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Breaking News: Fake Chasemates Booted Out

The fake Emeralds’ Chase comes to a halt tonight and boy did they shake things up in the House!
Their mission was to blend in with the Chasemates without being caught out for actually being Biggie’s moles. It looks like they managed to pull that one off by the skin of their teeth as some doubting-Thomases like Annabel proved to be hard to convince.
Cracking Pokello and Elikem’s bond was not as easy as it looked when Eveva was sitting on her couch back home, and the Zim diva left before Eveva could pounce on her man. Even in Pokello’s absence, the Zambian massage therapist didn’t really make her move but threw in a much needed foot massage. In fact, she said in her Diary Session, that she doesn’t like Elikem anymore. She said she’s lost interest in the Ghanaian stud. Of late, Beverly’s Angelo was in Eveva’s firing line – that was a brave move and it looks like Angelo liked it. Mhmm! Perhaps Eveva could spend more time in the House?
Busi’s plans were also put to an abrupt …

Jackie Appiah And Kin Omotoso In The House

As the Chasemates present their act their movies tonight as part of the  task presentation, AfricaMagic Viewers Choice Awards 2013 winners,Jackie Appiah and Akin Omotoso will be making an appearance in the House for the Big Brother Ghandour Film Festival. Ghanaian actress Appiah won the inaugural AfricaMagic Viewers Choice Award for Best Actress (Drama) for her role in Perfect Picture while Nigerian born Omotoso snagged the coveted Best Directer Award. And tonight this talented twosome will make use of their knowledge and experience in the film industry to evaluate the Housemates’ performance. We can’t wait!
This week the housemates invested their creativity and art to the test as they were divided into two teams that are headed Tanzania’s Nando and Ghana’s Elikem. Both teams have written and directed one movie - an Action Romance and a Tragic Love Story.
Actually the newly merged houses are competing as the new Ruby house and the pressure is quite high, after they suff…

JJ Is Really Enjoying Biggie’s House

Since last week when all the three houses were merged, the one former Emerald who seems to be enjoying the Big Brother experience the most is the Zimbabwean young dude “JJ”. Today in the morning after the housemates had their morning exercise routine, the young hunk made his way in the garden and began dancing and surely he did work his hips. When he felt like it was enough, he then decided to switch to what he does best. Like he has always been doing, JJ turned the Ruby garden into a gym. He lifted weights up and down, stretched his hands while lifting these arms and generally it was quite a remarkable workout. Talking about exercising, there are some housemates who really do not like exercising at all and the fact that it’s compulsory for housemates to attend the morning exercise, thy end up missing out. With that said, JJ is a very cool and entertaining person and it would have been very interesting if he was a real Chasemate. But still whatever he does, it’s just go…

Busi: “Some Housemates Are So Selfish”

It seems like housemates have now began to show some of their habits that they had decided to hide from us. It has now come out that selfishness in Big Brother’s house has become the order of the day because most of the housemates don’t prefer sharing what they have with others. During her Diary session, South Africa’s Busi revealed it to Big Brother that some housemates have now decided to hide their products from the rest. Big Brother then asked her to specify to him which housemates do hide their products.
However her fellow former Emerald Jazz had earlier on complained in her Diary session earlier that Busi takes and uses her products without asking her first. So that is why Big Brother asked Busi because he wanted to find out what she had to say on people utilizing other people’s things without asking for them. The South African went on to tell Big Brother that she really does not understand why some of her fellow housemates would hide their things from others.
Is …

Elikem: “Pokello’s Eviction Affected Me”

It all Seems like the young Ghanaian was very much into Pokello than it actually looked like. During his Diary Session today, him and Big Brother were talking about him being nominated consecutively. He was actually very confident while talking about the whole issue of him being nominated, he told Big Brother that he does not mind if his fellow housemates nominate him because he also walked into the Diary Room and nominated two housemates only that they did not make it to the nominees list. He added that if at all he is evicted on Sunday, he will take it very easily and the fact that he will be out of the game does not mean that he is a loser. When Big Brother asked him if being nominated those many times will not affect him while playing the game, “Honestly I will not mind leaving the Big Brother house and being nominated does not affect me while playing the game but Pokello’s eviction from the Big Brother house affected me a lot though I am now back to normal”. Judging…

