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Zambians Living in South Africa celebrate BBA Mumba, Kim

FOR the first time in the history of Africa’s most watched reality show, M-Net Big Brother Africa, Zambians living in South Africa have come together to celebrate and award the Zambia’s representatives in the Big Brother amplified House Mumba and Kim.

Mumba and Kim alongside musician Ozzy left Zambia for South Africa yesterday aboard Zambezi airline for the celebration and appreciation for their outstanding performance in the Amplified house.

Two Zambians win BBA voting competition

THE M-net Africa’s biggest reality show Big Brother Africa that took an Amplified version in its sixth season on Monday added a big smile on a Lusaka resident’s face after winning himself a Samsung camcorder at a time he wanted it most.
Misheck Shakemba, 32, of Chilanga said he was grateful to his fiancée Nyangu Bwalya who encouraged him to take part in the voting competition while saving his favourite contenders to stay on the show.

Millicent reunites with brother thanks to Big Brother

Kenyan Big Brother Amplified representative Millicent Mugadi has reunited with her stepbrother thanks to the reality show. According to Millicent, her brother, who now resides in Malawi, saw her on TV and recognised her immediately. “I was shocked when a lady journalist approached me during the eviction party in South Africa and told me that my brother had sent her to me. She even showed me his photos,” Millicent told Word Is. “My father had many wives so I was not surprised and I’m very glad that we are even communicating now,” she added.

BBA Winner 2011 Karen prepares to enter the music industry.

Nigeria’s winner of the just concluded Big Brother Amplified is set to go into music, reports have it that Karen has been engaging in recording sessions with soundcity’s VJ/artist, Illrymz. Against expectations that the BBA 2011 winner might dabble into the movie industry especially considering her participation in the 2008 Next Movie Star, Karen seems like she’ll be venturing into music.

Wish you best of luck, Karen

DJ Lomwe dreams to uplift orphans

Lomwe has unveiled his dream to establish a charity aimed at helping
orphaned youth realise their potential.

The radio and club deejay, who represented the country in the just-ended
Big Brother Amplified reality show, revealed the goodwill mission during
a welcome cocktail organised by the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and
Culture and Sunbird Hotels on Friday.

Lomwe was raised without a father and lost his mother at age 16. He
wants to harness the spotlight and networks attained in the ended 91-day
M-net TV series to make parentless children realise that not all is lost.

Big Brother Africa Comes Underfire in Tanzania

Dodoma — The government has strongly criticized the reality television show Big Brother Africa, branding the South Africa-based programme as immoral and a disgrace to African norms and customs.

Winding up his ministry’s budget estimates in the National Assembly on Friday, the Minister for Information, Youth, Culture and Sports, Emmanuel Nchimbi concurred with MPs’ complaints that the programme was a mockery of Tanzanian and African culture.

Big Brother housemate, Alex debuts in Socrate Sarfo movie

Ghana’s representative at the just ended Big Brother Africa (Amplified) reality show, Alex Biney has landed his first ever movie role.

Nicknamed Boma Ye, Alex left the Big Brother Africa show as Ghana’s best performer since the inception of the reality show, spending 70 days in the house, became Head of House and came up for eviction on two occasions – the first of which he saved himself.

After a relatively successful reality show, Alex is making his debut in the movie, Sons of Satan, directed by controversial movie director and producer Socrate Sarfo.

Overcoming The Fear of Failure and Rejection

Most people are afraid of failing and being rejected. If you can get over these 2 things, life is easy!

At school we are taught that losing and failing is bad. At school, if you make mistakes, you are a “failure”. 

People spend their entire lives fearing MISTAKES. And yet mistakes are how we learn. There is a priceless kernel of knowledge in every mistake. Admit it. Learn from it! Don’t deny or justify it.

I’m still surprised I won – Karen Igho, BBA Amplified winner

Nigerian born winner of Big Brother Amplified Karen Igho, who happens to be the first woman and third Nigerian to win the prize for three consecutive times confessed that she was shocked that she won.

Karen arrived Murtala Muhammed International Airport from Johannesburg, South Africa last week aboard Arik Air in the company of her fellow housemate, Vina Loupet, who was with her for a total of 91 days at the Big Brother Amplified.

