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Just In!..All You Need To Know About The New Season Of Bigbrother Tagged “BBA All Stars 2″

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HUDDAH N DENZELThis is great news for BBA fans all over the world!The new season of Bigbrother Africa;BBA 9,has been confirmed for August this year!
Twenty eight (28) housemates from fourteen (14) participating countries will participate in this season’s edition  tagged “BBA All Stars 2″. Two (2) housemates from each country.

The participating countries are Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, sierraleone, Tanzania, Southafrica, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.
The housemates for the new season will be picked from season 6 Amplified -8 The Chase.

The housemates may include; Angola- Seydou and Neyll, Botswana- Eve and Motamma,Ethiopia- Bimp and Hanni,Ghana Keitta and Alex, Kenya- Huddah and Malonza, Malawi- Lomwe and Natasha, Namibia- Bernandina and Maria, Nigeria- Chris and Vina, sierraleone-  Zainab and Bassey, South Africa- Lee and Koketso, Tanzania- Nando and Hilda Uganda- Denzel and Kyle Zambia- Tamara and Sulu Zimbabwe- Hakeem and Maneta
We’ll keep you posted!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

I don’t know why I fell in love with Angelo

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P_Aug21_165335_resultBeverly Osu, Big Brother Africa Housemate, tells ‘NONYE BEN-NWANKWO about her stay in the reality show and her relationship with Angelo, the South African housemate
What was your experience like in the Big Brother house?
It was very good. It was great getting to know people in the house. My 91 days there are days I will never forget.
How did you get into the reality show?
I have always been a fan of the BBA. I got the form this year and everybody told me I should try and be a part of it. I went for the audition and I was successful.
How did you manage the whole 91 days without a mobile phone?
It was very hard but I had to bear it.
Were you surprised that you were the first to be evicted during the finals?
I wasn’t surprised. I knew Nigeria had won it so many times and it might be difficult winning it again. But I still prayed and wished that God would make it happen. But as it didn’t happen, I was still very okay. I am still okay with the person that won. Dillish is a princess. She is my friend in the house.
How come it was Angelo you fell in love with in the house?
I had so many options to choose from in the house but I wasn’t attracted to any of them. But for some reasons I still do not understand, I fell in love with Angelo. I got attracted to him from the first day I saw him. For now, I will see where the relationship will take us.
So, you don’t mind the difference in nationalities?
There is no race when it comes to love. I can always go there and he can come here.
How come you had sex with Angelo in the house?
Angelo and I never had sex.I didn’t have sex in the house. I never had sex in the house.
 But we saw the two of you in the bath tub, making love
We didn’t have sex. It was not an option for us. I don’t know where the people outside got the story from. I was shocked when I came out of the house and learnt that we had sex. I cannot take my bath with a swimming suit. We all take our bath naked. I shouldn’t be singled out because I went for a reality show. I am not different
What of all the other intimate things you did with Angelo? Didn’t you mind that the whole world was watching?
Whatever I was doing with Angelo, I didn’t even think I was on TV. It was just the two of us. We didn’t plan anything, we were just happy. No matter how people will look at it, I don’t regret anything I did with Angelo. I didn’t bring out the video and said everybody should look at me. Big Brother brought out the video.
Don’t you think you embarrassed Nigeria in the house?
I was in the house to represent Nigeria. Of all the people that went for the audition, I was chosen. If anybody feels he can do better, he should go and get BBA form next year and apply and get in the house. I know I represented Nigeria very well.
Now that you didn’t win, what is next?
I am a model. I have a show also. And before I even push my career forward, I have to finish school. I have to get a degree. I was in the National Open University. I was in my second year.
You said so many things in the house. Were they all true or were you looking for sympathy?
I am a shy person. I shy away from a lot of things. But I was ‘open’ in the house. I say what is on my mind. For me to reveal myself to the world, I was just talking to my housemates. I don’t regret anything I said about myself or my family. People have to know the real me.
You mentioned something about a boyfriend that abused you. Were you referring to 2shots?
No. I wasn’t referring to him. For me, 2shots is history. Thank you for reminding me about him.
Is your mother happy with you?
Even if the whole world rejects me, my mother cannot reject me. I love her so much. I am her only daughter and last born. She has always been there for me. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my mum intentionally.
Were there things you did in the house you regret?
Nothing. I don’t have any regrets. I was in a beautiful house. I loved Melvin. He was the best in the house. Meeting everybody in the house was a blessing. I don’t regret anything.
Given a chance, would you go back to BBA?
I must go with my phone. Inasmuch as people were watching us from outside, it wasn’t easy. But then, I just came out of the house. I am just getting used to seeing so many people around me after staying in the show for 91 days.
What would you have done with the prize money if you had won?
I would have finished school. I would have started my make-up line. Trust me; I would have done a lot of things. Everybody has a degree. I must get a degree. With my degree, I can go further and do anything I want to do.

