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Finale: How Africa Voted

This week you voted for your winners, take a look at how Africa voted.

The Housemates who received the least country votes were Evicted. The Housemates who received the most country votes were named the two Big Brother Amplified winners.

Vina received zero country votes and was evicted first. Hanni, Lomwe and Sharon O received one country vote each and were also evicted, as was Luclay who received 2 country votes. Karen, with six country votes and Wendall with four country votes have won the Amplified season.

Finale: Karen & Wendall Win BB Amplified

An amazing and electrifying show that got Africa talking for exactly 91 days has finally come to an end and your Amplified winners – Karen and Wendall have snatched the most coveted US$200 000 each.

After Luclay became the final Housemate to be Evicted, there were only two left and oblivious of the fact that the true meaning of the show being Amplified was that there would be two winners, Karen and Wendall stood next to IK as he toyed with them.

Karen immediately fell to her knees when IK announced both of them as winners. Wendall rushed into his mom’s arms and flung her into the air as they celebrated.

Catch Up : Final Stretch

Week 13 signaled the final seven days of the seven finalists in the Big Brother House. Shortly after they celebrated not having been evicted on Sunday, they were confronted by the reality that not all will go home with the money and they are up against one another for Africa’s vote.

They did not nominate nor wager as it was the final week, but had to perform a Task titled Nostalgia Week which was aimed at reminding them of all the Tasks they performed in the House so far!

During their Tuesday Chat sessions, Housemates had to say what they would do with the money should they come out triumphant on Sunday. Each spoke of how the money would make life easier for them, but most agreed that participating in the Big Brother Amplified reality show is an achievement on its own.

News: Exit Hair

Housemates had their hair done on Sunday morning in preparation for the Finale. They seemed eager to look slick for the lights and camera that will bring them to the continental centre stage at 19:00 CAT, on DStv Channel 198 and the Big Brother website.

Seven Housemates remain and two of them will be crowned co-winners of the Amplified season of Big Brother Africa; certainly they will want to ascend the proverbial podium in style.

Of the Housemates, Lomwe was the most adventurous and had his hair dyed blonde. Hanni was very conservative and tied hers to the back with hair piece to give it more volume. Vina kept her Mohawk and Wendall waited his turn patiently on the couch.

It was unclear what Karen, Luclay and Sharon O would do with their hair at the time of publishing. Stay tuned to the Big Brother website and DStv Channel 198 to see how all their hairstyles pan out.

Daybreak: This is It!

A journey that began on Sunday 1 May comes to an end on Sunday 31 July. There were 26, now there are only seven. Each entered the House with dreams of taking home the USD200 000 prize money and possibly make a name for themselves to open doors even greater opportunities in life.

What they did not know – and still do not know – is that Big Brother decided to double up the prize for the Amplified season and have two winners.

After 91 days of ups & downs, tears & smiles, celebrations & disappointments, Housemates await their fate. Until 6am CAT this morning, the power to crown the Big Brother Africa Amplified winner rested solely in your hands.

It is your vote – or lack thereof – that will determine which two Housemates eventually take the ultimate prizes, and perhaps follow in the footsteps of previous winners such as Uti and Kevin in establishing careers in media, music or any field of their choice.

Feature: It is Day 91!

The day that Africa has been waiting for has finally arrived. It is Day 91 and this marks the day that the best Housemates will walk away with the mega prize of US$200 000 each.

After 91 days in the Big Brother Amplified house, many have fallen by the way side and only seven remain standing in line to win the most coveted prize.

From Twitter to Facebook to the website and the TV strap, Amplified viewers’ voices have been heard from all corners of Africa.

From Angola to Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania and Mozambique; millions of Africans have been interacting with Big Brother Amplified and tonight those voices will come alive as their best shall be the last to walk out of the House.

Only a few hours left for you to finalise your decision, let your fingers do the talking.

Breaking News: Epic Breakdown!

The latest Housemate to breakdown in a heap of tears is Vina, who was inconsolable after her pendant broke into pieces.

Vina became the fourth Housemate to cry in less than 24 hours after Luclay accidentally bumped into her, resulting in her breaking her pendant. Vina – who was walking to the shower with Hanni at the time – sobbed uncontrollably when her pendant broke into pieces on the floor. Luclay quickly ran to her side and apologised for what had just happened and told Vina “we’ll find glue and fix it.” Vina said it wouldn’t be the same and bawled. Hanni and Luclay hugged her and tried to calm her down to no avail. Luclay then told Vina “The chain is in pieces and not you. We’ll fix it.”