Former Big Brother Housemate, Sheila Kwamboka Plays Video Girl

Remember Sheila Kwamboka of the Big Brother Africa fame? She is the charming personality involved in a steaming romance with Uti Nwachukwu, eventual winner of the TV reality show.

This time, the hot blooded Kenyan woman is not unleashing her charms on any man, instead the 23-year-old beauty is currently strutting her stuff in Nigeria , where she recently launched her new single Video Girl at the Sentila nightclub in Lekki, Lagos.

Exclusive Interview With Vina- "My boyfriend and I have put what I did with Lomwe behind us"

Malvina (Vina) Longpet was one of the two Nigerian in the recently concluded Big Brother Amplified reality TV show. Although she lost to a fellow countrywoman, Karen Igho and Wendell Parson of Zimbabwe, she told Senior Correspondent, Kemi Yesufu, that she is satisfied with her modest achievement. The Jos-born lady also explained some her actions during the show, life after BBA and how her boyfriend reacted to her friendship with Malawian Lomwe.

How has life been outside the Big Brother House?

It’s been hectic and overwhelming. I’ve seen people I don’t know all wanting to say hi to me. Being outside the house is just crazy. The best thing for me do is to stop and take pictures, because at the end of the day, the people who stop to say hello are the ones that made me who I am today.

Keeping Up With Big Brother’s Vina!

Malvina Longpet gained instant fame on the last edition of the reality TV show, Big Brother, after making the final seven in the house. BOBOYE ONDUKU, tells the full story of a day’s encounter with this new celebrity.

9:57 am

After putting a call to Vina, I arrive at Kiss FM premises at Wuse, Abuja. The security officer at the gate is not welcoming: “Dem dey for meeting,” he retorts. In bewilderment and with slight annoyance, I let him know that I’m on appointment. He grudgingly puts a call through and allows me in. I make another call to inform her of my arrival as I make my way to the reception. As I take a right turn from the gate, I come face-to-face with Vina.

Winners of Next Movie Star can’t go to Big Brother – Sola Fajobi

Sola Fajobi is the creator of the reality TV shows, Next Movie Star and Supermom. Following the successes recorded by the Next Movie Star in Nigeria, Fajobi is planning a significant incursion into the rest of Africa. In this interview with Reporter, Adedayo Odulaja, he says it is not a coincidence that three Nigerian participants of his show have emerged winners of Big Brother Africa

Next Movie Star used to be the most popular of your productions but that is not the case anymore especially with the soaring popularity of Supermom in recent times
We have reality franchise for Next Movie Star and Supermom but of course we have other brands like Dormitory Eight, a drama series and so on. Each of the brands has a specific audience. Next Movies Star is a youthful brand and for young adults between ages 18 and 23 in terms of participation and for viewership, it is for ages 10 and 40 or 50 basically. But Supermom is for the family, which means it has a broader audience.

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Minister Dismisses Critics Of BBA Winner, Karen

The Minister of Youth Development, Bolaji Abdullahi, has dismissed critics of the co-winner of the reality show, Big Brother Africa, Karen Igho, as sexist.

He also said that her visit to his office was formal, a courtesy call to inform him of her victory in the event and insisted that by virtue of his office, it was part of his duty to appreciate and encourage youths who win laurels for the country in any endeavour.

Abdullahi made this clarification in reaction to comments by those who disapproved of Miss Igho’s conduct during the reality show and said that the visit was not an endorsement of whatever they were complaining about.

Breaking News: Big Brother Revolution Winner Kevin Chuwang Pam & Wife, Elizabeth Gupta Have a Baby Girl

In February 2011, Big Brother Revolution housemates, Kevin Chuwang Pam & Elizabeth Gupta celebrated their white wedding with a grand ceremony in Abuja. Just a few months before then, they had completed their traditional marriage rites in the bride’s home country, Tanzania.

Last night, Kevin’s personal facebook page was flooded with congratulatory messages from family, friends and well-wishers who heard about the birth of their first child. According to reports, Kevin & Liz have welcomed a baby girl into their family.

