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$200,000 BBA Prize Money- What is it really worth?

The Big Brother Amplified has been going on now for about 3 weeks plus. 26 able bodied men and women are in the house fighting to win the crown. This crown is worth a whooping $200,000. That is a lot of money.
A question is on my mind, what is this amount of money really worth? How many orphans can it change their lives? How many hungry people can it feed? How many homeless people can get a house of their own with that amount of money? How many schools can be built with that money? How many hospitals can get drug supplies to treat the sick?

Head Of House: Danny, the Kingmaker

Over and above of being assured of his stay in the Tails House for one more week, Danny has the unenviable position of Head of House, that inncludes the responsibility of saving one Housemate and replacing them with another during the Nomination show, on Monday evening 20:00 CAT.

Danny can decide to leave the nominees as they are, but he may also act differently. Danny had one Nomination and, in most likelihood, he won’t be up for Eviction.

Nomination Results In the House Of Tails.

This Monday morning the house mates in the house of tails had a nomination session. 11 housemates each nominated two fellow housemates with most housemates not finding it hard to make up their minds on whom to nominate as was before in their first nomination session. The following are the results of the votes they got.

Ernest got 6 votes.

Luclay got 5 votes.

Bhoke got 3 votes.

Tails Nominations- How they voted

Miss P


She says it’s because he can be way out of line.


She says it’s because she is a back stabber.



He says it’s because she hasn’t been active in the house and has been sleeping a lot.


He says it’s because of his expensive jokes that end up in arguments.

News: Karen Weeps Over Boobs

Karen told Tailsmates that she had lumps in her breasts; hence she had to get a boob job.

She asked them not to refer to her breasts, because it is a very sensitive issue to her as it reminds her of the pain she went through.

After reprimanding the Tailsmates she went outside the House, where she cried and confided in Luclay. He comforted her and told her she was a very strong person to have braved the Tailsmates and told them how she felt about them insulting her breasts.

Eviction: How Africa Voted- 29 May, 2011

This week you voted to save your favourite Housemate, take a look at how the voting week played out.

The Housemates who receieved the most country votes, Vina and Sharon O, went back to the Heads House.

There was a three-way tie for last place. Confidence, Bernadina and Michael received one country vote each.

Michael, evicted from BBA, ‘saw it coming’

Michael or Miguel from Mozambique is the latest victim of the Big Brother Africa Amplified, having been evicted on Sunday.

The Mozambican had a premonition of his axing.

"I knew it. I had a feeling," he said after he was told by presenter IK that he had been evicted from the show which kicked off on May and will last 90 days with the winner pocketing $200,000.

In a glittering show monitored by from Blantyre, this is what happened for Miguel to be sent packing: Head of house Vimbai from Zim saved Hanni from Ethiopia from eviction and replaced her with Michael, a pro hairdresser in Maputo.

News: Final 24hrs To Eviction

As the morning progressed, Michael, Confidence, Bernadina, Vina and Sharon O seemed to be on completely different wavelengths in regarding what could possibly be their final hours in the game.

Whether the Housemates, who were nominated for possible Eviction this week, would have liked to admit it or not, the generous gesture that came from Biggie in the morning had had an ironic effect on them – Headsmates had been pampered by ladies with magic fingers from Pyramid Day Spa. For one, the treat reminded them of the good life on the outside; but at the same time it also materialised the reality of possibly going home tomorrow.

News: Bootylicious P

While preparing dinner in the kitchen, Karen told Mumba that Miss P wasn’t as young and innocent as she wanted to be perceived.

She pinned Miss P’s age to the size of her booty, while Mumba said that the age restriction for Housemates meant that anyone that made it into the House was old enough for any situation they might be faced with; including sexual encounters.

Due to the Face Off, between Luclay and Ernest earlier on Friday morning, Housemates seem to be bad-mouthing one another as they take sides. Karen is one Tailsmate that has stuck with Luclay, while Miss P and Ernest have been talking about Luclay’s beahiovur behind his back.

News: Karen’s Treasure Hunt

Karen pulled an elaborate prank on her fellow Tailsmates which had them searching all corners of the House with the hopes of finding ‘Biggie’s Treasure’.

After coming out of her Rant and Rave session in the Chat Room, Karen made a huge announcement. “Biggie has hidden
a treasure in the garden. He wants us to find it,” she exclaimed.