Once Vina had calmed down and headed upstairs to the bedroom, Luclay cried as he told Wendall how the pendant broke by accident.

News: Karen Quits Booze

Karen told Sharon O she has decided to quit the bottle, after her dramatic performance after the fours course dinner at the Arena.

A sombre looking Karen cornered Sharon O in the bedroom this morning and expressed her regret at being difficult when their ‘Dinner at the Arena’ ended. Karen refused to leave and caused a scene, after spending close to an hour sitting alone at the bar, downing potent blue cocktails. Karen told Sharon O she realises her personality is crazy and alcohol has a negative effect on her. 
She told Sharon O she has decided to stop drinking. “I need to express myself with no alcohol involved,” Karen said. Sharon O was supportive and told Karen “I hope you have learnt your lesson. There’s nothing wrong with drinking, but you need to learn how to control your drinking,” Sharon O said.

Sharon O told her Karen jumping onstage was entertaining and the only thing her mother would be embarrassed about is her refusal to leave the Arena, despite being dragged out.
We wonder…

Daybreak: Saturday Luxury

The Housemates woke up to a sensual treat from Big Brother, on what is to be their very last full day in the House.

After spending a better part of the night chatting about the strategies in the House, Lomwe and Sharon O joined their fellow Housemates in the glass House for much-needed massages from the gorgeous Pyramid Day Spa girls. Karen and Vina were the first to slip out their clothes and receive the magic touch. They quickly closed their eyes and seemed to be enjoying every moment of their full body massages. Wendall and Luclay sat in the garden, catching some sun and smoking it up before making their way into the Glass House. Today is most certainly going to be a busy day for the Housemates.

Besides the massages, the gang is intent on going all out during tonight’s party, which will be their last in the house. We are certain this evening’s party will be more than Amplified! We can’t wait!

Does School Prepare Anyone for the Real World?

I’ve mentioned already the value of continuous learning throughout our lives. Thanks to the prevalent teaching methods though, most people have negative associations to the idea of “learning”.

Current educational systems teach you to be an employee, a worker drone in the collective.  
“Shut up! Do as you are told! Don’t take the initiative, wait for instructions. Don’t talk to your neighbour! Don’t make any mistakes, or you are wrong, wrong, wrong!” 

Wager: Final Victory

Housemates wagered 100 percent for their Nostalgia Week Task and impressed Big Brother in executing Tasks that reminded them of all previous ones.

They excelled in carrying out the Tasks and each won themselves luxury holidays, courtesy of

Throughout the Amplified season, Housemates have showed creativity, energy and enthusiasm that resulted in victories and losses during Tasks, but mostly victories.

Big Brother told them that, though winning is great, it is taking part that counts.

Once the Task judgement was announced, Housemates rushed to the Store Room and had luxuries that included alcohol; thereafter they watched film of all Tasks they performed.

Tasks: Vote for Me

Housemates took turns on the podium and made speeches to convince Africa to vote for them. As the Finale draws closer, each is making efforts to gain last minute votes; hence Big Brother gave them a platform to state their case.

Wendall asked to be voted for because he believes he has represented his country very well and would use the money to care for his mother and give her the retirement she deserves.

Vina said it would be a great honour for her to come out triumphant, but the decision lied with the voting public. She was glad to be in the House and represent her country together with fellow country mate, Karen.

Breaking News: Squashing the Beef- Karen and Vina Made Peace

Vina and Karen sat in the bedroom and tried to hash out their differences.

After a tense week that saw the two girls rubbing each other up the wrong way, peace was restored when Vina and Karen decided to take some time out to talk. Karen apologised to Vina for using curse words in front of her and revealed how living in the House had taught her to let things go. “I have learnt in order for people to accept you, you have to accept yourself”, she said. Vina listened intently and indulged Karen.

When Karen encouraged Vina to speak in a normal accent and try to speak pidgin once in a while, Vina did not take offence and told Karen she tries to, but she forgets. The two then spoke of their future plans, with Karen revealing she will not go back to London and will live in Nigeria instead.

The two then made plans to link up and possibly work on projects together.