Oneaza Getting More Serious

“We are getting more serious. No more arguments. I know am now submissive but for a relationship to workout, one has to go down a little bit,” Feza clarified on her relationship with her Tswana boo Oneal.
During her Diary, the Tanzanian song bird said that they had “reached somewhere” in the relationship and only time will tell. She stressed that Oneal is so analytical but she had no problem being submissive to him because at the end of the day, a relationship can’t workout if both people are always trying to prove a point.
Feza seems to be ready to go all the way with Oneal because she said that she’ll do all she can to see it workout adding that the numerous arguments they always had with Oneal initially had become history, she pointed out that when Oneal wrongs her and she becomes annoyed, it becomes so hard for her to relate with other housemates.
Meanwhile, Oneal on the other hand also shared similar sentiments and seemed ready to contribute to what they’ve with Fe…

Angelo: “My Friend Betrayed Me”

During most of their Diary Session yesterday, the Housemates seemed to have been shocked by Bassey’s eviction on Sunday. “Bassey was Sulu said. Cleo reminisced about all the fun times she and the Sierra Leonean have had since they first met. “I’m so sad he’s not here. Bassey was so sweet and loving. I loved his ‘Roman from Yorkshire’ alter ego. The House will not be the same without him,” Cleo said. Big Brother then asked about Pokello’s eviction from the Big Brother housed, the Tswana man was as brutally honest as always. “Pokello dug her own grave. Simple as that”, The Tswana Housemate said. His sweetheart Feza told Biggie “Africa clearly loved Pokello because they saved her so many times. However, it was her time to leave.”
When South Africa’s Angelo entered the Diary Room for his session, he expressed how disappointed he is at Sulu for stabbing him in the back. “I called Sulu my brother. I really feel betrayed. I’m still angry, disappointed and confused. This move wi…

‘I Feel I Was Swapped’ – Sulu

“I feel I was swapped. Sometimes you can sense and feel it. But am cool with it and ready to face Africa,” Sulu confided in Biggie during his Diary Session today. Sulu who somewhat started his Diary in a low tone told Biggie that it’s obvious that he’s up this week because he thinks HOH Bimp put him up and saved one of the three original nominees (Annabel, Elikem or Cleo). The Zambian rep also said that Bimp started acting weirdly towards him ever since he exited the Diary room after his swap session yesterday.
Sulu however begged Africa to save him this week because he would love to stay in ‘The Chase’ and more so have a chance of celebrating his birthday in the house next week. He will make 32 years on Monday, a day after the Evictions on Sunday.
Do you wish for Sulupinsio to celebrate his big day on ‘The Chase’?

Angelo & Beverly Give Each Other Space

It seems the newest couple in town have had enough of the ‘orientation’ and decided that taking it slow and giving each other space was the way to go. This is what Ruby love birds Angelo and Beverly decided to do because they feel it would in a way help in the growth of their young relationship.
“Me and Angelo are giving each other space. During our first time in the Rendezvous room, we were on each others throats but the second time we discussed basic things about our lives and that’s good,” Beverly shared in the Diary room yesterday.
Angelo also shared the same sentiments and said that he was eager to know Beverly better and doesn’t want her to think that he’s with her because he just wants to sleep with her.
Well, guess this is a wise move, slow but sure can never be out of the line.

Evictions: Farewell Pokello!

Zimbabwean Big Brother The Chase rep Pokello Nare has been Evicted from Big Brother house after 56 days and just four weeks to the grand finale.
The 27 year-old designer and entrepreneur has been lucky after being saved by Africa a record four times but as fate would have it, she didn’t make it beyond today.
Sierra Leone’s Bassey got the first boot today, the 15th of the Chase and Pokello got the second and the 16th of the Chase.
Pokello was up against Dillish, Angelo and Annabel and unfortunately her luck ran out today.
After Natasha’s boot last week, it seems when the Chasemates decide to get rid of a housemate, they will surely do all they can to do just that.
Pokello who joined host IK shrtly after her eviction revealed that she was seriously feeling Elikem irrespecive of the fcat that hse had a relationship back home.
All the best Pokello and there’s definitely a life after Big Brother, hopefully, she exploits the platform to the best of her abilities.

