News: Kim Speaks Nic

Kim told her fellow Housemates how Nic lost her because of his fixation with Bernadina.

The Zambian Housemate, who jumped from Nic to Lomwe’s bed faster than you can say ‘Amplified’, rehashed her relationship with Nic in the bedroom. She told the girls – who were not in the Tails House at the time she and Nic were romancing each other – how things fell apart between her and Nic after Bernadina came into the Tails House. According to Kim’s story, Nic was all over Bernadina and flirted with her, which prompted her to end the relationship. She revealed how embarrassed she was about the episode. Millicent and Sharon listened intently and were clearly fascinated by Kim’s story.

Karen and the other Housemates who had been in the Tails House during the NiKim relationship were not present during the conversation to explain what really what happened.


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