Ernest thumped over booze,pork bills

BBA Flop Ernest Wasake almost lost his dear life when he failed to clear pork and booze bills last Saturday. This was at Bamboo Nest, Bugolobi. A snoop has informed 3am desk that Ernest who was in the company of a pal stormed Bamboo Nest as early as 8:00pm and the two started downing pints one after another.

This booze was of course accompanied by a staggering 17 skewers of tasty pork ribs. Time check was clocking towards 4:20am (Sunday morning) and Ernest with his pal decided to go back home to rest.

Live Show: Africa’s Finest Shut it Down!

The Big Brother Amplified Finale will live up to its standards by uniting five African Award winning acts during the two hour Live Show on Sunday 31 July at 19:00 CAT.

Tanzania’s CPwaa, Nigeria’s Wiz Kid and Mo’Cheddah, Congo’s Fally Ipupa and South Africa’s Speedy and Professor will bring the House down.

CPwaa aka “The King of BongoCrunk” currently has a new hit called “Action” featuring Ms. Triniti, Dully Sykes and Mangwear. The song and video won Cpwaa 2 awards this year, Best Ragga/Dancehall song and Best Video of the year, on the Kilimanjaro Tanzania Music Awards.

Breaking News: Nigeria’s Girls Fight

Karen jumped at Vina in the morning calling her names and charging her for forcing herself on Lomwe who doesn’t even want her.

This was after Vina tried correcting her that the Big Brother House is in Africa, which prompted Karen to attack her for thinking she knows it all.

Karen warned Vina to stop going around acting all perfect but Vina insisted that Karen should learn to take jokes.

Feature: Why Save Your Countrymate?

The battle between Karen and Vina is better left alone. The two girls might just go back home and sort out their differences – who knows?

However, their altercation this morning, which led to the two exchanging nasty words, became the highlight of the day and of their final Chat Room sessions.

Wendall made it clear in his Chat Room session that the two didn’t get along at all; they just tolerated each other only because they are from the same country.
Vina couldn’t deny the fact that she had tried her level best to make things work between her and Karen but there was just no relationship and there wouldn’t be any even outside the House.

The Importance Of Educating Yourself About Wealth

I encourage you to study wealth, to understand how money works, in order to have it work for you! It makes no sense to me whatsoever that we are not taught this at school. 
A financial education is incredibly powerful – you will gain power over money, instead of having it control YOU!

If you don’t learn how money works, you WILL SPEND THE REST OF YOUR LIFE WORKING FOR MONEY!

Chat Room: Money and Happiness

Three questions were prominent during Wednesday Chat sessions; what is more important between money and happiness, if Housemates’ behaviour had changed in the final week and what each of their chances were for taking the money home.

On the question of money and happiness, Wendall said it was important to keep balance and that he felt it is possible to have both money and happiness. He went on to say his family and friends are some of the things in life that make him happy. When quizzed about his chances of winning the money, he said it was impossible for anyone in the House to know what might happen on Sunday (31 July).

Vimbai Mutinhiri: The Interview

Zimbabwe’s Vimbai Mutinhiri was evicted in the penultimate weekend for Big Brother Africa last Sunday.
In her first interview, the 24-year-old model reflects on her 84 days being followed by cameras on the M-Net show held in Johannesburg, South Africa:

Natasha: You’re a model … which campaigns might we know you from?

Vimbai: I’ve worked for Baby Phat, Bio Oil, Zane and Estee Lauder. I started modelling while studying at the University of Cape Town.

Millie Still Crying- Luclay is fake, Karen stinks!

July 26, 2011 – Kenya’s Millicent Mugadi is still crying after nearly making it to the finals of this year’s Big Brother contest, but through her tears she can say for sure that Luclay is fake and Karen, well, just stinks.

Speaking to Capital FM on phone, the actress said that she cried after learning there would be two winners and not one in Biggie’s Amplified edition this year.

“I was like, no, I should have been one of the winners!”
Millicent said however that she had no regrets about leaving and was confident that she was ejected from the show because she posed a threat to Nigeria’s Karen and the South African actor Luclay.

Feature: Pranks and Revenge

Vina was not a tad impressed with Karen’s actions in telling Housemates that Tuesday, 26 July, was her birthday. According to Vina, Karen’s actions crossed the line, as it amounted to lying and not just joking.

