Feature: Meet Your Top Seven

After 12 intense weeks of explosive drama and tears, the men were definitely separated from the boys! Africa…Meet your Top Seven!

Lomwe – The smooth and laid back Malawian has stayed cool throughout the game – buddying up with the boys and also working the girls into a frenzy. He has been the subject of near-catfights over his affections in the House and it is safe to say he is a bit of a charmer or playboy. Lomwe took a liking to Hanni and made his intentions known in the early stages of the game, but their romance fizzled out before it started. Subsequently Vina, Sharon O and Kim set tongues wagging with what they term ‘close friendships’ with Lomwe. Is Lomwe the lady-killer a BB Amplified champion? We’ll find out soon enough!

Luclay – Infamous for his massive blow up’s, his dizzying crying spells, his running around naked and his threats of exposing people, Luclay has kept people talking both in the House and outside. Known for going through aliases faster than you can say Otono, Luclay has not been afraid to dig deep and give Africa what they want. Are people impressed with him enough to give him USD 200 000 though? Well, we’ll have to wait and see?

Hanni – Known for her constant smile and close friendship with Vina, Hanni has gone through the Season relatively drama free. The only time the Ethiopian lass had a disagreement with anyone in the House was when Millicent decapitated her avatar by mistake. Hanni has managed to trump many former Housemates that were perceived to be ‘strong’ by maintaining her cool at all times. Does Africa love the squeaky clean image Hanni has presented to us over the past three months?

Vina – Vina has won more Head of House challenges than any of the other housemates. Known for her competitive streak, her controversial ‘friendship’ with Lomwe as well as her ‘Siesta Sista’ escapades with Bff Hanni, Vina has been a strong character from Day 1. Is she strong enough to walk away with USD 200 000 though?

Wendall – The Zim pilot proved to be more popular than country mate and potential squeeze Vimbai, as per this week’s voting statistics. Wendall has quietly made his way into the Top 7 and like Hanni, has not had any fights with anyone in the House. Will we see Nibbles walking away with USD 200 000.

Karen- Karen has fought and made up with most of her Housemates and infamously stopped talking to Luclay for close to two weeks following a massive fight the two had. The Nigerian is best known for her loud personality, dancing in her undies and ballsy attitude. Does Africa like Karen enough to give her USD 200 000?

Sharon O – The pretty Miss ‘Jangu Jangu’ has always maintained BB Amplified is not about brains but rather about entertainment and feels she has dished it out to the best of her ability. Her many fans seem to think she deserves a spot at the top of the pile. Do you think so?


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