Beverly Apologises To Nigerians, Says She Didn’t Have Sex In BBA House

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beverly-osuBeverly Osu, one of Nigeria’s representatives at the just concluded Big Brother The Chase, has said that contrary to the general assumption about what happened between her and fellow housemate, Angelo, while in the house, she never had sex both in the bathtub and under the duvet.
“Nothing happened between me and Angelo. I didn’t have sex in the house. Though there were awkward moments, we never had sex. I know what happened then between us but we never got down to have sex,” Beverly said while speaking at a media briefing in Lagos Thursday.
She disclosed that what happened between her and the South African housemate was real because she genuinely loved him.
“We talk everyday. He loves me and I still love him. I would get married to him if I had the chance,” said Beverly.
She said her 3-month stay in the Big Brother House was a lifetime experience and whatever people saw there was her real self with no pretence.
She said in spite of revelations concerning her lifestyle and that of her mother, she still got the backing of her mother who remains proud of her and her action while in the house.
“I can never go out of my way to disgrace and disappoint my mom intentionally. She has lectured me properly. And even if the whole world had reject me, my mom can’t reject me. I love my mom so much. I am her only daughter and last born. I’ve always been there for her and she’ll always be there for me,” Beverly told P.M.NEWS.
About Nigerians who felt embarrassed by her general conduct while in the house, Beverly apologised and said the Big Brother House is “a mental challenge.”
“If you get into that house and stayed for 91 days, if you think you will be ok, you are lying. I tell you, you will be claustrophobic. And for those who were embarrassed, I am so sorry. I don’t feel happy about it since this will be the first time I will be representing Nigeria. But people should understand that one only tried to be as real as possible.
“I am a proud Nigerian and wouldn’t do anything to embarrass my country. But the truth is that if you didn’t go for it, you won’t know how real it is in that house. And I was not with the phone and didn’t know anything that goes on out here at all while in there,” she told P.M.NEWS.
Meanwhile, Beverly has turned down the porn role offered her by the controversial porn movie actress and producer, Afro Candy, even as she said no one has actually contacted her.
“Afro Candy nibo? No oooo…..Thanks for the offer. But NO!” Beverly fired back.
On Tuesday, Afro Candy had posted on her Facebook page an open invitation to Beverly to come and feature in her next soft porn movie production.
“Sorry for losing at the BBA. They did their mago mago and gave it to Dillish after all you did for them. If not for anything, they should have given it to you for all the entertainment you gave the whole of Africa for free. If you had put all that in a DVD, you would be laughing to the bank now. They didn’t deserve you at all,” Afro Candy wrote to Beverly.
She continued, “Anyway, don’t worry, I am still casting for my next movie and I can already see you got all it takes to partake in my kind of productions, (guts, the heart and the ability to get naked and have sex in public without giving a crap). So babe, bring your sexy self to me and let’s get to work ASAP…My phones will be on and I’ll be waiting for your response!”
But the new BBA star explained that those steamy and erotic visuals of her while in the house that went viral don’t make her a potential porn movie actress. She, however, said she has no regret revealing much of her body.
“I wasn’t ashamed of myself and couldn’t have had my bath wearing swim suit. All of us take our bath naked in our different homes. So, I shouldn’t be different because I went for a reality show. I should not be judged by what people saw during the show since I didn’t intentionally bring out my video for all to see, Big Brother did that,” Beverly said.
About her plans for the future, Beverly, who made it to the last day with her compatriot, Melvin Oduah, said she will have to continue with her online reality show ‘Beverly Says’ as well as go back to finish her Mass Communication degree at the National Open University.
“That is what is so important to me now,” she said.