BN wishes Kev, Liz & Baby Chuwang Pam all the best!

Kevin recently unveiled his “Naija Pikin” initiative, Kevin was inspired to launch this initiative after observing the tragic violence and suffering in his home city, Jos.


Without mincing words, Big Brother Africa (BBA) 2010 winner, Uti Nwachukwu is every girl's dream guy.

In a recent interview, Uti let us into his love life.

Excerpts from the interview;

Is Uti Nwachukwu in a relationship?

Maybe, it’s personal. I don’t want to reveal my private life. I see what happened with my wedding picture with Munachi Abii.This is why nobody knows my relationship status today. And that’s how I will keep it until I get married.

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Big Brother- What You Didn’t See On TV

A jumble of ululation and booing! That is what best describes the mood last Sunday evening at Sasani Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa; when Nigeria’s Karen Igho and Zimbabwe ‘s Wendall Parsons were announced winners of sh520m each – the grand prize of this year’s televised M-NET reality show, Big Brother Africa Amplified.

The studio was packed to the rafters with Big Brother fans as well as friends and family members of the 26 contestants this year featured (the 19 previous evictees attended).

Big Brother Africa Amplified Co-winner: I Miss Having My Real Boobs

Kareen Igho, co-winner of the Big Brother Africa Amplified pan-African contest, has explained why she has artificial breasts. “People are quick to judge you. People just think I got the boobs just because I wanted to. But I’m sitting here and still wishing I had my real boobs.

I miss having my real boobs. I got these implants at a very young age.

There was a reason for it. I had lumps. I had to take the lumps out. The doctor told me the lumps might come back again. I had to ask him what we should do. I asked him if the lumps would come back if I put silicone.

Sexy Weza: I Did Not Sleep With Luclay

Hello everyone, Gosh I don’t know where to start… It has taken me a while to find the time to sit down and start writing again. I promised myself that I wouldn’t sleep today until I finally did it and here I am, sipping on a glass of wine and playing Amy Wine house on the background for inspiration.

So much has happened since I last poured my heart and soul out here on my blog for all to see.

I’m still shocked that I won BBA – Karen Igho

When Karen Igho went for the BBA Amplified auditions, it was with mixed feelings. A competition that has brought out the best and the worst of the personalities in the contestants, Karen managed to outdo 24 others to clinch the top prize.
The first woman to win the show and the third Nigerian to win it in the last three editions, the latest millionaire was recently feted to a reception at Planet One, Ikeja, Lagos. She had the opportunity to talk about her time in the house and her plans for the future.

Sharon Receives Rousing Welcome

Sharon a musician with the Obsessions did not have a huge fan base at the beginning of the reality TV show and many actually felt she would receive the boot and favored the other Ugandan representative Ernest Wasake to go all the way. With a laid back personality at the beginning of the show, Sharon O gradually opened up and went all the way to the grand finale, becoming only the second Ugandan to achieve that feat after Gaetano Kaggwa’s stint in 2003.

After spending 91 days and outlasting 24 other housemates, Nigerian Karen Igho and Zimbabwean Wendall Parson scooped the grand prize of $200,000 each in a tense finale on M-Net’s reality show.

I am still a winner says SA’s Luclay

Johannesburg. South African actor Luclay Misoya says that although he did not win the money in the Big Brother show, he is happy that he won the hearts of so many people.

His fans, including radio DJs Sbu Leope and Dineo Ranaka, say they were disappointed that he was not crowned winner of the Big Brother reality show. “I saw the disappointment on my fans’ faces when I left the stage. Some were crying. I hugged many in a bid to try and lift the mood again.

Zimbabwe: Will a Big Brother Winner Unite a Divided Country?

The Big Brother Africa (BBA) reality marathon is now over. However, there has been a deluge of mixed views online about which of the two Zimbabwean contestants deserved to win. And because the Zimbabwean chap who took home a cool US$200,000 “happens” to be white, this “inevitably” also became a talking point on social media platforms.

Big Brother Africa is a television show produced by Endemol in South Africa. The show is the most popular TV reality show in Africa.