Breaking News: Bassey Evicted

The fact that today is eviction Sunday, the first housemate who has been evicted from the Big Brother house is he young Sierra Leonean model.

Rendezvous:The Beverly-Angelo ‘We Time’

The Rendezvous Room is usually a hotbed of all kinds of temperature raising activities. However, this evening, lovebirds Angelo and Beverly decided to use the space Big Brother had given them to hash out the Pokello and Elikem situation. And here we were hoping for the sexy kisses these two are infamous for. In case you missed it, Angelo and Beverly bounded off to the bedroom after last weekend’s Channel O Party and engaged in some heavy kissing.
Elikem and Pokello decided to slip away from their fellow Housemates at the same time and found themselves in the same room as Bengelo. After watching for a bit, the two decided to kiss in their own corner. The next day, when IK asked Elikem and Pokello about their voyeuristic ways during last Sunday’s Eviction Show, Oneal and Feza automatically assumed that the two lovebirds had been gossiping about Angelo and Beverly.
This evening, Angelo filled Beverly in on his latest findings. “Feza and Oneal told me how Elikem and Pokel…

Elikem And I Are Little More Than Friends-Pokello

From strangers,to acquaintances, to good friends and now to ‘little more than friends‘.T his is how we can describe the journey of the Pokello-Elikem relationship. When asked to define the current status of her relationship with Elikem,during the Airtel Picnic show famously known as the Natasha show but now turned to Micheal Bunny Bassey(MBB) Show, Pokello had this to say;” All what I can say is that currently we are ‘little more than friends’ “. Hope we could a more clear explanation of “Little more than friends“.
Pokello and Elikem have been close for some good time and as time went on they went from what we call friends to what we should call lovebirds after they went intimate. However, despite all what we have seen, Pokello hasn’t put the Ghanaian into his heart as of yet.
“I don’t want to say that I love him because we talked about it and he knows that we can’t do it while still in the Big Brother House. We’ll sort it out when we go out of here(BBA house) and see if it…

Bimp To Lead The Merged Housemates

The fact that all the three houses were merged yesterday, Big Brother had to make sure their is only one Head of House because initially Alusa was awaiting to become Head of House in the fake Emerald house, Angelo was awaiting to become Head of House in the Ruby and Bimp was waiting to be  Diamond Head of House come next week. All the housemates had a feeling that they were going to participate in the Head of House for the three merged houses, but Big Brother first chose three Housemates, Bimp, Alusa and Angelo, to take part in the Head of House task.
Big Brother’s ninja placed three rubber rings in the garden and on the other side there was a wooden stand. The three housemates who were going to compete had to line up on the red line in the garden and when the buzzer went off, one at a time, they threw the rubber ring towards the wooden stand.
The Housemate that got the ring closest to the stand would then win the Head of House task. One of the ninjas was in the garden …

Feza Gets Down On Oneal

If the Big Brother house were a place for their honeymoon, Oneal and Feza have had the best of it.
What is the best way to spend a cold winter’s night when you are locked up indoors? Spend the evening giving your man a hot massage.
That is just what Feza did in middle of the night. The Tanzanian hopped on top of her boo Oneal, who was lying topless on the bed. She then proceeded to work her magic hands all over her man’s bare back, much to his delight. Talk about heating things up.
The Ruby lovebirds don’t seem to be much perturbed with having to share a bedroom with the newly moved in Diamonds and Emeralds. From the looks of things, a crowded House is not about to stop this pair from doing couple stuff together. Well good for them!
It seems that the Merger has brought about peace in the House, as Oneza and Cleoseem to have worked out the differences that they had. The trio were laughing and chatting like old buddies today.
Hopefully the threesome will remain on good te…

Melvin Doesn’t Regret Putting Himself Up

Melvin’s Nomination Diary Session;

Melvin good day & welcome to your NDS, good day Biggie… How he’s doing/Mood in the house; he’s good and the mood is okay.
What makes him nervous about this evening; being up.
Regrets about his Swap decision; not really.
Memorable moments; many.
Difference between playing the game and watching it at home; while in the game, it’s very difficult.
Biggie wishes him good luck!

