News: Prezzo Just Won’t Stop

As if last night was not enough, Prezzo continued defaming Barbz to the ladies.
After Barbz opened up to the girls about what Prezzo had said to her at night, Goldie and Mampi took it upon themselves to talk to him.
Barbz told the girls that she’d only cook for six people because Prezzo had also dissed her food.
Meanwhile, Goldie insisted to Prezzo that he was offline and had to apologize to Barbz for being nasty to her.
“I think I’d kill myself,” Goldie said. Goldie added that Barbz was the hottest girl in Upville but Prezzo clean refused.

After seeing that Goldie would not back off, Prezzo agreed to apologize to Barbz but when Mampi approached him, he went to town about how Barbz deserved it.
Mampi agreed with Prezzo to a certain degree; “It could be true that she’d like to be married but it’s not nice.” However, it wasn’t long before Mampi and Prezzo were giggling and being all buddy-buddy.
Prezzo added that he knew that was he said to Barbz wasn’t right but; “When I ask myself did she deserve it? Yes she did.”
Just when Prezzo thought he’d gotten away with it, Goldie was back to follow up on when he was planning to apologize to Barbz making him promise that he’d do it with immediate effect.


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