Daybreak: Saturday Luxury

The Housemates woke up to a sensual treat from Big Brother, on what is to be their very last full day in the House.

After spending a better part of the night chatting about the strategies in the House, Lomwe and Sharon O joined their fellow Housemates in the glass House for much-needed massages from the gorgeous Pyramid Day Spa girls. Karen and Vina were the first to slip out their clothes and receive the magic touch. They quickly closed their eyes and seemed to be enjoying every moment of their full body massages. Wendall and Luclay sat in the garden, catching some sun and smoking it up before making their way into the Glass House. Today is most certainly going to be a busy day for the Housemates.

Besides the massages, the gang is intent on going all out during tonight’s party, which will be their last in the house. We are certain this evening’s party will be more than Amplified! We can’t wait!


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