A Namibia and Kenya Hook-Up?

We are not sure whether our sinuses have us confused, but we smell love in the air. Ok. Maybe the promise of love? Why? Well, it would seem Malonza and Junia are getting a whole lot closer.
After a brief session of tonsil hockey in the garden last night, the two made themselves comfortable in Malonza’s bed this evening and got to know each other better. Malonza was first to reveal he wants to understand Junia better because he is convinced the Namibian lass “plays dirty”.

Junia on the other hand sought clarity on Malonza’s relationship situation outside the House, or lack thereof.
After Malonza declared his ‘lone ranger’ status, Junia did the same, revealing she is single. She however could not resist throwing a spanner in the works, confessing she was hanging out with a “very jealous guy” before she entered the Big Brother House. The two then connected over a lengthy conversation about their families, cats and puppies. There was no mention of Malonza’s brother Alex during the conversation. Incidentally, Alex also locked lips with Junia last night.
Could we see the very first official coupling in Big Brother StarGame? If these two keep flirting like they do, it could happen really soon! On the other hand, Junia seems to be getting along famously with most of the Downville boys, so everything is all up in the air right now.


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