Natasha Cries Over House Swap

cry..Drama unfolded in the Ruby house in late afternoon after one of the residents Natasha shed tears following Diamond’s HOH Melvin‘s decision to have her in his house.
This came as a result of Melvin’s Diamond house winning the football match staged in the Airtel Arena against the Rubies. As a HOH Melvin had to take two housemates from the Ruby house and send two from his house to the Ruby house.
After getting to know that she was one of the swap victims, ‘Fatty Natty’ stormed the Ruby garden and wailed like a village woman at a funeral. Thank God Pokello was at hand to give her a shoulder to cry on.
“I didn’t want to go to the Diamond house,” she said. Pokello advised her not to worry as it was part of the game and assured her that she could return on Friday next week. “Do what you have to do,” Pokello advised.
“Please tell Sulu to bring me back on Friday,” Natasha begged. Talking about Sulu, the Zambian was also slated to be sent to the Diamond house but thanks to his stars, he won the Ruby HOH task which made him immune to the house swap.
Hmmm… Natasha Natasha Natasha…


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