Annabel’s Nomination Diary Session;

Annabel good day & welcome to your NDS, good day Biggie…
Feeling; Nervous.
Mood in the house; too many questions about Emeralds house.
How housemates may react ahead of Melvin’s swap decision; Nando thinks he was swapped.
What makes them think Melvin’s decision is obvious; because of his closeness to some of the housemates.
Chances of survival; can’t tell but has faith in Africa.
What she would miss the most if she’s booted; everything, house, people, surprises, Ninjas and talking to Biggie.
Biggie wishes her good luck!

Cleo’s No…

Breaking News: Natasha Evicted!

After surviving four evictions, Malawi’s representative in the Big Brother house has finally been sent home today. When IK read Natasha’s name, she and her fellow housemates were not surprised a lot. The Malawian then quickly hugged her fellow Diamonds as a sign of saying goodbye to them and lastly she gave Sierra Leone’s Bassey a sensational goodbye hug while Big Brother also kept on reminding her to leave the Big Brother house immediately. During Natasha’s final Diary Nomination Session today, she told Big Brother that “sometimes your luck runs out”. And sadly, it happened that she got evicted. Neither her cleaning strategy nor her Natasha Talk Show that she has been hosting every Saturday in the afternoon could help save her, but all in all we wish Natasha a good stay out of the Big Brother house. Do you think Natasha needed some more time in the Big Brother house or it was just fair enough for her to leave?

How Africa Voted

Here is how Africa voted this week (14 July 2013) – We say goodbye to Natasha (Malawi) and Selly (Ghana).
Here’s who which country voted for:
Angola: Melvin
Botswana: Cleo
Ghana: Selly
Kenya: Annabel
Ethiopia: Natasha
Malawi: Natasha
Namibia: Melvin
Nigeria: Melvin
South Africa: Pokello
Sierra Leone: Melvin
Tanzania: Annabel
Uganda: Annabel
Zambia: Cleo
Zimbabwe: Pokello
Rest of Africa: Melvin
Total: Melvin = 5; Annabel = 3; Cleo = 2, Pokello = 2, Natasha = 2, Selly = 1. (Total: 15 Votes)

Breaking News: Bye Bye Selly!

Selly got the 13th boot! Ghanaian Big Brother housemate and Diamond resident Selly has been evicted thus bringing an end to her Chase dreams! The young actress becomes the 13th housemate to be evicted from the Chase after she was swapped by Ruby HOH Oneal following this week’s nominations on Monday.
Having stayed in the house for 49 days, Selly seemed to be on the right track until today when she unfortunately couldn’t beat off stiff competition from the likes of Diamonds; Melvin, Annabel and Natasha as well as Rubie Pokello.
The last time Selly was up was in the first week of the show but she managed to survive back then, she went on to win the HOH tasks in the second and third weeks. She had never been up or swapped until this week, she’s also one of the few Chasemates who have moved houses the most times, initially, she was Ruby then she moved to the Diamond house, later on she went back to the Ruby house and on Friday she was sent back to the Diamond house!
It’s unfo…

Game On: Sulu Wins HOH, Selly’s Gets Closer

Ghana’s Selly might be one of the manipulative characters we have in the chase at this particular juncture. Half way into the chase, every man for himself in the battle and everyone’s got to do what they’ve got to do to stay in the game. Barely a day after the Sulu-Selly fight, they are now as thick as thieves. Last night we had emotional revelations and confessions from Sulu as he withdrew his heart from the Selly territory paired with Selly’s heartless open rejection for Sulu’s love. The duo engaged in a heated lengthy argument until they saw a need to seal it.
Earlier this morning they were not that close as those days back but what took us aback was how close Selly got to Sulu after he won the next week’s HOH title in just seconds. Sulu this morning was crowned the Ruby’s next HOH for his first term.
As everyone is looking for means of surviving the evictions, getting close to the Head of House is another smart way of securing someone’s seat and Selly is now on the …

