Breaking News:Game Over For Mampi !!!!!

Its the 21st day in the Big Brother game and today its the live eviction show. So many of you have been waiting for this day for a full week and now  you have to wait no more because the game for some of the Housemates you want to be out is right NOW……………and…..
We are coming to the real week’s show just keep tuned here .DKB officially had to announce the person he replaced for hiself and when he said Lady May, she just surprised us when she said that she knew it.
Surprisingly May was  safe from eviction……… Guess what happened at that moment …..

Within a blink of an eye, Maneta was told that she was   going nowhere  meaning that it was Mmpi to be evicted from the house…..!!
“Oh sorry ,Mampi we’re   going to miss you as both your fans and perhaps even the haters because everything  that happened in the House Bad or Good, Had to do with your presence . You looked so smart and beautiful in that attire….I just wish you could be given a second chance but its too impossible.”
Mampi did a very incredible thing which no one could think of  her  at that moment when she was  evicted. S he had to give us some of her beautiful dance moves as requested by the fans and of course she didn’t! Isn’t that a surprise to you?
Our word is that………Its  OVER for Mampi and she’s now on her journey back home…….How will Mampi’s eviction affect her great friend who is still in the game?


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