While still discussing Karen’s actions, Vina told Hanni she would not take Karen’s antics lying down and that she would seek revenge.

Breaking News: Evictions Tonight?

The Housemates were stunned when the TV in the lounge came on unexpectedly; prompting a jumpy Vina to state someone will be Evicted tonight.

As the Top Seven reclined and took it easy in the lounge after their Holiday Journal presentations, Vina and Hanni were startled by the television that switched itself on automatically. A panic-stricken Vina alerted everyone in the House that the television was on. She and Hanni tried to figure out why the TV could be on. A chilled Wendall told the girls not to worry and said it was probably a promo for their ‘Dream Holiday’ destinations, courtesy of 

Money Talk: Why This Is Important

A have a couple of questions for you.
Do you want to make more money? Do you want to become rich, wealthy, abundant, prosperous? A millionaire? 

Do you want to achieve the absolute financial freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want, with whomever you want, forever? 
If so, there are things you need to LEARN, ways you need to THINK, ways you need to BE, and finally… things you need to DO.

Which two housemates will take the money?

The game is coming to the end very soon and our very own Sharon is very much in the game till the last day. Ronnie Mulindwa and Lisbon(son) are just as happy as Sharon’s fans for having gone to the house and come back with her ‘goods’ intact a test that many housemates have failed since the inception of this reality TV show.

Starting from Gaetano, Maureen and just recently Ernest, they failed to pass that test and for Uganda housemates like Phill, Hannington and Morris, anything could have gone down had it not been for leaving Biggie’s house earlier than their time.

Feature: Meet Your Top Seven

After 12 intense weeks of explosive drama and tears, the men were definitely separated from the boys! Africa…Meet your Top Seven!

Lomwe – The smooth and laid back Malawian has stayed cool throughout the game – buddying up with the boys and also working the girls into a frenzy. He has been the subject of near-catfights over his affections in the House and it is safe to say he is a bit of a charmer or playboy. Lomwe took a liking to Hanni and made his intentions known in the early stages of the game, but their romance fizzled out before it started. Subsequently Vina, Sharon O and Kim set tongues wagging with what they term ‘close friendships’ with Lomwe. Is Lomwe the lady-killer a BB Amplified champion? We’ll find out soon enough!

Three Sent Packing; Seven In The Finals!

Three Housemates were booted out of the game in dramatic fashion during the emotion-charged Live Eviction Show, leaving seven Housemates with a real chance of getting the top spot!

After a long, stressful week of speculation and stress, Millicent, Vimbai and Kim were given their marching orders, missing out on a chance to be in the Amplified Finals by the skin of their teeth.

Vina breathed deep in a bid to control herself, but subsequently burst into tears before announcing her ‘Save and Replace’. When she finally worked up the courage to tell her fellow Housemates – who had assembled in the lounge – that she had saved Karen and put Lomwe up instead, the latter sat back for a moment and let it sink in, before hurrying upstairs to get his bags – leaving Vina sobbing in the lounge.

Thank You Fans! But What Next?

Big Brother will like to thank you for being our fan since 1st May, 2011 that we began this season of Big Brother Amplified. We enjoyed your fellowship, love and contributions. You were all great and we were happy for that.
We also want to say that without you we cannot have been this successful. Our success is tied to you and we are grateful. We wish there are other ways we can thank you individually.
By 31st July, 2011, this season will be over, our questions are: What happens to our relationship? Should we allow it to die or hibernate till 2012? Or we should just close this Facebook Fan Page?
We want to continue on this relationship on this fan page till the next season. But the final decision is with you our fans.
What should we do with this fan page? Please, tell us.
We will be most grateful

Catch Up: So Near Yet So Far!

So Karen’s best mates Zeus, Bernadina and Mumba all left together at the end of Week 11, leaving Karen dejected.

With Vina saved from that Eviction, it made her the first confirmed Amplified finalist as Week 12′s Head of House.

Monday started on a high note with the Housemates singing Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandela. Then when it was time for Nominations, Karen, Luclay and Hanni decided to snub them and they were all automatically put up for possible Eviction today.

Daybreak: The Beginning of The End

The dawn of the final Eviction Show saw the Housemates sleeping for a good part of the morning and after Luclay’s dramatic night; he spent the night in the garden.

Sharon O was the first one up but she stayed in bed reading her Bible seemingly deep in thought.