Ernest To Be Circumcised Again After Big Brother Amplified?

Ernest Wasake, Uganda’s Big Brother 6 representative might pocket just 75% of the $200,000 at stake, if he ever wins the Africa’s reality show currently airing on DSTV.

After the mighty Red Pepper unveiled Ernest Wasake recently, Bagisu elders read the story word by word and picked interest in the cunning Big Brother representative. To be precise, their point of interest is how Wasake eluded Imbalu (circumcision ritual) for two and half decades, and the tricks he employed to avoid feeling the pain of the knife.

Is Ernest and Bhoke’s steamy relationship the real deal?

There have been so many sexual shenanigans in the Big Brother Amplified house it is difficult to determine if any of these ‘relationships’ are real.

Recently all eyes have been firmly focused on Tails housemates Ernest from Uganda and Tanzanian Bhoke who have not only enjoyed a sexy jacuzzi session of heavy petting and lip biting, but they have also shared a bed, and Bhoke even referred to Ernest as her boyfriend after one of their many late-night drinking sessions.

Karen forces her way into Luclay’s bed.

It’s going to be hard for Nigerians to defend Karen’s actions this evening as she jumps into Luclay’s bed  just days after dissing Bhoke about her onscreen shenanigans with Ernest.
Yesterday I reported that Karen had vowed to Africa she would get Bhoke jealous by flirting with her ‘are they-aren’t they’ buddy Ernest, which she certainly did, but as the task ended and the attention stopped, Karen took it upon herself to jump into the bed of South African hottie Luclay, who wasn’t at all amused.
As he jumped up in shock and asked her to leave, the 27 year-old asked him if he was hard. He’s response was a nervous no.
After pleading with her to leave, the madam of the house persuaded him to let her stay for just 5 minutes.

Breaking News: LoNdell Punished!

After being caught whispering about Nominations late last night, Big Brother came down hard on the Wendall and Lomwe duo.

Big blue oversized clown are not anyone’s cup of tea.
However, Wendall and Lomwe have no choice but to wear them at all times, until Monday, after whispering about Evictions last night.

Head of House: Danny and Milli Rule!

Millicent beat her 12 fellow Headsmates to take over from Vimbai as new Heads Commander in Chief.

After a week of drama that saw Millicent confide inSharon and Felicia about her ambitions to become the next Head of House,Millicent heaved a sigh of relief and plastered a huge smile on her face when she was announced the new Heads Sheriff.

After a 30 minute battle in the garden, where she and her fellow Housemates tested their patience and motor skills by building a tower using a pack of cards, it was clear who the winner would be.

News: Zeus is Smart

Millicent and Felicia stayed up, on Thursday night, and discussed the events of the Task performance. They were convinced that Lomwe and Zeus’ rhyming battle was personal and each went below the belt.

According to them, Lomwe had no business in saying Zeus can’t get it up. Millicent was very sympathetic of Zeus and even said he found him very mature.

Daybreak: Head of House Preps?

Fuelled by an outstanding Task showing last night – which impressed Big Brother and guaranteed the gang loads of Decibels to play with, the Headsmates tackled their morning exercise with more energy than usual.

Vina, who usually moans “I can’t do it” most mornings, went about Joy Gym without much of a problem. The boys too looked motivated. Perhaps we could allude that to the titillating kiss last night between Millicent and Felicia?The two, who slept late and burned the midnight oil by engaging in a little gossip, did not look tired from having so little rest. They tackled squats, crunches and kicks with energy.

Serious Hygiene Matters in the House

When more than five people from different walks of life are put in one House for 90 days, there's bound to be tension--especially in terms of hygiene.

The hygiene issue is already getting to Headsmates and Vina couldn't help herself in the morning as she addressed the issue head on.

She complained about how the guys just piss all over the toilet without any care of who would follow them. The Nigerian diva also expressed how annoying it was for someone to just use the toilet with the door open.

Rap Battle Gets Personal and Ugly

During Chat Sessions it transpired that the Rap Battle could cause a stir in the House with some people taking it personally.

Wendall was quick to admit that his rhymes could rub people the wrong way:
"It's a game so people should be prepared for it," he told Biggie during his Chat Room session.

The Headsmates were frank in telling Big Brother that some rhymes were very mean and touched on personal issues that could cause tension in the House after the Task Presentation.