The Chase: Dillish Got USD300,000 Prize, But Melvin Is The Big Brother

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Melvin+and+Dillish+bba8AT the last eviction show, where South Africa’s representative Angelo and Ethiopia’s Bimp were evicted from the Big Brother Africa, observes tipped Nigeria’s Melvin and Namibia’s Dillish for the big prize. Forget their fine faces, both housemates have a lot going for them. With that on mind, everyone waited for that moment when both Melvin and Dillish would be the only ones left in the House.
But at the grand finale, the results were different; it was a shocker for many. Nigeria’s second contender Beverley was the first to be evicted from the house; to many, that was expected. However, no matter the way you see Beverley, the young lady has set a record that would take a very long time for anyone to break; the only housemate in BBA The Chase that was never up for eviction. Whatever kept her in that ‘crazy’ house that long without her name coming up for once, our girl deserves to take a bow!
However, the big surprise for viewers all over the world, especially in Nigeria where the reality show commands large followership, was the eviction of Melvin as the second housemates to leave the house. Immediately his name was mentioned by the presenter IK, who was obviously surprised that the Delta State native was eliminated at that stage, the social media went on ‘fire’; Melvin’s fans went gagger, twitting and facebooking their disproval of the result. Obviously, the fact that Melvin was leading the poll the previous day, must have contributed to the outburst from his fans; how that result changed overnight, is still the question on the lips of many. However most viewers, who queried that result, actually didn’t vote; in Big Brother, votes count.
Having taken Nigeria’s contenders out of the house, IK, who kicked off the show with a spectacular dance routine, headed into the house to evict Ghana’s Elikem, leaving Dillish and Cleo in the house to ponder their fate. Few minutes later, ever dramatic IK broke the bad news for Cleo, leaving Dillish as the winner of the season 8 of the Big Brother Africa reality show.
Other contestants took turns to greet tearful Dillish, who had always dreamt of buying a gigantic TV set; they couldn’t wait but rushed into the house to congratulate the ‘queen’. Her man, Steven, crowned the evening by presenting Dillish with a tiara crown.
“Dillish, it’s official, you’re rich,” proclaimed Big Brother Africa host IK, as fireworks and streamers signaled the end of 91 days of drama and intrigue. The stunning 2-hour Finale, which was screened live on Africa Magic Entertainment and Channel 197 and 198 on DStv, kept viewers enthralled and amazed, with some of the continent’s hottest entertainers lighting up the stage as the tension built.
New Media specialist Boity Thulo joined IK on stage to remind viewers that they could relive all the magic of The Chase by visiting to watch all the video highlights, from day 1 to 91. She also announced the winner of the ‘Most Romantic Gesture’ – Elikem, for making breakfast in bed for Pokello. He won an amazing holiday package: a 5-night all-expenses-paid trip for two, to the Sarova White Sands Hotel in Mombasa, Kenya, two return tickets from RwandAir and some spending money – all valued at USD10 000. He made no bones about the fact that he’d be taking Pokello along as his ‘plus one’!
Meanwhile, the stage was rocked by some of the continent’s hottest performing artiste, including Nigeria’s Ice Prince, who performed Aboki, Ghanaian duo R2Bees rocked with Life (Walahi), while Ugandan rap superstar Keko registered his presence with See Ya. There was also spot for evicted housemate Sulu to make an appearance, performing Ruby Ruby, featuring Salma. South African DJ Ganyani played out the show, as guests moved for the after party.
And so, the curtain came down on 91 days of romance, suspense and pure entertainment, Big Brother: The Chase, sponsored by Airtel and produced by Endemol South Africa.
Nigeria’s representatives at the just concluded show Beverly Osu and Melvin Oduah have since arrived home and met with the press yesterday in Lagos. Both arrived at the Murtala Mohammed International airport on Tuesday, August 27, 2013 around 8pm, two days after the grand finale, in company of show host I.K Osakioduwa. They were welcomed by a crowd, which included friends, family and fans.
An over-whelmed Beverly shed a few tears as she was received by her mum, TV presenter, Denrele Edun and close friends. But nice guy Melvin held his head high, as he greeted fans, who waited for hours, just to receive them.
Though Namibia’s Dillish got the prize money, Melvin Odua remains the Big Brother; his behavious in the house was outstanding. A true Nigerian, Melvin has proved to the whole world that character makes a man. Despite the intrigues and politicking in the house, especially the perceived ‘attack’ on West African housemates, Melvin carried everyone along like a big brother. Never quick to anger and a perfect gentleman, his performance in house will surely influence other well meaning Nigerian youths to entre for the show, which was before now viewed in many quarters as ‘immoral.’
Recall After his swap decision that sent Hakeem packing, an emotional Melvin was still haunted and he didn’t want to face the same situation of guilt again. But still his guardian decision was and is still the last thing any chaser could do at that early stage of the game with other heads still in the house. He was one of the housemates, who found it hard to nominate a fellow housemate with a valid reason; he even reached an extent of nominating himself.
“After witnessing Hakeem being saved two times by Africa, I thought that he was to be saved this time too but I was shocked when he got evicted,” Melvin said remorsefully.
Again, on the night South Africa’s Angelo was evicted from the house, Beverly, his lovebird, cried out her eyes. While she was sobbing, Melvin, who was always quiet in the BBA house, went to Beverly Osu’s bed to console her and gave her a sweet message.
“You still have me; you will be fine. I will still be here for you. My bed is the biggest in the House; you can share it with me.” What a brotherly love!
Oh yes, Dillish won the price money, but Melvin Oduah is a Big Brother Africa with true Naija spirit.

