Overcoming The Fear of Failure and Rejection

Most people are afraid of failing and being rejected. If you can get over these 2 things, life is easy!

At school we are taught that losing and failing is bad. At school, if you make mistakes, you are a “failure”. 

People spend their entire lives fearing MISTAKES. And yet mistakes are how we learn. There is a priceless kernel of knowledge in every mistake. Admit it. Learn from it! Don’t deny or justify it. 

Successful people try and try again. They fail over and over again.  Poor people are afraid of risk, rejection, afraid of losing money, losing face…  But losing is part of the winning! 

Listen, if you take enough swings at the bat, eventually you are bound to hit something!

I promise you that if you have the fortitude to swing that bat again and again and again, if you have the strength to get back up every time you’re knocked down… YOUR SUCCESS IS ASSURED! 

Most people are afraid to even pick up the bat!

Or if they do ‘pick up the bat’, and they don’t ‘hit anything’ at the first swing, they give up and decide to never try this kind of thing again! 

Furthermore, most people focus on debts, ‘not losing’, paying the bills…   
It is a Law of The Universe that… “What you focus on expands”. So guess what they manifest in their lives! Problems, worries, financial difficulties… 
Rich, successful entrepreneurs focus on opportunities and the potential rewards! 
They are constantly seeking opportunities to create value for more people, serve more people, help more people, find out what people want and then give it to them!  
By the way, people with a job pay the highest taxes. And jobs often trap you. You have little time with your kids, you are not free, there are limitations to what you can do, etc.  

In my experience, people in corporations are… corpses! They are going through the motions, with no sense of purpose, passion, mission. They are dead inside. 
 No one who went for their dream, regardless of whether they succeeded or not, regret it. But you meet a lot of people who say “Gosh, I wish I had done this, I wish I had had the courage to do that…” 


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