Obviously oblivious that she is one of the lucky ones that have made it through to the final alongside Nigerian duo – Karen and Vina – she seemed very distant.

However, Kim decided to bath and get ready to face the day very early while Hanni and Millicent also stayed up in bed in deep thought.

Hanni, Millicent, Kim, Wendall, Lomwe, Luclay and Vimbai are all up for possible Eviction tonight and for some of them, last night’s Last Day on Earth party would have been their last in the House.

It’s only a matter of hours before we meet the Big Brother Amplified finalists and Africa’s decision is final.

Who has Africa put through to join the elite trio of Vina, Karen and Sharon O?

News: Lomwe Cries! Causes Commotion

Lomwe went to the bedroom and cried, shortly after the Last Day on Earth Party. Vina, Kim and Sharon O were with him to console him, but ended up fight among one another for his attention.

It is unclear as to what brought the Malawian to tears, but the commotion that resulted between the girls was a bit too much for Vina, who left both Kim and Sharon O in the bedroom jostling to comfort Lomwe.

Kim had her claws on Lomwe and would not let him out of her sight since the party ended.

Feature: Claws on Lomwe

After the Last Day on Earth Party, Kim would not let Lomwe go anywhere. She had him in her arms and even when Sharon O said Wendall was calling him, Kim would not let go of him.

The two seemed to be having an argument during the party, but soon made up after the party ended.

While the two were eating in the kitchen, Vina and Sharon O did their best to disrupt the two but Kim would not let them. She told them to concentrate on the boyfriends they have outside the House.

On Friday afternoon, Lomwe won the Head of House Task and took Sharon O to the Glasshouse to enjoy his treat with. Kim could not have taken that well as she and Lomwe have been spending a lot of time in each other’s arms. For a while, they have been sharing a bed.

Lomwe has been somewhat of God’s gift to women in the House. He has driven a wedge between the girls, even though he considers himself single.

News: Luclay Cries, Didn't Hear From Home

Housemates gathered in the lounge and watched videos bearing messages from home. Each of them heard from home, except for Luclay who was blown a fuse by Bernadina.

Upon Eviction, the Namibian had an opportunity take revenge on one Housemate and she chose Luclay as he was one Housemate who’s Nomination of her she least expected.

As Housemates were shedding tears of joy as a result of seeing their loved ones, Luclay sat back on a couch and could not hold tears back.

This is arguably the most emotional fuse ever blown to a Housemate, as it reduced Luclay to tears and he went to bed shortly afterwards. It is unlikely that he will part with DJ Humility.
Luclay wept as he told Lomwe and Wendall that Karen is the only real woman in the House.

Luclay feels that no one cares!

News: US$100 000 for Lomwe & Karen

Karen, Lomwe and Luclay took Amplified TV to another level on Luclay’s Game Show, Mega Booster, where the two won US$100 000 each.

The two were excited when Luclay told them that they had just snatched this mega prize and a brand new house each.

Karen was the first contestant. Once she had won, the show went on with Karen acting hysterical and insisting in marrying the presenter and the adjudicator on set as she cried a river in excitement.

Feature: What a Woman Wants. . . She Gets!

Just as Millicent planned it, Luclay seems to be warming up to her advances as they have been seen exchanging saucy massages all week.

The two were also co-hosts of Amplified TV’s news bulletin. They spoke a lot and laughed at each other’s jokes throughout the day.

Oblivious to the fact that Millicent has made him her project for the week, Luclay kept showering her with compliments as he stroked her bare back on Tuesday night. “You’ve got a beautiful back,” he whispered while Millicent moaned back in ‘appreciation’.

Task: Amplified TV Up and Rolling

The Housemates snapped out of their slumber and went right into Amplified TV starting with the News bulletin in the morning.

With a wealth of programmes in their line-up, Sharon O’s Dance show went first with her teaching her guests the Salsa dance and later a traditional African dance.

Next was Vina with “Talking Heads” which focused on Big Brother Amplified.

Seven housemates up as Uganda’s Sharon survives.

Uganda’s representative in the Big Brother Amplified house has survived the last nominations which saw seven housemates up for eviction making her a finalist in the run for the prize that will be won in less than two weeks time.