Lomwe: Don’t believe the hype, no $10K for BBA finalists

BLANTYRE–Ten thousand dollars each for seven finalists of the BBA? That’s too good to be true, you would say, and guess what, you wouldn’t be off mark. It was just a rumour, says Malawi’s rep in the BBA, Lomwe.

“I heard about the $10, 000 but the organisers briefed the finalists saying it was all a rumour,” Lomwe, aka Tendai Namate, told journalists after he arrived back home on Wednesday to a tumultuous welcome.

Karen’s Metamorphosis- Article by a Nigerian

Fellow Nigerians, I think it is in order to congratulate ourselves for the way the BIG BROTHER AMPLIFIED was concluded last Sunday in South Africa. You must be wondering what is my own in this matter. A few readers even expressed their shock last week that someone of my status could find time for such frivolities as BIG BROTHER AMPLIFIED. One of such critics wrote that it was so unpresidential to write an article on a supposedly despicable girl as Karen. Their reasoning was that a presidential candidate should rise above the mundane things of life and concern himself only with serious and rigorous issues of life. It is predicated on a fallacy that he is no longer a regular human being and should not attempt to live the lives of normal people.

Sharon Re-Unites With Family

Ronnie Mulindwa won’t be having any more sleepless nights after Sharon O came back to Uganda on Wednesday night after representing the country in the Big Brother Amplified in South Africa in which she came out as a finalist.

Ronnie could not sleep especially in the first two weeks of the show when Michael was determined to leave no stones unturned in accessing Sharon O’s pincode. Sharon said that the period she had been in the house, all the male housemates were interested in her but she resisted all of them.

Classy, vivacious Weza on her BBA experience

To some, she was the most intelligent of this year’s Big Brother Amplified bunch – good looks, brains and an attitude to conquer. To others, she was simply the one you loved to hate. Just ask Luclay! And his fans for that matter. Unfortunately, Weza’s shine was not enough to see her through to the BBA finale: She was evicted alongside Ghana’s Alex and Botswana’s Miss P on Sunday. She speaks about her BBA experience.

How does it feel to be out of the house? Weza: It’s still a bit surreal. I’m slowly getting used to not wearing a microphone and having cameras following my every move. I’m basically trying to slowly fall back into reality.

Karen’s Victory Shows Resilience of Youths – Minister

The Minister of Youth Development, Malam Bolaji Abdullahi, has called on Nigerian youths to be selfless, enterprising and determined in whatever they are doing. He gave the advice yesterday in Abuja while congratulating Miss Karen Igho for emerging the joint winner of the Big Brother Africa show sponsored by South African cable channel MNet/DSTV.

Nigeria’s Karen and Zimbabwe’s Wendell got the $200,000 (N30 million) prize each after emerging as joint winners of the reality show which lasted 91 days and featured 26 contestants from across Africa. Karen however had more votes than Wendell.

BBA winner, Karen arrives Lagos amidst jubilation

LAGOS — Nigerian born winner of Big Brother Amplified, Karen Igho, arrived the country, Thursday, to a rousing welcome from BBA fans as well as 34 officials of the Multi-Choice Nigerian Company, provider of DSTV channels, sponsors of the reality TV show.

She arrived Murtala Muhammed International Airport from Johannesburg, South Africa at about 2:25p.m aboard Arik Air with her fellow housemate, Vina Loupet, at the Big Brother Amplified.
Multi-Choice officials who went to welcome the winner were all dressed in black T-shirts on black Jeans Karen Igho, who won $200,000 prize money came out of the arrival hall amidst jubilation by fans in a pink T-shirts and trousers with brown shoes to match.

Karen’s day of glory

At home she is not the quiet type, her siblings need not argue with her because she will always stand her ground, her mother may not be too comfortable with that kind of attitude yet she but she sees the potentials in it. In spite of this, her friends like her for being always herself.

Welcome to the world of Karen Igho, one of the winners of this year’s edition of the Big Brother Africa reality TV show, ‘Big Brother Amplified’.

Mugabe Honours BBA Winner Wendall, Vimbai and Muzhingi

Harare, August 04, 2011 – President Robert Mugabe on Thursday presented Big Brother Africa winner, Wendall Parson and Comrades marathon three time winner, Stephen Muzhingi with $50 000 in cash each at a ceremony at the State House.