BBA prize money will change my life

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How do you feel winning the Big Brother show?
I feel great. Winning the money is a great opportunity. It is a lifetime experience in the house. The money is going to change my life. I am so grateful to Africa and to God. It is a perfect feeling.
Did you ever think you would become the winner?
I didn’t think I would become the winner.  As you know, they said I was the underdog in the house. I didn’t see myself as the winner, but things changed for me, especially the week I was up for eviction alongside Angelo and Bimp. Africa saved me that week and that was when I realised I might have an impact out there.
You were one of the few housemates that didn’t get into any relationship. Why?
I made up my mind I wasn’t going into any relationship. It was the initial plan. Even before I got in, I made it very clear in the introductory video that I have somebody out there who is very special in my life and I wasn’t looking for love. When I walked into the house the first day, I told them I wasn’t interested in any relationship and they shouldn’t try me. I was already in a relationship of four years and I wasn’t going to give it up for anybody in the house.
Now that you have so much money, won’t it affect your relationship?
It will certainly not affect the relationship. My boyfriend is quite successful. The money is basically for me and my family and my future. It shouldn’t affect my relationship at all.
Who was your greatest rival in the house?
All the housemates were my competitors. They were all strong rivals. At the beginning, Bolt got on my nerves, but somehow, we made peace. I got along with everybody. It was easy connecting with them.
Why did you decide to be part of the BBA?
I have always been a fan of the show. I wanted to be a part of it last year, but something stopped me. This year, a friend got the form and filled it for me. I went for the audition and Big Brother chose me. I think it was my time and my destiny this year. I am so happy that I experienced it and won.
What do you hope to achieve in future?
I am ready for anything. I am thinking of getting into radio or TV or anything that has to do with entertainment. I am just taking it step by step. I am ready to start-up my career in entertainment.
Was there a time you felt like leaving the house?
Oh yes. The first time I got nominated was my lowest moment in the house. I got nominated the second week and I thought I should go and ring the bell and tell Big Brother I wanted to go home. But something spoke to me and I decided to stay back.
How easy was it to survive in the house?
It wasn’t easy at all. In the outside world, we are so used to our mobile phones, to the extent that we even sleep with them. I missed my freedom and being able to watch TV.  But in all, it was a good experience.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

