Breaking News: Squashing the Beef- Karen and Vina Made Peace

Vina and Karen sat in the bedroom and tried to hash out their differences.

After a tense week that saw the two girls rubbing each other up the wrong way, peace was restored when Vina and Karen decided to take some time out to talk. Karen apologised to Vina for using curse words in front of her and revealed how living in the House had taught her to let things go. “I have learnt in order for people to accept you, you have to accept yourself”, she said. Vina listened intently and indulged Karen.

When Karen encouraged Vina to speak in a normal accent and try to speak pidgin once in a while, Vina did not take offence and told Karen she tries to, but she forgets. The two then spoke of their future plans, with Karen revealing she will not go back to London and will live in Nigeria instead.

The two then made plans to link up and possibly work on projects together.


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