News: Esperanca Worrried, mourning more than the owner of the corpse!

After the live eviction show which ended with Upville’s Mampi leaving the game, random nominations were held to find out who the next eviction victims. Ghana and Botswana’s pairs, Keitta and Mildred and Eve and Edith were the selected Housemates for next week’s possible eviction.
After a very short period of time, Biggie’s cameras took us to Downville and what we found there was quite shocking as Esperanca was sheding tears. At first it was hard to figure out why she was crying, but she revealed that she was worried how she could live life in Downville without Edith and Eve, her close friends.

However, Edith and Eve showed no much worry which implied that Esperanca was mourning more than the owner of the corpse! Junia tried to calm her down all in vain telling her that Edith and Eve have been so helpful to her as they normally comfort her, advise her and always there for her whenever she is felt lonely.
Esperanca seems to be having alot that is going on in her mind, who knows, she may be dying to return home as soon as possible. Following some of the conversations she had recently, she said that she’s missing home and her child too reaching to an extent of asking Biggie to bring her family to her and meet with them. Adding that this to what is about to happen……that is if Edith and Eve are evicted, Esperanca saw herself fitting nowhere as she will be feeling more lonely.
Don’t you think that its high time Esperanca grew up and started living her life without her friends?


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