Lomwe: Don’t believe the hype, no $10K for BBA finalists

BLANTYRE–Ten thousand dollars each for seven finalists of the BBA? That’s too good to be true, you would say, and guess what, you wouldn’t be off mark. It was just a rumour, says Malawi’s rep in the BBA, Lomwe.

“I heard about the $10, 000 but the organisers briefed the finalists saying it was all a rumour,” Lomwe, aka Tendai Namate, told journalists after he arrived back home on Wednesday to a tumultuous welcome.

If you were at Chileka airport or saw the 10-car convoy, you would have thought a VIP had just landed. His mother Jane Namate-Nsanjama, Multichoice officials, friends, relatives and supporters gave Lomwe a welcome befitting a celebrity.

Lomwe, riding in an open roof Chevy Escalade, a limousine owned by business tycoon Mike Chilewe, waved a huge Malawi flag at the adoring fans.
His convoy attracted huge crowds along the way from Chileka through the shanty Mbayani township, to Ryalls Hotel where Lomwe, a disc jockey, held a presser.

“I have seen the famous Lomwe. Although he did not win, but he represented Malawi very well,” said Atibu Usi, a Mbayani resident.

Lomwe, not worried about missing the $200,000 jackpot which went to Nigeria’s Karen and Zimbabwe’s Wendall apiece, said he too was a winner.

“I have come home with nothing but I am not disappointed because I am also a winner.

“There are many ways to win and it’s not only bringing the prize money but being in the house for 91 days,” he told reporters.

He wants to continue with his music career and had plans to cut an album with fellow housemate Zeus from Bostwana.

Lomwe said he had no qualms with Karen sweeping the stakes, but had reservations about Wendall, saying South Africa’s Luclay should have won the ultimate prize.

On Zambia’s Kimberley – they locked lips on the show as lovers do – he said he didn’t have “serious emotions” for her.

It was just a strategy, the ladies’ man said. On the show, contestants made alliances to increase their chances of surviving evictions. The housemates would nominate each other for eviction and Big Brother would decide whether to send a housemate packing or not.

Three welcoming parties have been arranged for Lomwe, starting tonight at Capital Hotel, Friday night at Blue Elephant and on Sunday at Village Mandebvu in Zomba.–maravipost


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