Breaking News: Sulu And Bimp New House Heads

After the simple Head of House Task Big Brother gave to both the Ruby house and the Diamond house this afternoon, the Zambian businessman Sulu and Ethiopia’s Bimp emerged as the winners in the Ruby and the Diamond houses respectively. The Head of House Task was all about housemates aiming balls at the centre of a board and the housemate whose ball was next to the centre would emerge as the winner. These two housemates are both becoming Heads of House for the first time but one cannot wonder how happy Sulu was after Big Brother announced that he was to be the Ruby Head of House for next week. Do you think Bimp and Sulu will execute their duties properly come next week?
Annabel, Cleo, Natasha, Pokello, Melvin and Selly are up for possible eviction this week. Please vote for your favourite housemate to keep them in the game.

House Swap: Four Housemates Traded

When the time for the Head of House Swap rolls in, you can be sure that there will be no shortage of drama in the House and so was Today.
After winning the Airtel Arena  showdown Diamond HOH  was to make the swap. Melvin chose to swap Feza and Cleo  from the Diamond House to Ruby and chose to trade Natasha and Selly  from Ruby House to the Diamond.
As expected that Natasha was to be on the swap list this week, Melvin did not  make any change  prior to the discussions he held with fellow Diamonds a few days ago. The Diamonds came up with a suggestion that this time the swap should be applied to those who have never tasted it.
Natasha who has been well known  for cornering the Ruby Heads  begging them not to swap her, this time had no option as Melvin was too far for her to convince. She broke down after getting the bad news that she’s leaving the fancy Ruby house where she has been acting mom.
Natasha was a few minutes  later took Pokello to the garden,cornered her and  beg…

Natasha Cries Over House Swap

Drama unfolded in the Ruby house in late afternoon after one of the residents Natasha shed tears following Diamond’s HOH Melvin‘s decision to have her in his house.
This came as a result of Melvin’s Diamond house winning the football match staged in the Airtel Arena against the Rubies. As a HOH Melvin had to take two housemates from the Ruby house and send two from his house to the Ruby house.
After getting to know that she was one of the swap victims, ‘Fatty Natty’ stormed the Ruby garden and wailed like a village woman at a funeral. Thank God Pokello was at hand to give her a shoulder to cry on.
“I didn’t want to go to the Diamond house,” she said. Pokello advised her not to worry as it was part of the game and assured her that she could return on Friday next week. “Do what you have to do,” Pokello advised.
“Please tell Sulu to bring me back on Friday,” Natasha begged. Talking about Sulu, the Zambian was also slated to be sent to the Diamond house but thanks to his stars, …

Feza And Oneal ReUnited

After the spending a week without seeing each other, the two lovebirds have once again got the chance to spend some time together today. They first met in the Arena as they went for the Airtel Showdown and though they didn’t smooch that much, they hugged and wished each other a nice game.
With the Diamond house emerging as the victors in the Airtel Showdown, it was very obvious that Feza was on way back to the Ruby house as she had earlier made it clear that she had unfinished business in the Ruby house.
It was after the Diamond Head of House Melvin made his swap decision in the Diary Room that Feza’s departure from the Diamond house was confirmed.
When she arrived in the Ruby house, her lover boy was one of the housemates who gave her a warm welcome.
It’s all about time now that we shall see how this couple will probably put everything that went wrong right.
Annabel, Cleo, Natasha, Pokello, Melvin and Selly are up for possible eviction this week. Please vote for your favouri…

HOH And Other Five On Block!

Nominations, nominations , nominations,… Every Monday in the Big Brother House are the heart boxing nominations and so was today.
This morning, Housemates usual were to nominate two of their fellow Housemates up for this week’s possible eviction and so did they. Revealing the nominees in alphabetical order, from the Ruby house, Biggie mentioned Elikem,Natasha and Pokello. For the save and replace decisin, Oneal as the current Ruby HOH decided to save Elikem and replaced him with his countrymate Selly. Therefore Natasha,Selly and Pokello are the final Rubies on the chopping block.
From the Diamond House, the initial nominees were Annabel, Cleo  and Melvin. As the Diamond HOH, for the save and replace decision Melvin shocked Africa when he decided to keep the  nominations the way it is.. He’s playing Mr.Nice. Anyway, the final Diamond nominees are Annabel, Cleo and Melvin himself.
Nominations regulars Pokello and Natasha as expected could not miss on Nominations list . Thes…