Rap battle: Vimbai and Zues Rule

In Thursday's Chat Room Sessions, Zeus and Lomwe tied as the best rappers in Heads while Michael and Weza scrambled for the worst position, but Vimbai could be the night's surprise winner.

As the other Housemates prepared for the Sprite Triple Slam Task Presentation tonight, Headsmates told Biggie that Zeus and Lomwe had it going on because they were professional rappers. Vimbai was cited as a smooth operator who had secret skills most were unaware of.

Alex In Trouble

Ghana’s representatives in the on-going Big Brother Amplified seem to be making all the news both negative and positive. Confidence Haugen who is in the “Heads” house is up for eviction for the second time and is still hoping to return into the house after Sunday’s live eviction show.

Alex Biney the “ladies’ man”, who is doing his thing in the “Tails” house has put himself in trouble, in the wee hours of this morning, when he broke the rules in the house by taking over a duty which is supposed to be punishment for South African housemate Luclay. Alex single handedly washed all the dishes and cleared the House of filth as though he was performing a task.

News: Lotus Live on Facebook

Yesterday disqualified Housemate Lotus took some time out to chat to some of Big Brother Amplified’s fans on Facebook.

Charlotte Tobi Futha wanted to know why Lotus hadn’t slapped Karen too when they were having an argument and Lotus replied, “When I told her to stop, she stopped.” Percyginia Tebatso Kock was curious about what would happen if Lotus were to see Luclay again and he was told that the two Housemates would probably chat and laugh about it.

News: Don’t Get Played

Just before midnight, on Tuesday evening, Confidence and Hanni sat outside and told Vina not to allow herself to be used by Lomwe in his effort to make Hanni jealous.

They were of the opinion that he was not being genuine in showing affection for Vina, but it was just a ploy to get her sympathy and play the game into his hands.

The girls further told Vina to draw a line and make Lomwe know where her loyalties lie. Confidence reiterated the fact that if Vina fell for Lomwe’s charms, she could find herself in a very awkward situation.

News: Hanni’s Contradictions

Hanni puffed at a cigarette, on Tuesday night, and told Lomwe she recognises her own flaws.

She sat on a couch covered with a blanked away from Lomwe, who kept asking her questions about her recent behaviour. The two could not be any farther apart from each other and still be on the same couch; a far cry from their happier days as the darlings of the Big Brother House, even affectionately known as Lohan.Lomwe was surprised to find out that Hanni smoked and asked her how her country would view her habit.

News: Nikim on Karen's Meddling

On Tuesday evening, while all three were in the same bed, Nic, Kim and Bhoke discussed Karen's interference in their affairs. They spoke of their frustrations in her ever trying to break up any relationship that was forming in the Tails House.

Nic advised the girls to stay away from her because when one argues her she gets excited and that hands the game in her hands. He called her a "sh*t stirrer" and said it were impossible to have a conversation with her without her spewing expletives and bringing someone down.

Weza Behind Tensions

Tensions caused by Hanni's broken avatar continued throughout Tuesday night in the Heads House. Ladies gathered in the lounge and discussed the decision to take away the ball that broke Hanni's gnome avatar.

Millicent said she was feeling guilty for having accidentally broken the avatar with the ball and the boys had to suffer for it. Hanni didn't think Millicent was being genuine in her wanting the ball back, just so the boys can have something to play with and said the boys would speak for themselves if they wanted the ball back.

News: Karen Plans to Seduce Ernest

Karen told Mumba and Alex how she wants to pick on Bhoke by giving Ernest the utmost attention shortly after midnight as they sat on their beds.

“Damn she’s gonna die,” she said mischievously.
Alex advised her to play with Ernest for a long time if she really wants to get to Bhoke, not just for one day.

“It’d definitely be interesting to watch,” Alex said.
Karen said she couldn’t wait to see Bhoke break because she knew that Ernest found her sexy.

Nominations: Vimbai Saves Hanni

Head of House Vimbai saved Hanni’s skin from possible Eviction and replaced her with Michael.

Hanni had the most Nominations with five, including that of her ex ‘beau’ Lomwe, who said he didn’t trust her anymore.

Sharon had four Nominations while Bernadina, Confidence and Vina had three Nominations each.

