Diary Room: They All Have Big Egos- Mineta

Maneta held nothing back in a very frank Diary Room Session.
The Zim Housemate, who is an Upville newbie, complained that her fellow Housemates have massive ego’s and an equal measure of pride. This is a total 360 degree turn from her Diary Session yesterday, during which she said all the Housemates were nice.
She relayed that everyone thinks they are better than her and never listen to anything she suggests. This, she said, is the reason why she has been depressed today.
“It is very different here. In the other House, everyone was carefree, mad and out there. In Upville, everyone thinks they are special”, she complained.
Maneta also revealed that there is a general lack of forgiveness in Upville.
“They are narrow-minded in that sense and hold grudges. These guys don’t give each other room to fix their relationships”, she said.
Barbz on the other hand, told Big Brother she foresees issues with the Task because Maneta is strong-headed. “Big Brother, that girl is not strong-headed, she’s cement headed”, she said.
She also complained about Prezzo not contributing anything to their Task brainstorming session.


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