‘Angelo Is Husband Material’ – Beverly

The bond between South Africa dance instructor Angelo and Nigerian model Beverly is getting stronger by the day even though they live in different houses. Courtesy of Saturday night parties, the two are able to rekindle their ‘romance’ every Saturday.
Angelo and a tipsy Beverly kissed when the Diamonds went to the Ruby house on Saturday and it seems the two liked every second of it and are ready to push it further. Beverly shared with Biggie that she loved what went down on Saturday.
“It was nice. I presume he wants a relationship and I have nothing against it. He’s a very hardworking guy. He’s honest. He’s 37 and I have never dated my age mates. He’s husband material,” she vented.
From the look of things, Beverly is ready to have a thing with Angelo and so is Angelo as he also confided in Biggie during his Diary that Beverly is a very beautiful girl, likes her and hopes for the better especially after-show.

Over to you, what do you think of the pair’s growing romance?

The Bassey-Dillish Chemistry Continues To Grow

If not watched closely, Bassey and Dillish might end up taking their flirting seriously thus getting benefits eventually.
It seems that flirting is the closest thing to a connection a guy would get when it comes to the Namibian beauty Dillish. Bassey tried his luck in out-flirting Dillish and fell short as the beauty told him she not just a flirt but also a tease which we re already aware of.
What had started out as an innocent chat between Housemates ended up being a heated conversation about who’s the best flirt. “One of my characteristics is flirtatious, I’m very flirtatious,” Dillish told her buddies in a her sexiest voice. She went on to say that she’s so flirtatious that girls would think she’s hitting on them. Here we got to see a rather big-headed Dillish but who knows, maybe she’s right.
Bassey simply told her that he’s not that much of a flirt, with his finger sexily playing over his mouth. We wonder what was the point he was trying to prove here.

Could Bassey and…

If I Get Evicted, God Forbid, My Country People Will Insult Me And Kill Me – Melvin

After he refused to exercise his swap privilege as Head of House, thereby putting himself up for eviction come this Sunday, Melvin took time to explain to Big Brother why he had to make that choice. And what he thinks will happen to him if he gets evicted. Here’s what he told Biggie: I’m fine. I’m ok.
I’m doing well.. It was a difficult decision to make yesterday. I would have wanted to save myself but I couldn’t come up with a name last night.   This is the first time housemates are nominating me, I just had to do it, Biggie. I have made the decision now, I just have to be optimistic that Africa will keep me in the game.  I don’t know what Africa thinks about me, though I try my best to make sure I’m pleasing Africa.   If I get evicted, Biggie but God forbid, my country people will insult me and kill me! This gamble is a rough one, Biggie. If I get saved come Sunday, I’ll be happy. I can also say, I left my name there to see what Africa thinks about me.   I become too…

News: Sulu And Selly Disagree

The sexy Ghanaian lass and the Zambian taxi owner had a conversation that ended up into a disagreement in the wee hours of the morning.
Despite the fact that Sulu has tried to push Selly into a romantic relationship with him, she has always turned his little plans down, the Ghanaian actress has repeatedly told him that she is not at any one time ready to have a relationship with him.
Very early today, the Ruby pair had a disagreement after the talkative Zambian demanded an explanation from the actress about her relationship with the young Tanzanian.
In her reply, Selly started off by saying that, “If at all I had told you that there is someone I liked and wanted to start a romantic relationship with, honestly how would you have taken it?”, Selly asked Sulu. He replied by saying that he would have accepted it, however Selly told him that he was telling a lie.
“You know that is not true at all. I actually respected you when i expressed whatever I was feeling for Nando. But i…

Is Melvin Testing Africa?