How Africa Voted

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how africa voted

Here’s who which country voted for:
Angola: Dillish 
Botswana: Cleo 
Ghana: Elikem 
Kenya: Dillish
Ethiopia: Beverly 
Malawi: Cleo 
Namibia: Dillish 
Nigeria: Melvin 
South Africa: Cleo 
Sierra Leone: Elikem
Tanzania: Dillish
Uganda: Dillish
Zambia: Cleo
Zimbabwe: Elikem
Rest of Africa: Melvin 
Total: Dillish = 5, Cleo = 4, Elikem = 3, Melvin = 2, Beverly = 1. 
(Total: 15 Votes)

Breaking News: Namibia’s Dillish Has Won $300,000

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dillish wins 91
Finally Namibia’s Dillish has entered history as one of the winners of the Big Brother Africa game, she has managed to beat all her fellow housemates that made it to the final with her.
The sexy Namibian lass actually won it with one vote more than the Zambian female rapper Cleo, Dillish got five votes from Africa while Cleo got four from Africa. Dillish’s victory is one that won’t be forgotten by all the Big Brother Africa fans as she didn’t spent 91 days in the Big Brother house without being Head of House at any one moment.
As soon as she stepped on the live stage of Big Brother Africa, IK took the opportunity to invite her boyfriend Stephen who also attended the live show of Big Brother Africa. Stephen hugged his lady love and then put a crown on her head. He said that he had brought the crown for his girlfriend because she always spoke about being a princess while in the house.
Mean while Dillish could not stop shedding tears of happiness, she was so happy and hope she fulfills her wish of building buying her grandfather and siblings a house.
Congratulations Dillish and the whole family wishes you the best in all your endeavors.

