Tanzania and Zimbabwe Up For Eviction

Before they could even say “hello” four Downville Housemates learnt the sad news that they were up for possible Eviction this Sunday. Though it was hard to believe at first, it eventually dawned on Tanzania’s Hilda and Julio as well as Teclar and Menata that this was no joke and the game had begun.
Using the advanced Random Nomination Mechanism monitored by an independent auditor, IK with a help of a volunteer rolled the wheel and the balls written Tanzania and Zimbabwe were drawn.

The Tanzanian Housemates remained calm but Zimbabwe’s Maneta couldn’t contain her shock. Her sister, Teclar declared “I’m getting high”.
Nigerian Housemate, Chris decided to “lay his hands” on Teclar to try and calm her down while the other Housemates perked out laughing at how hilarious he was going about it.
StarGame has officially started and Africa, click here to vote to keep Hilda, Julio, Maneta or Teclar in the game.


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