Upville Diary Room Session (Live)

Goldie Diary Room Session
She begins by revealing to Biggie that she is doing very good this morning.
About the morning exercises, she reveals how she never had her shoes and appron and this is why she never enjoyed this morning’s exercise but she adds that it was also very good.
When asked about what her fellow downvillemates don’t know about her, she reveals how she’s very emotional person even tho’ very top most often.

She also adds that she is a very caring person and this explains why she’s so hospitable in the house.
She also reveals that the “fire task” is a surprise to her in the house eversince she entered the house.
When asked about her plans in the house, she talks about keeping the flame burning at the fire place, making sure there’s water and many other things including getting “jiggy” when its time to dance.
About what makes her nervous, she says that acknowledging that somebody is upset as a result of her bad behavior and not revealing this to her.
 Mampi Dairy Room Session

She begins by revealing how she’s a fun loving person, energetic and full of elf expression. She adds that she’s having fun getting to know her fellow housemates.
About her first impression in the BB house, she says that its a cool place and hasn’t found anything queer as yet.
About her plans in the house, she talks of just being herself and thats her strategy.
About her biggest challenge in the game, she talks of missing home and the outside world.
But She adds that she will overcome the challenge by just focusing on the game in the house bcoz she’s now in the house and not outside.
She adds that she doesn’t wanna be something that she isn’t bcoz she wants to be loved for who she is.
About what fellow H/mates don’t know about her, she says that for her, what you see is what you get and that’s her.
 DKB Dairy room session

He begins by talking about himself, he says that he’s a talking freespirited sentimental person and likes finding out what’s happening.
He adds that he saw Roki yesterday being weird altho’ informed. His first impression of Roki was so scary.
He also talks about Barbz who can’t even carry a feather weight table by herself and asked him for help but couldn’t back out esp on their debut night as it would look like he doesn’t wanna help.
He also says that Barbz thinks that things are soft and easy always which isn’t the case.
He also confides to biggie that his first impression of Barbz and Goldie was wrong as he thought the two would be the “divas” of the house. He adds that Goldie instead proved him wrong by doing the kitchen work for them this morning but Barbz was doing the contrary.
About his plans in the house, he says that he will just adapt to the various situations that will arise in the house since he’s a freespirited person and therefore has no strategy.
About his feelings regarding the Big Brother game, he simply says that its a crazy psychological game and its not easily figured out. He also talks of loving surprises in the Big Brother House. He says that he’s prepared to face anything whether its animals in the house.
Biggie assures him that he will always put them on the toes. In response, DKB says that he’s ready to be kept on his toes, neck, head, anything…


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