A Look At The Chasemates’ Last Week In The House

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day 91The last week of Chasers was somewhat eventful but they wouldn’t have it any other way. With the Eviction of two of the most powerful contenders Angelo and Bimp, life had to go on even though some of the Housemates took time to get over losing two good friends, Beverly being the one that felt it the most.
The week has started off with Melvin being the last leader of the pack after Bimp, who was supposed to be Head of House, had been Evicted from the House. Melvin was the runner up on the previous week’s HoH challenge and was therefore the fitting leader this week.
Diary sessions in the past week had been a mixture of emotions especially when Biggie had asked the Housemates how they felt about the Eviction of their friends Angelo and Bimp, and of course what their predictions were about the winner of The Chase. Elikem had been so proud of himself, telling Biggie that he has made history as being the first Ghanaian to have made it this far in the game and was grateful for the platform even if he doesn’t win the money.
The first Task of the week
The Chasers then shared a list of things they’d like to do before they die with Biggie where Cleo had said that she would like to travel the world and build an empire for her daughter to take over. Elikem said he’d like to get married and have children and planned to be more serious with his religion. Melvin also committed to getting married and having babies in future. The gorgeous Dillish shocked everyone when she said she wants nine children and 18 grand kids in her household whereas Beverly was more determined to make the best of her hustle, tampering into the acting world, starting her own lingerie line and make-up collection.
As the week progressed and boredom sneaked into the Ruby House, the Housemates decided to have an indoor party where Elikem used the remaining props to ladies sexy dresses. The party was not as pumping as the Housemates had anticipated but the booze was all the excitement they needed to get to that happy mood. Needless to say, they were all boozed up and tired before the clock struck midnight and their day was over.
Another Task was issued and Housemates were required to paint a model plane in the RwandAir colours and when they were done with that they had to duplicate the airline’s route map using the paint provided. They had to also create a promo in the form of a sketch or song which they performed wearing RwandAir t-shirts.
A test of endurance was what the Housemates had to go through this past Wednesday as all five of them had to put their right hands on a box that had pictures of the time spent in both Houses when ex-Housemates were still on The Chase. The Endurance Task tested the remaining five on their endurance as they had to put their hand on their pictures and stand there until there was one person standing. Much to our surprise, the pretty Dillish had been the last woman standing and therefore won herself a piece of jewellery worth USD 1000.
Later in the week, Biggie had called the Housemates, one-by-one into the Diary Room and gave them the last opportunity to appeal to Africa to vote for them. “What would your sales pitch be to Africa?” Biggie had asked them. Dillish told Biggie that she didn’t want to come across as desperate and was just hoping that Africa would vote for her regardless of her asking for their votes. “I prefer to go out there and speak freestyle and let it all come to me,” Melvin had said. Beverly just couldn’t wait for Sunday so she could see her family and Angelo of course but she did say that her life will change for the positive.
After those Diary sessions were done, Biggie called all the five Chasemates into the Diary Room to have an impromptu group session. Once they were in there, Biggie asked them to each tell him why they loved another. Dillish went first and said she loves her Housemates because they have formed a bond and they like joking with one another as opposed to always bashing each other and she therefore felt very humbled to have been with them. “They are very supportive, caring, rooted, ambitious and are go-getters. They are very passionate about their craft and what they do. We have differences but we’d rather focus on our similarities. I love you guys,” the Ice Queen had said. Beverly stressed that they may all have their similarities and be blunt but nobody takes things personally. “We listen to everyone’s opinion. I think the love is just there naturally and I wouldn’t trade you guys for anyone else,” Nigeria’s Melvin had said.
On Task Presentation night the Housemates brought their A game as they shed tears and laughter in celebration of life in Biggie’s House. The Housemates first presented their brilliant and to-the-point RwandAir promo before taking centre stage on the lawn to take a trip down memory lane. Cleo shed a tear as she presented her gift to Big Brother, which was made up of smiley faces, hearts, as well as various props from the House. Her fellow Housemates also presented gifts to Big Brother and thanked the big man for always being there to listen during the tough times and they ended their last Task Presentation with a bow.
The Airtel Arena Showdown challenge had to have been the most fun the Housemates have had in the greater outdoors since they entered Biggies House. They were engaged in a slippery Task where they had to collect balls and put them in their individual baskets. Beverly sat this one out due to an ankle injury and watched from the sidelines, cheering her fellow Housemates on as they slid up and down the wet jungle gyms at the Arena.
The Chasemates got a huge surprise as soon as they woke up yesterday, courtesy of Big Brother of course. They were treated to a therapeutic massage session in the Rendezvous Room where the masseuse worked each of their bodies to their satisfaction especially Beverly who was the last to get her back rubbed.
The Chase wished ex-Housemates Pokello and Feza a Happy Birthday yesterday. As much as the two divas didn’t get along much in Biggie’s House, the one thing they have in common is their birth date and Biggie did good in reminding the current Housemates too. Needless to say, Pokello’s boo Elikem had a special dedication of his own. “Happy birthday Pokello Nare, I wish you nothing but the best. I wish you enjoy your day to the fullest,” Elikem exclaimed last night.
Last night’s Channel O Party had DJ Exclusive’s beats penetrating the walls of the Party Room and the Housemates went hard on the dance floor as this marked their last party together. The Nigerian DJ even took to the dance floor himself and worked it with the Housemates. Free flowing booze, good music and animal clad dancers were in the mix and it was a night that the Chasemates will not forget anytime soon.
This morning Elikem took a walk in the garden contemplating the events this day holds and possibly asked himself who would walk away with the USD 300 000 this evening. Later in the morning all Housemates had their final hairdo with Biggie’s hairstylists.

Who Is The Ultimate Chase?

