Daybreak: Chris Rudely Wakes Downville

Chris drove Downville Housemates up the wall when he disturbed their slumber in the wee hours of the morning beating the drum sparking a fight between him and Maneta.
Chris panicked after he realized that Downville was running out of firewood to keep their fire burning and was hoping for a consensus on the way forward.
Biggie challenged the Housemates to keep the outside fire burning until Saturday morning failing which they will be punished.

However, Maneta didn’t take kindly to being rudely woken up and took Chris up on it. The Head of House, Keitta intervened and tried pulling Maneta away but that didn’t stop them from exchanging slurs as she hopped all over her bed.
Once morning broke, there was no time for dilly dallying as their sleep was once again interrupted by the trainer.
Get up, Stand Up!


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