Breaking News: Angola Exits StarGame!

The bomb has finally fallen on the fans of Angolan Big Brother Africa reps, Seydou and Esperanca as the pair revealed in their Diary Room Session just a few moments ago that they are exiting the game contrary to their plan of quitting on Sunday!
Biggie asked them how their day had been and Esperanca said that it was horrible, she went on to say that she was so stressed and depressed and therefore wanted to leave this afternoon, she added that she was not willing to put her life in danger.

“It is very very unfair to me…” remarked Seydou when asked by Biggie to say his last words. However from the look of things, Esperanca is more than determined to quit today afternoon and Seydou has no chances this time.
Big Brother told them that he was going to miss them big time and that it was fun chatting with them before asking them to go out of the Diary Room and brief their fellow housemates.
Seydou went straight to Talia and broke the news, she started crying and Seydou, Tamara and Junia tried to comfort her.
It’s really a blow to Seydou who seemed determined to continue with his luck in the house, however, his chances of winning the $300.000 jackpot have been hit with an untimely blow.
This makes everybody wonder why Esperanca had to torment her partner from the start when she wanted to quit days into the game.


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