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Ahead of crowning a winner for the Big Brother Africa show, BOBOYE ONDUKU previews the chances of the Top5 in landing the $300,000 prize and their possible country-votes.
‘Fine girl’ Dillish Pearl Mathews
The official beauty of The Chase has survived five evictons enroute the grand finale. She has largely survived due to Nigeria’s backing. Fans believe her beauty has brought her this far, but they also see a certain manipulative spirit in the Namibian student.
Possible country-votes: Dillish is depending on the Southern African support to bank Biggie’s $300,000.  Namibia, Nigeria and Ethiopia had voted four times to save her but going into the finale, she is sure of only Namibia and will go head-to-head with Melvin for Ethiopia. She can also look to Malawi, Botswana and South Africa for a couple of votes.
Verdict: a possible 3-country vote
‘Fine boy’ Melvin Oduah
Nigeria’s finest on Big Brother Africa has been hailed as a ‘man, worthy of emulation’ by both Chasemates and fans. Being Nigerian makes him the ultimate Chase, as many think the prize money is his to lose. However, the dude who is Coolness personified, has to ward of the ‘playa’ haters from Southern Africa to go past his ‘second-place finish syndrome.’ He has managed to stay out of controversies and has shown enough maturity to get  Pan-African support.
Possible country-votes: Melvin will get the Nigerian vote ahead of country-mate, Beverly. Sierra Leone and the Rest of Africa are also within reach. After that, he can look forward to Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya and Angola for a couple of country-votes.Verdict: a possible 5-country vote.
Video vixen, Ada Beverly Osu
The lady of exaggerations and lies has an unfamiliar record in the history of BigBrother Africa - she is the first and only housemate to go the whole hog without facing possible eviction. But all of her non-nomination for 12 weeks will come to nought if she fails to make it beyond a fifth place finish in the finale.
Possible country-votes: Beverly is the perfect pick for Melvin’s haters, because they feel she has been ‘real and spontaneous’ from the onset. That will give her good standing in Southern Afican countries like South Africa  and Botswana. Ethiopia is a long way off despite her Bimp connections.
Verdict: a possible 1-country vote
The tailor, Elikem Kumordzi
The first Ghanaian to make the grand finale has told all who care to listen that he is happy about his achievement. Whilst making the Top 5 he found himself at the centre of two epic schemes to oust him by Oneal (over a show of ‘West African pageantry’) and Nando ( for being a ‘nigga that shakes his butt’ in front of the cameras). He overcame all that and has gone on to do his thing with ‘needle and thread,’ to the admiration of many fans across Africa.
Possible country-votes: At two crtical stages, Elikem depended on tie-breakers to survive: when he unseated Sulu and survived in Week 4 with a 1-country vote. He is the dark-horse that seeks to steal Dillish’s Zimbabwe and Malawi support in additon to those of Ghana.
Verdict: a possible 3-country vote
Ice-queen, Cleopatra
Rap diva Cleo crept into the Top 5 unnoticed. The Zambian toyed with possible eviction in Weeks 6, 7, and 11 but escaped all with tie-breakers. She avoided the shame of being evicted alongside her man Hakeem on thesame day, in Week 6. Her subsequent tie-breaker triumphs saw her send Pokello and Feza to the eviction gallows. The smooth-flowing queen is a ranked outsider who will finish in the runner-up places, no matter the odds.
Possible country-votes: Cleo will be another victim of a Southern Africa hate-scheme. That places in a difficult position to re-enact her previous triumphs with Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Final Hair Treat

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lastAs usual on a Sunday, the remaining Chasers had their last complimentary hairdo before tonight’s show. The hairstylists gave the Top 5 a warm welcome as they took their seats and readied themselves for a make-over.
Melvin and Cleo had their haircuts first. Zambian rapper Cleo had her side hairs trimmed first and then the barber relaxed it for her. Melvin also had his hair relaxed after they trimmed it, they also touched up his moustache.
The gorgeous Dillish’s weave also went through some changes but was treated with conditioner first before she had to sit under a dryer for what felt like eternity to her. Needless to say, whatever she has on her head will always compliment her beauty, so in this regard she is never worried.
Beverly removed her weave after her man Angelo got Evicted and has been without a weave throughout the week. so today the stylist relaxed her hair before putting on her weave but this time in a different style. She looked quite pleased with her new look, although the weave was still the same one with green highlights at the end.
When you look good, you feel even better and this could be said of the Housemates after their last hairdos. Hopefully tonight they will all feel good even though only one of them will be USD 300 000 richer.