The Ladies’ Man

There’s a stud in Big Brother Amplified and the girls want him to come out and play with them but he’s too slippery. The man of the moment in Amplified is none other than Ghana’s Alex.

Just like Coca-cola, he is tall, dark and handsome and oozes sex appeal plus he’s managed to drive not one, not two but four girls crazy in the game.

Confidence up for eviction again

Confidence Haugen, one of Ghana’s representative in the Big Brother Africa reality show has been nominated for eviction again.

This is the second time she is coming up for eviction in three weeks. She escaped eviction by percentage points the last time.

This week, she is up for eviction alongside, Michael, Sharon O, Vina and Bernadina.

Eviction: How Africa Voted

This week you voted to save your favourite Housemate, take a look at how the voting week played out.

Kim, Luclay, Mumba and Nkuli were all Nominated from the Tails House this week.

The Housemates who received the most country votes went back to the Tails House.

Nkuli received none of the country votes, and was therefore evicted.

News: Felicia The Nymphomaniac

Felicia expressed her nymphomania to Hanni, an hour before the Eviction Show. She and Hanni were chilling on the big red couch outside when she told her she needed a Psychologist urgently because she couldn’t contain her sexual desire.

“Even at home I face the same problem and it gets better when I speak to my boyfriend,” Felicia admitted.

Eviction: Nkuli Leaves!

Nkuli became the third Housemate to be Evicted from Big Brother Amplified during the Live Show. She said she would miss Michael the most.

She showed absolutely no emotion after IK broke it to her that she had been Evicted.

IK had asked Kim, Luclay and Mumba to leave the stage and Nkuli was the only one left seated on stage.

Karen: Love Makes You Happy, Not Money

The Tailsmates stared at each other during the Friday morning Joy Gym when the instructor wanted to know if any of them were stressed, leaving Lotus who admitted embarrassingly that she’d been stressing.

Unlike Thursday morning, everyone came out to play today, perhaps because Biggie cut them some slack and switched off the lights at night.

Amidst the laughter, the instructor advised Lotus to stop stressing and practice more Joy Gym.

Tanzania’s Lotus disqualified from Big Brother Africa

Tanzania has two female housemates in the Big Brother Amplified and one of them is Bhoke who is best of friends with Uganda’s Ernest and the other is Lotus who can be best described as the housemate with a pin in her nose.

Lotus was on Friday afternoon disqualified from continuing with the show after she slapped Luclay from South Africa who is up for eviction with three other female housemates.

Vimbai’s Crush for Alex

During a game of Truth or Dare in the Heads House, Vimbai was dared to reveal her crush; she admitted to having feelings for Alex, who is in the Tails House.

Co-incidentally, Alex and Ernest had a discussion earlier on Friday afternoon where they said that all the hot girls were in the Heads House and how they wished to one day be reunited with them.

If Today Were Judgement Day, What Happens To Big Brother Amplified

There was this news or is it false alarm that today, 21st May, 2011 is judgement day. The day is almost over and I have not heard the trumpet sound or people being rapture.

I was just wondering that assuming it was true, what would have happened to Big Brother Amplified. What do you have to say. Please, comment below

In case you were not aware of the information being referred to, you can read about it below. This was got from a website talking about the judgement day

News: Karen Tells Ernest Off!

As the clowns were preparing for their Task presentation, Karen blew up at Ernest, after he had insinuated she needs to get laid.

With less than an hour to go before Task Presentation, the Tails House was a flurry of activity as the Housemates put the finishing touches on their clown make up.

Ernest, who had been upstairs catching a power nap before showtime, walked into the kitchen and joined a conversation that Karen was having with the girls.

Tanzania’s Bhoke opens up to Uganda’s Ernest

Monday Night was a night that was dedicated to Ernest and Bhoke as they opened up to each other on topics ranging from  family to sex lives among others. Bhoke was clad in a white top only plus a light material that she used to wrap around herself with her legs facing Ernest.

The Ugandan housemate engaged the Tanzanian housemate on several issues. He first asked her about her room in Tz which she said was big though empty with most items in the living room.

Task: Heads Victorious, Tails Lose

After enduring their clown suites for most of the week, it was all worth it for the Heads, who let out a loud cry of victory after excelling in their Task.

The same can’t be said for the Tails, who lost their Wager – for the second time in as many weeks.

