VIPs Loving Upville Already

The StarGame VIPs were pleasantly surprised when they first entered Upville. Nigeria’s Goldie led them through the garden into their lavishly furnished House.
As comedian, DKB was quick to claim the House as his own and started welcoming the rest of the VIPs into “his” House.
“This is really going to be great,” DKB said as he made his way into the House while Namibia’s Lady May couldn’t help sending shout outs and there was a lot of “Biggie you rock” and other endearments directed at Big Brother.

Once the VIPs were in Upville, the ladies rushed upstairs to choose comfortable spots in the bedroom and Goldie was first to introduce herself to South Africa’s Barbz and Zambia’s Mampi.
However, Lady May was the last in and she realized that she could have to find refuge in the “boys” bedroom which she didn’t seem to take down well.
So, even without Biggie insisting on a boys and girls bedroom, looks like the Upville ladies have made that rule clear.
The question is, how soon will the weaves start flying and some of them change tune?


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