Zimbabwe’s housemates Wendall and Vimbai, Zambia’s Kim, Kenya’s Millicent and Malawi’s Lomwe together with three other who sacrificed themselves are up for eviction. Hanni from Ethiopia, Luclay from South Africa and Karen sacrificed themselves as they had no reason to nominate.

Feature: Split Personalities

Vimbai hasn’t been herself since the beginning of Tuesday. Her alter ego, a village woman by the name of Ambivalence, has taken over her role in the House as Vimbai took her imaginary pet dog, Prada, to a vet to seek medical attention.

Since Tuesday morning, Vimbai refused to sit on the couch or any form of modern chair, but sat on the floor, because she says her culture forbids her from occupying a seat in the presence of males.

Chat Room: I Will Share the Money

Housemates told Big Brother what they would do with the money, if they were to come out triumphant on the 31st of July.

Karen said if she won the money she would “make sure Bernadina and Mumba are sorted”, before sharing the remaining half with a charity organisation dedicated to the disease that her father succumbed to. She said she hasn’t shared her plans with the Housemates because she knew none of them would believe her.

Sharon O says Otono is big.

As the girls were trying to get some sleep, Sharon O interrupted their session and told them of how ‘Otono’ is big and circumcised. For the record, Otono is Luclay from South Africa but Mumba was quick to add that with Otono, that is normal as he moves around naked all the time.

Millicent and Sharon were sharing a bed as Mumba was sleeping next to them. The talk then crossed on who has slept with who and (Ebhoke) Ernest+Bhoke were sampled out first. Mumba defended them saying no they never did it but they kissed, whereas those for the debate were like Ernest and Bhoke did it from the shower room

News: Kim Speaks Nic

Kim told her fellow Housemates how Nic lost her because of his fixation with Bernadina.

The Zambian Housemate, who jumped from Nic to Lomwe’s bed faster than you can say ‘Amplified’, rehashed her relationship with Nic in the bedroom. She told the girls – who were not in the Tails House at the time she and Nic were romancing each other – how things fell apart between her and Nic after Bernadina came into the Tails House. According to Kim’s story, Nic was all over Bernadina and flirted with her, which prompted her to end the relationship. She revealed how embarrassed she was about the episode. Millicent and Sharon listened intently and were clearly fascinated by Kim’s story.

Karen and the other Housemates who had been in the Tails House during the NiKim relationship were not present during the conversation to explain what really what happened.

Chat Room: Luclay Won’t Do Fuse

During his Chat Room session, Luclay said he wouldn’t be forced by someone to make a fool of himself and told Biggie point blank that he wouldn’t abide by his fuse.

During Bernadina’s Eviction, she blew her fuse at Luclay which dictated that he walks backwards for a week starting from Sunday night.

Biggie didn’t argue with Luclay and just told him that his Chat Room session was over.

Chat Room: Karen Sobs Uncontrollably

An emotional Karen sobbed uncontrollably during her Chat Room Session as she spoke about Bernadina, Mumba and Zeus’ Eviction.

She told Biggie that her heart was very heavy adding that if she could, she would have taken the bullet for Bernadina and Mumba. She said the two girls had made a great impact on her life.

However, Biggie decided to cut her Chat Room Session short as her emotions were all over the place and she could hardly speak.

Nominations: Hanni, Luclay & Karen Snub

In a bizarre twist of events, three Housemates decided to snub the usual flow of the game and decided not to nominate anyone; thus putting themselves on the chopping block.

Hanni, Luclay and Karen refused to take part in the Nominations session in the morning for various reasons, which technically means they have ‘stopped’ playing the game.

Hanni said she didn’t have the right to decide on who should stay or leave the game. This would be the second time that Luclay has snubbed Nominations, and he really didn’t have any reason. However, Karen simply told Biggie to put her name up there.

Nomination results (Week 12)

Today being a Monday,housemates underwent a nomination session.Each housemate was meant to nominate two fellow housemates to be put up for possible eviction.Most housemates didn’t find it easy giving reasons for nominating each other.Hanni,Luclay and Karen all couldn’t come up with whom to nominate and thus decided not to nominate anyone.This meant that they’re automatically up for possible eviction.Below are the results of today’s nominations.
Karen got 3 votes.
Kim got 3 votes.
Vimbai got 2 votes.
Luclay got 2 votes.
Millicent got 2 votes.
Wendall got 2 votes.
Vina got 1 vote.
Hanni got 1 vote.
Lomwe got 0 votes.
Sharon O got 0 votes.