Prior to Monday nominations and the evening’s save and replace decision, Melvin’s decision is still on people’s lips.
Nigeria’s Melvin made headlines this week when he decided to risk and keep himself on the chopping block at the expense of other Housemates whom he didn’t want to hurt.
After his last week’s swap decision that sent Hakeem packing, an emotional Melvin is still haunted and he didn’t want to face the same situation of guilt again. But still his guardian decision was and is still the last thing any chaser could do at this young stage of the game with other heads still in the house-after all it’s a game and that is how it has to be.
At least there is one thing for sure we know about Melvin- All the emotional reactions,regrets and the guilt he’s feeling, the dude is not faking. I myself expected this thing from him at any time of the game after noticing some of his Nomination sessions. He’s one of the housemates who has been finding  it hard to nominate a fellow …

Breaking News: Hakeem Evicted!

After surviving the chopping block for two times, the young sexy Zimbabwean dude has finally been evicted from the Big Brother house. Initially he was not among the housemates who were nominated but he was put up for possible eviction by the Diamond Head of House Melvin when he saved Ghana’s Selly and replaced her with Hakeem.
His eviction tonight has automatically separated him from his young Zambian lover “Cleo”, emotions filled both the Ruby house and the Diamond house as the Young dude left the Big Brother house.
He hugged all his fellow housemates including Nigeria’s Melvin who actually put him up for possible eviction, he finally concluded by giving his lady love a kiss.
We wish you all the best out of the Big Brother house our dear Hakeem.
Pokello, Cleo, Hakeem, Fatima, Angelo, Nando and Bimp are up for possible eviction this week. Please vote for your favorite housemate to keep them in the game.

Breaking News: Fatima Evicted

Malawi’s Fatima has also joined the list of the chasers who failed to bag the  the US 300,000 grand prize.
After six weeks in the Big Brother House trying to chase Biggie’s money,Fatima has finally been booted out tonight marking the end of her chase and  journey in the Big Brother Africa experience
Fatima  has been the 11th housemate to get evicted from  the chase leaving the battle to the other 17.  She has joined  Bolt and Maria who got evicted last week and also the big wagon of the likes of Denzel, Huddah, LK4,Koketso, Betty, Motamma, Biguesas and Neyll who went out first.
Fatima’s eviction came as a result of showing up on the nomination list for the first time after fellow Housemates discovered that she was feeling comfortable in the Big Brother House. Her exit leaves Malawi with Natasha who has been the Housemates’ big target as the only representative.
With more one eviction to go, tonight will leave only 16 housemates out of the 28 to battle for the grand priz…

Selly: ” People Don’t Like Me”

Today during her Nomination Diary Session, the sexy Ghanaian “Selly” revealed it Big Brother that people don’t like her because she has a lot of attention surrounding her. Selly tried to speculate about why she might have been nominated by the Diamond housemates earlier this week on Monday. she added that there is no other girl that has attracted much attention like her.
She went ahead and told Big Brother that she completely has no regrets about the time she has spent inside the Big Brother house, the sexy Ghanaian also told Africa that if she is sent home tonight, then she hopes that Ghana will continue to support her fellow national Elikem.
Luckily for her she won’t be sent home packing tonight because Head of House Melvin decided to save her from Eviction and put Hakeem in her place.
Talking about Elikem, he was a hot cake during the Nomination Diary sessions today. Zimbabwe’s Pokello told Big Brother that she totally believes that Elikem’s decision to move Feza to…

Annabel and Angelo’s Blooming Relationship

There’s no doubt that Kenya’s Annabel, 24, and South Africa’s Angelo, 36, have taken a liking to each other. Following  an intense confrontation with Oneal leaving Annabel allegedly stealing his drinks, Annabel went upstairs to plead her case to her housemates.  Oneal refused to apologize and the Kenyan was left watery-eyed over the drama. In a vulnerable state over the allegations and being ganged up upon, Annabel opened up to Angelo. When Angelo confronted Annabel about why she had never told him how she felt, the Kenyan told the South African that he was immature back when they were both in the Diamond House. It seems like Angelo is trying to set things straight with Annabel.  Perhaps the South African is trying to reel the Kenyan in? Angelo is up for possible eviction this week. Do you think Annabel and Angelo would make a good couple?

