Just In!..All You Need To Know About The New Season Of Bigbrother Tagged “BBA All Stars 2″

This is great news for BBA fans all over the world!The new season of Bigbrother Africa;BBA 9,has been confirmed for August this year! Twenty eight (28) housemates from fourteen (14) participating countries will participate in this season’s edition  tagged “BBA All Stars 2″. Two (2) housemates from each country.
The participating countries are Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, sierraleone, Tanzania, Southafrica, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.
The housemates for the new season will be picked from season 6 Amplified -8 The Chase.

The housemates may include; Angola- Seydou and Neyll, Botswana- Eve and Motamma,Ethiopia- Bimp and Hanni,Ghana Keitta and Alex, Kenya- Huddah and Malonza, Malawi- Lomwe and Natasha, Namibia- Bernandina and Maria, Nigeria- Chris and Vina, sierraleone-Zainab and Bassey, South Africa- Lee and Koketso, Tanzania- Nando and Hilda Uganda- Denzel and Kyle Zambia- Tamara and Sulu Zimbabwe- Hakeem and Maneta
We’ll keep you posted!

I don’t know why I fell in love with Angelo

Beverly Osu, Big Brother Africa Housemate, tells ‘NONYE BEN-NWANKWO about her stay in the reality show and her relationship with Angelo, the South African housemate
What was your experience like in the Big Brother house?
It was very good. It was great getting to know people in the house. My 91 days there are days I will never forget.
How did you get into the reality show?
I have always been a fan of the BBA. I got the form this year and everybody told me I should try and be a part of it. I went for the audition and I was successful.
How did you manage the whole 91 days without a mobile phone?
It was very hard but I had to bear it.
Were you surprised that you were the first to be evicted during the finals?
I wasn’t surprised. I knew Nigeria had won it so many times and it might be difficult winning it again. But I still prayed and wished that God would make it happen. But as it didn’t happen, I was still very okay. I am still okay with the person that won. Dillish is a princess…

Beverly Apologises To Nigerians, Says She Didn’t Have Sex In BBA House

Beverly Osu, one of Nigeria’s representatives at the just concluded Big Brother The Chase, has said that contrary to the general assumption about what happened between her and fellow housemate, Angelo, while in the house, she never had sex both in the bathtub and under the duvet. “Nothing happened between me and Angelo. I didn’t have sex in the house. Though there were awkward moments, we never had sex. I know what happened then between us but we never got down to have sex,” Beverly said while speaking at a media briefing in Lagos Thursday. She disclosed that what happened between her and the South African housemate was real because she genuinely loved him. “We talk everyday. He loves me and I still love him. I would get married to him if I had the chance,” said Beverly. She said her 3-month stay in the Big Brother House was a lifetime experience and whatever people saw there was her real self with no pretence. She said in spite of revelations concerning her lifestyle and t…

The Chase: Dillish Got USD300,000 Prize, But Melvin Is The Big Brother

AT the last eviction show, where South Africa’s representative Angelo and Ethiopia’s Bimp were evicted from the Big Brother Africa, observes tipped Nigeria’s Melvin and Namibia’s Dillish for the big prize. Forget their fine faces, both housemates have a lot going for them. With that on mind, everyone waited for that moment when both Melvin and Dillish would be the only ones left in the House. But at the grand finale, the results were different; it was a shocker for many. Nigeria’s second contender Beverley was the first to be evicted from the house; to many, that was expected. However, no matter the way you see Beverley, the young lady has set a record that would take a very long time for anyone to break; the only housemate in BBA The Chase that was never up for eviction. Whatever kept her in that ‘crazy’ house that long without her name coming up for once, our girl deserves to take a bow! However, the big surprise for viewers all over the world, especially in Nigeria wh…

BBA prize money will change my life

How do you feel winning the Big Brother show?
I feel great. Winning the money is a great opportunity. It is a lifetime experience in the house. The money is going to change my life. I am so grateful to Africa and to God. It is a perfect feeling.
Did you ever think you would become the winner?
I didn’t think I would become the winner.  As you know, they said I was the underdog in the house. I didn’t see myself as the winner, but things changed for me, especially the week I was up for eviction alongside Angelo and Bimp. Africa saved me that week and that was when I realised I might have an impact out there.
You were one of the few housemates that didn’t get into any relationship. Why?
I made up my mind I wasn’t going into any relationship. It was the initial plan. Even before I got in, I made it very clear in the introductory video that I have somebody out there who is very special in my life and I wasn’t looking for love. When I walked into the house the first day, I told th…

How Africa Voted

Here’s who which country voted for: Angola: Dillish 
Botswana: Cleo 
Ghana: Elikem 
Kenya: Dillish
Ethiopia: Beverly 
Malawi: Cleo 
Namibia: Dillish 
Nigeria: Melvin 
South Africa: Cleo 
Sierra Leone: Elikem
Tanzania: Dillish
Uganda: Dillish
Zambia: Cleo
Zimbabwe: Elikem
Rest of Africa: Melvin  Total: Dillish = 5, Cleo = 4, Elikem = 3, Melvin = 2, Beverly = 1. 
(Total: 15 Votes)

Breaking News: Namibia’s Dillish Has Won $300,000

Finally Namibia’s Dillish has entered history as one of the winners of the Big Brother Africa game, she has managed to beat all her fellow housemates that made it to the final with her. The sexy Namibian lass actually won it with one vote more than the Zambian female rapper Cleo, Dillish got five votes from Africa while Cleo got four from Africa. Dillish’s victory is one that won’t be forgotten by all the Big Brother Africa fans as she didn’t spent 91 days in the Big Brother house without being Head of House at any one moment. As soon as she stepped on the live stage of Big Brother Africa, IK took the opportunity to invite her boyfriend Stephen who also attended the live show of Big Brother Africa. Stephen hugged his lady love and then put a crown on her head. He said that he had brought the crown for his girlfriend because she always spoke about being a princess while in the house. Mean while Dillish could not stop shedding tears of happiness, she was so happy and hope…