News: Karen Inconsolable

Upon hearing news that her friend and love interest were leaving, Karen’s face painted a picture of resignation.

Vina just sat next to her, lost for words as to what to say to console her country mate.

Vimbai, as head of House, saved Wendall and replaced him with Mumba on the nominations list. The last time Vimbai put someone on the chopping block Michael was Evicted. This week was no different; Mumba followed suit, after she was put at risk by the Zimbabwean.

Live Show: Berny, Zeus and Mumba Evicted!

Of the Housemates that made it to Week 11, Bernadina, Zeus and Mumba became the three that would not continue the Amplified road any further.

Bernadina’s name was the first to be called out and she left the House after embracing and kissing fellow Housemates. Once on stage, she was shown the identity of those that put her on the chopping block. Luclay was one Housemate she trusted, but was nominated by, hence she did not hesitate to mention his name as Housemate she would blow a fuse at.

Breaking News: Zeus Reprimands Karen

As the Housemates were getting their hair done, Zeus summoned Karen to the bedroom and verbally cut her down to size.

He told her, in no uncertain terms, how he does not appreciate comments she has been making about his girlfriend back home.

Mumba butted into their conversation and Zeus politely asked her to excuse them for a while, as he continued to tell Karen off.

Karen got a talking to from Zeus for questioning his girlfriend’s fidelity. “How do you know she is not out there f*cking someone else while you are in here?” are words Karen is said to have uttered to Zeus on Friday night.

Zeus did not take kindly to Karen casting doubt on his girlfriend’s commitment to their relationship and said she must never talk like that about someone she knows nothing about.

He went on to tell Karen about how good his girlfriend has been to him over the years and did not appreciate Karen, whom he considered a friend to say something as sensitive as that about someone she has not even met.

Karen ap…

News: Vimbai Frolics with Wendall

As Zeus was upstairs telling Karen off, Vimbai was downstairs tickling Wendall and asking him to spend time with her as she had something to say to him.
They sat on chairs side-by-side and Vimbai wanted to lean over and lie on Wendall’s chest, but could not so she asked him to move to the couch for both to be comfortable.
Wendall deemed Vimbai’s behaviour too dramatic for him and asked her to stop, but she insisted she needed to talk to him about something. Wendall brushed her off and said he could sense what it was she wanted to talk about; he did not give Vimbai a chance to state her case, but said he is not walking down that route anytime soon as he had already been heartbroken.
Vimbai’s persistence on having a romantic relationship with Wendall is only rivaled by Karen’s pursuance of Zeus.

News: Lomwe’s Wants For Ms. Right

The girls attacked Lomwe for his playa tactics but he insisted that he was still waiting for his Miss Right.

He called on all the single African ladies but the girls dismissed him.

After a downing a few drinks on Saturday afternoon, Millicent, Sharon O and Mumba gathered courage and confronted the Malawian hunk who has been spending quite some time with Kim.

Since the Houses were merged, Lomwe quickly warmed up to Kim and the two have not only been sharing a bed but a few kisses as well.

However, it was rather disturbing to hear Lomwe say this but maybe we can blame it on the alcohol.

News: Just Ditch Karen

After failing to deal with her own issues with Lomwe, Kim advised Zeus to consider his girlfriend back home.

She told Zeus that if she was the girl back home, she would be feeling the wrath of what was going on between Zeus and Karen.

Zeus said he was put in a situation whereby he was forced to choose yet he had declared upfront that he was already taken.

He sounded really upset about how Karen had been totally disregarding his relationship.

Kim said Karen is in love with him and she had never seen her like she is towards Zeus and advised him to put an end to it.

However, Karen’s sixth sense told her that Kim and Zeus must have been discussing her.
She insisted to know what they were talking about but Kim wouldn’t give anything away. Well, Karen decided that whatever she had with Zeus was over, raising a few eyebrows amongst the girls who didn’t even think they there was anything going on.

However, it was feisty Karen they were dealing with so, their comments had to be clearly edited …

How Africa Voted

Karen came out top of the standings with eight country votes, and Sharon O got three.