Mugabe who last year presented Big Brother finalist, Munyaradzi Chidzonga with a $300 000 cheque for coming second also gave Big Brother Amplified 2011 contestant Vimbai Mutinhiri $10 000 in cash.
Wendall won the Big Brother Amplified together with Karen Igho of Nigeria. The two were awarded with $200 000 each.

Mugabe to host Big Brother winner at Zimbabwe State House

President Mugabe will host Big Brother Amplified co-winner Wendall Parsons at a luncheon at State House tomorrow, Youth Development, Indigenisation and Empowerment Minister Saviour Kasukuwere announced yesterday.

The President has also invited BBA participant Vimbai Mutinhiri and Comrades Ultra-marathon triple winner Stephen Muzhingi to the luncheon.

“President Mugabe has invited the winner to lunch at the State House on Thursday, to celebrate the victory.

Hero’s welcome for Wendall

Accompanied on the lunchtime flight from Johannesburg by his family, Wendall was driven in an open top safari truck from the airport with more than two dozen other vehicles behind.

The US$200,000 winner appeared keen to share the spotlight with fellow contestant, Vimbai Mutinhiri, who arrived on the same flight with him and joined the impromptu parade through the streets of Harare. Vimbai, 24, was voted off the M-Net reality TV show in the penultimate week.

How Karen and Wendall clinched BBA $200,000 prize

AFTER 91 days of staying very close to individuals from different nationalities and playing the game to the hilt with strategies best known to each housemate, things reached its height.

And it all went down with Nigerian contestant Karen, and Wendall of Zimbabwe, making it home with the grand prize of $200,000 each, making Karen the third Nigerian contestant, after Kevin Pam and Uti Nwachukwu in the history of Big Brother Africa to have won in the final.

The hyperactive Karen, Vina, Sharon O, Wendall, Hanni, Luclay and Lomwe, were the last housemates of the competition. The first among the last seven to be called out at the final eviction was Nigerian contestant, Vina, followed by Hanni from Ethiopia.

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Outrage as Luclay loses Big Brother big prize

POLICE had to be called in to control rowdy Big Brother Amplified fans after South African actor Luclay Misoya was evicted last night

Many fans walked out from the Sasani Studios in Balfour Park, Johannesburg.

Luclay’s eviction left Nigerian model Karen Igho and Zimbabwean commercial pilot Wendall Parson as this year’s biggest winners of the reality show.

Beating five other housemates, Wendall, 23, and Karen, 27, were named the winners of about R1,3 million each.

Sharon bags sh26m from Big Brother

A mixture of ululations and boos! That’s what tore through the air Sunday evening at Sasani Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa; when Nigeria’s Karen Igho and Zimbabwe’s Wendall Parsons were announced winners of sh520m each – the grand prize of this year’s televised reality show, Big Brother Africa Amplified.

The finale’s studio filled to the rafters – fans of the show who won complimentary tickets to attend the finale, as well as friends and family members of the 26 contestants this year presented us.

Big Brother Amplified Proves That Africa Is Not Inherently Racist

While South Africa might be going through one of its worst periods of polarisation in its post-apartheid history the people of Africa have done us proud.

Big Brother Amplified is all the proof that you’ll ever need to demonstrate that in general when Africa supported the end of apartheid it was not to bring in black racism but rather to see that equality for all is realised.

In what I can only describe as the most refreshing recent development on the planet – in a free and fair poll if I may use the term to describe the voting as such – the single white competitor has been backed by entire African countries to continue on the show.

Big Brother Conspiracy Theories Smacks Of Being Bad Sports

South Africans were most unhappy about the Big Brother Amplified eviction of actor Luclay Misoya which signaled victory for Nigerian model Karen Igho and Zimbabwean pilot Wendall Parson in Sunday’s finale.

According to reports on Monday police had to intervene to calm the crowd who attended the event in Johannesburg.

Conspiracy theories and claims of rigging – because Nigeria picked up its 3rd straight winner and Zimbabwe’s competitor was too quiet – are not only misguided but fail to factor in the voting for the show.

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