The Circus Task Presentation was a colorful and fun spectacle that exposed the Housemates to tricks that are synonymous with the circus.

Housemates from SA and Zambia up for eviction

Ugandan housemates in the Big Brother Amplified house have for the second time survived nominations meaning that they are still in the game for at least another two weeks without worrying about going home.

Last week was for the Heads team as all those who were up for eviction were from the Heads house. They will also be free this week as the eviction fever turns to the Tails House. It is however not clear if the second last housemate will be given a second chance like it was the case for Danny from Ethiopia, as usual we leave that to Biggie for he makes the rules.

The Girls of Big Brother Amplified

Big Brother Season Six is on and this time around dubbed bigger, louder and powerful but from what we have seen so far, the game simply has more female housemates than the male housemates and to us that is the only amplified aspect.

The house has twenty six housemates of which 16 are female housemates and the male housemates have been reduced to 9 after Jossy Joss was evicted last Sunday.

Bernadina-Namibia: If you recall Tatiana, I’m sure the selection committee was having that in mind so they brought Bernadina on board who so far is left alone after losing Jossy Joss last Sunday, but we have not yet seen her game.

2nd Round of Eviction! Karen Nominated but Saved

Karen, who had the most Nominations, was saved from possible Eviction in a last minute decision by Head of House, Miss P, who put Mumba in her place instead. This all unfolded during a tense Nominations show this evening, where Big Brother announced Karen, Kim, Luclay and Nkuli as the Housemates who could be packing their bags come Sunday. When Kim heard her name being called out, she gave a little smile, while Luclay swallowed hard and did the same. Later on in the evening, he said to no one in particular “There will be no peace in this House”. Kim later declared “It’s time for me to drink! Zambia, it’s up to you!” Nkuli however, did not seem to take her Nomination in her stride and seemed to be the most shell-shocked of the lot. When her name was called out, her mouth flew open, in complete disbelief. She was stuck to one spot on the couch for over 30 minutes and did not speak to anyone as the reality of possible Eviction sunk in. Karen, who was oblivious to the fact that Miss P h…

Is This Necessary in a Show Like This?

A Handfull of Big Brother Ampified Confidence’s Boobs

Confidence survives eviction

One of Ghana's representative in the Big Brother Africa (Amplified) reality show, Confidence, has survived eviction.
Confidence was up for eviction with five other housemates; Danny, Jossy, Vina, Weza and Vimbai.
The eviction show started with Zeus, Head of House, announcing formally whether he was saving himself or standing up for eviction. Vimbai was shocked to the bone when she realised that Zeus had decided to save himself and rather place her in his stead for eviction.

First to go- Jossy Evicted from Big Brother Amplified

Jossy has been announced as the first evictee from the big Brother Amplified reality TV show. Jossy and Danny got the least votes from their country of origin. The two of them ere asked to stay on stage with Danny leaving him on stage as host IK announced his eviction. 28 years old Jossy from Windhoek would be the first housemate going home.
He is a Recording Artist / Marketing, Sales and Ad Manager. He also informed that he entered Big Brother by accident.
Weza: 6 country votes, Angola, Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi, Botswana (24%)
Vina: 3 country votes, Nigeria, Rest of Africa, Uganda (20%)
Vimbai: 3 country votes, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Kenya (17%)
Confidence: 1 country vote, Ghana (18%)
Danny: 1 country vote, Ethiopia (11%)
Jossy: 1 country vote, Namibia (9%) 


BBA First Nomination Session

THIS week on M-Net’s Big Brother Amplified, the Housemates survived Audition Week, but they were divided into two houses and now, the game has just begun. Confidence, Danny, Jossy, Vina, Weza and Vimbai were up for eviction this week after the Housemates’ first nomination session.

Once all the nominations were in, Zeus found himself up for eviction, but used his power as Head of House to save himself, nominating Vimbai in his place.

When summoned to give Big Brother his decision, Zeus burst out laughing when he was asked which Housemate he would like to save, saying: “it goes without saying that I would like to save myself.”

He would not be drawn into saying why he was replacing himself with Vimbai.

Earlier in the day, the Housemates were taken by surprise when Bernadina was called to the Chat Room. When she got there, she was asked to nominate two Housemates for possible eviction.

Bernadina took a moment to think about it and then named Confidence, who she said is always on the attac…