Here’s how Africa voted:

Karen: 8 country votes (Rest Of Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Nigeria, Namibia, Mozambique, Angola)
Sharon O: 3 country votes (Uganda, Malawi, Kenya)
Weza: 2 country votes (Tanzania, Ethiopia)
Alex: 1 country vote (Ghana)
Miss P: 1 country vote (Botswana)

Look out for Nominations on Monday (11 July) at 8pm CAT and make sure you keep your fave in the game!

Live Show: Miss P, Alex & Weza Booted!

Not one, not two but three Housemates were evicted tonight – the ‘love’ triangle of Miss P, Alex and Weza is no more and emotions were sky high in the House.

Miss P was the first Housemate to be booted out of Biggie’s House and she earned herself a kiss from her ‘partner in crime’ Alex. She said being nominated by Luclay was rather hurting a bit but the rest she kind of expected
Next was Miss P’s beau and ‘partner in crime’ Alex.

Feature: Who’s Playing Who?

There’s a lot of talk in the House around who could be fooling who and who could be genuine.

With so many love interests developing just this week alone, people are beginning to think that it could be strategies.

Since the Housemates were reunited on Monday night and with the power cut, the Housemates had a chance to go for their love interests in the dark.

Lomwe quickly ditched Vina’s advances and went for Kim who has been battling with dealing with her heart because she’s sceptical of falling for the Malawian hunk. She has expressed her concern about his sudden interest in her but there’s no doubt that she’s actually enjoying the attention. Then there’s Miss P and Alex and Weza. Whatever is going on between these three comes straight from a mystery novel.

News: The Miss P & Alex Game!

Alex confessed to Weza that he really likes her but after what Miss P had told them earlier, she found it difficult to believe him.
During the wee hours of Sunday morning, Miss P told Weza and Millicent that she and Alex had planned to play the Housemates.
She told them that she was never attracted to Alex in the first place.
However, things changed when Alex told Miss P that he actually does like Weza but in a different way from the way he likes her (Miss P).Meanwhile, the two made a decision to act as though they are mad at each other.

Daybreak: Miss P & Alex Break Up

Once the Caribbean party was over, Miss P gathered Alex’s girls; Weza and Millicent in the lounge and told them that she was done with Alex.

This was shortly after midnight and Weza warned her not to make rash decisions under the influence of alcohol.

This transpired after Miss P asked the girls if they think Alex is into her. Weza chose not to respond to the question lest it puts her in trouble.

Miss P said Alex is not the kind of guy that she wants. “He’s got a wandering eye,” Miss P said.

However, Weza warned Miss P about the fact that someone could be waiting for the opportunity to pounce on Alex so she better be careful.

She added that Miss P could not handle seeing Alex with someone else in the House once she is sober.
Though Weza made it clear to Miss P that she wasn’t interested in Alex, that’s not what she told him after their kiss.

So Alex is now at the centre of the girls’ gossip; the question is, is it really over between Alex and Miss P or they are both just playing the …

News: Kim Has No Morals

After Lomwe and Kim got into bed together on Saturday night Vina blamed herself for getting so close to Lomwe that it would bother her when he gave other girls attention.

Bernadina tried to knock some sense into her head by saying she was not responsible for other people’s choices as each of the Housemates came into the House as individuals.

Vina and Millicent spoke of the advice they got from outside just prior to entering the House and both agreed there was playing the game and there was crossing the line of morality. This was said in reference to Kim hopping in bed with Lomwe after she was told Vina has the hearts for him.

News: LoKim Between the Sheets

Lomwe and Kim ended up in bed together after a few exchange of sweet nothings, wherein Kim told Lomwe she is where she wants to be. She was in Lomwe’s arms when she uttered those words, and he led her to the bedroom and began stripping for her.

This comes after Millicent had earlier gave Lomwe a lap dance. Lo has been a prefix to a lot of romantic associations in the House; LoHan, LoVina and now LoKim. There certainly is something about Lomwe that just has the girls eating out of the palm of his hand.

Feature: Otonoless Party

Luclay commended Wendall for keeping his composure throughout the grueling stay in the Big Brother House, before he went and cried onKim.

He said he would be skipping the Saturday night party as alcohol turns him into a mess.

Luclay is known for his verbal outburst one of which ended in a fellow Housemate getting evicted.

Over and above his verbal diarrhea, Luclay is also infamous for his crying during weekends when he has had a bit to drink; could it possibly part of his game plan or does Luclay really has a drinking problem?