‘Feza Is In Love With Me’ – Oneal

After getting over the fact that his lady love Feza has moved houses abandoning their ‘marriage’, Oneal opened up to fellow Rubie Sulu about how feels about his ‘bride’.
“She is in love with me. She didn’t think that she would fall in love with me and now that she is, she fails to manage the situation,” he reasoned.
The two housemates took some time off during the wee hours and talked about Feza’s decision to move to the Diamond house. It’s been alleged that Feza had went as far as begging Elikem on Monday to swap her in case they win the Arena showdown. Sulu advised Oneal to focus on the game as it’s the best thing to do at the moment.”It’s the Chase my brother, it’s the Chase,” he said.
Now that Oneal feels a little better and getting over Feza’s house swap, could this lead to the end of the pair’s romance?
Meanwhile, Elikem and Pokello seem to have been missing each other all along following the one week separation they had after she was swapped to the Diamond house…

Bassey: “She Broke My Heart”

While he was in the lounge today, Sierra Leone’s Bassey revealed it to Kenya’s cutie Annabel that he is really heart broken
Bassey confidently opened up to the Kenyan lass about every thing concerning the girl that broke his heart.  Bassey went on to say that the girl decided to break up with him, he then tried so much to beg her to change her decision but she refused.
He further explained that the girl told him that she had left him because of religious reasons though he remained totally unconvinced that this was the real reason why she actually broke away from him.
Annabel then asked Bassey a question that if at all the girl came back to him and she wanted to be his lover again, what would he do. He answered that he truly loved the girl so much and that he still loves the girl but he would not accept to have another relationship with her again because she totally left his heart crying.
He also explained that since the day when his ex-girlfriend broke away from him, he …

Elikem and Pokello End Their Love

It seems like the couples that go into the Rendezvous Room always give each other a hard time and their relationship ends up worse than it was before they got into the Room. Do you remember Cleo and Hakeem, Sulu and Selly? Now we have Elikem and Pokello in the same saga.
The on and off lovers made it to their date in the Rendevous Room where all the bickering and accusations continued. Earlier in the room Elikem had tried to air their issues to which Pokello refused because she didn’t want the other Housemates to eavesdrop on their conversation.
To break the ice, Elikem tried to getPokello to take a sip of their champagne but she refused because she doesn’t drink. Eventually she entertained him and took a sip. Now that they were both at ease, Pokello told Elikem that she doesn’t appreciate what he has been doing with Fatima while she was in the Diamond House. There was no way Elikem could now salvage the little that’s left of their time in the Rendezvous Room, let alo…

Pokello & Elikem Fight!

Pokello & Elikem argued before their Rendezvous Shortly after the ‘Natasha Talk Show’, love birds Pokello and Elikem faced off in the bedroom with the former complaining that in her absence, the latter had went over board with his supposed friend Fatima. It should noted that during her interview with Natasha, Fatima shared the way she felt towards Elikem and said certain things indirectly and this seems to have rubbed Pokello the wrong way. Fatima went as far as telling Elikem in Pokello’s presence that they will have to do away with things like sleeping in the same bed now that Pokello is back. The Zim rep didn’t take all the revelations as a joke.
Elikem noticed something wrong with his lady love ad carried her from the lounge to the bedroom where he tried explaining to her what really happened in her absence but unfortunately, Pokello refused to talk about it and preferred sorting out the issue in the Rendezvous Room.
Elikem was clearly angry with her and stormed o…

‘Angelo Hates Being Called Rasta Man’ – Pokello

Former Ruby housemate Pokello seems to be getting acquainted pretty fast with her new Diamond environment after she opened up to Diamonds about her former house Ruby. The Zim rep talked about Angelo’s dislikes for instance when others start playing with his hair.
“Angelo hates being called ‘Rasta Man’ and hates it when people touch his hair.” It should be noted that when Angelo first stepped foot in the Ruby house, Natasha and Maria used to play with his long dreads all the time, though he used to smile back then, it’s clear from former fellow Ruby Pokello that the South African cute boy hates these habits.
Dillish who admitted to also referring to Angelo as Rasta Man said: “Ah and we have been freely calling him Rasta. I guess we must stop now.”

Meanwhile, Pokello is lately enjoying her stay with the Diamonds and seems to have forgotten about the ‘Dormitory’ perception she had as regards the Diamond house.
Well, now you know, Angelo is no ‘Rasta Man’!