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HOH: Selly And Betty Win

For the second Head Of House competition in the chase, Diamond’s Betty and Ruby’s Selly have won the endurance tasks.
Housemates were required to keep their hands straightly whilst holding baloons  and the last man standing was to be announced  the New Head of House. The task started from  the Diamonds House and after a couple of disqualifications, Betty and Huddah remained the last ones standing but Biggie announced Betty as the HOH because her arms were more straight than Huddah’s.
The same task was taken to the Ruby house and at the end of it Selly, was declared the winner. Selly and Sulu were the last ones standing but just like Biggie did in the Diamonds, Sulu lost to Selly because his hands were a little bit bent.
This is raising anticipations for next week as both the winners are up for this week’s possible eviction and should they get evicted,their runner-ups will replace them.
We hope they do survive the evictions and enjoy their Hoh reign.

News: Denzel Gives His Private Parts To Dillish As A Gift!

Denzel, Denzel, Denzel! I just can’t stop laughing whenever I think about this Nerdy Ugandan BBA8 rep. This guy makes my day and I hope he does the same to you guys over there.
In the Housemates’ very first task presentation where they were required to make avatars representing their personalities to give to the people they liked most, Uganda’s Denzel shocked his fellows when he made a d**k as his avatar. He was to give this “cock “to the Housemate he likes most in the House  as a gift.
In the explanation of his avatar, Denzel said that he decided to come up with that piece because it clearly portrayed him and his life. He made the penis in its full glory with balls which he called the member’s friends. He said that ;”No matter how far one should go, they shouldn’t forget where they came from and their friends  at the bottom even if they are nuts!
“I might also look like a di*k inside but that is another story of me. So I wanna hand this to the lady I like and as I won’…

Breaking News: Denzel And Neal Swapped To The Rubies House!

For the first Big Twist in the Chase, Big Brother told the Housemates that  two of them were to switch Houses after the Airtel Arena showdown Task.
The two Houses earlier on this evening had a competition from which the Head of House from the winning side was to choose two Housemates of the 14 who were to be swapped for the other two from the other House.
After the Diamond House, taking the pride, the ball was in Feza’s hands and she had to decide who were to leave and join the Diamond House.
After getting to see the housemates  who were in the Ruby House,Feza took her time to think and decide who she had to get rid of and the ones she had to welcome.
At first Feza had chosen Denzel and  Betty to leave Diamond but after a while of thinking she changed her mind and replaced Betty with Neyll. She then had to swap the duo with Ruby’s Hakeem and Melvin. This implies that Denzel and Neyll are to leave the Diamond house for Ruby  as Melvin and Hakeem are to join the Diamonds.
It was …

I Will Stop At Nothing to Win – Huddah

Controversial socialite Huddah Monroe and psychology graduate Annabel Mbaru are the Kenyan housemates in the eighth edition of Big Brother Africa that kicked off on Sunday.

Huddah told the reality show host IK that “I will not stop at nothing” to get the $300,000 (Sh25.5 million) prize money. “It’s a once in a lifetime experience,” she said.

The 21-year-old’s profile details that she is a model with a diploma in programming. She loves Chinese food, ugali and fish. Her favourite books are Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson and A Man of the People by Chinua Achebe and she enjoys watching The Oprah Winfrey Show and America’s Next Top Model. Her favourite musicians are Rihanna and Prezzo and her favourite actress is Angelina Jolie, “because she is beautiful, hardworking, a great actress and very charitable”.

Her role model is Marilyn Monroe, because “she was intelligent, a go-getter, a sexy woman with a charming smile and also very popular”. She says God is the major influence in her …

A Tipsy Denzel Entertains Biggie with His Diary Room Confessions

I have just got to confirm that; “Big Brother is a battle of characters’ and that Alcohol portrays the real contestants.
In his very first Diary session, Uganda’s Denzel who looked wasted-oh he was really wasted provided entertainment for Biggie. Right from the moment he stepped in to when he was asked to leave the Diary Room Denzel was outing some funny lines which could leave one sad.
At the beginning he looked a little bit nervous and seemed lost the approach to Biggie’s  questions  but as he got settled he finally collected his mind and maintained the truck.
“I am appreciative of the fact that……., I am appreciative of the fact that…..” these were the lines that came out of the drunk Denzel at the beginning of every sentence he voiced out. “Hmm, Big Brother is appreciative of the fact that you made it to the Big Brother House,” Biggie also replied him in the same format implying that he was a bit interested in the lad’s lines.
As he went on with his confessions, he finall…

Diary Room: ‘I Will Not Have Sex In The House’- Fatima.

In her Diary Room session, Malawi’s rep Fatima vowed to keep her image both inside and outside the Big Brother House by not doing things she is not willing to do.
This came when Biggie asked her who the true Fatima is in which she revealed to him and Africa   that she has two personalities; a quiet one and a stubborn Fatima though at times the stubborn  one outweighs the other and show up.
About her stubborn Fatima, the Malawian said that despite her description of this personality,she is still obliged  to keep her name and image respectable by leaving certain things out of DOs while in the House.
Having sex in the House is among the  things she put  out of her “to do list” along with gossiping, being violent and all the negative stuff. She added that she can’t do anything that can tarnish her image because her daughter , Mom , friends and fans are watching the show.
When asked if she’s playing the game for  family, friends,fans or herself and that id she wins the money s…

TZ’s Nando Asks Biggie For More Girls.

As Biggie continued  digging into Nando’s life during his Diary session,he was surprised when the Tanzanian dude asked him to bring in more beautiful girls in the Diamonds House.
Biggie asked Nando if he wasn’t seeing girls in the House. ” I like these girls in the Diamond House but I believe there are more in the Ruby and I want to be surrounded by more girls,” Nando told Big Brother.
According to the Tanzanian, his game plan would be a success if at all more girls are brought to his disposal. He did not clarify the issue that broader but he seemed really serious about and would like his request dealt with.
In his response, Biggie told Nando to first look at the ones surrounding him before asking for more and he should let him know in case he picks one.
Nando is a 22  year old student from Tanzania and he says that  he hadn’t watched the show but he feels it is normal to be watched by the whole continent 24/7.
Well we hope Biggie will look into the young boy’s reques…

3 Days Into ‘The Chase’, Are We Impressed?

Denzel seems to like massaging the ladies It’s only three days into seaz 8 dramatically dubbed ‘The Chase’, to be quite fair, it has brought some entertainment to the telly thus far and Yesh! we are impressed! Now that we have two houses; the Diamond and Ruby, the Chasers are surely going to bring more drama and entertainment.
While some Chasers have already gotten out of the shells and their real characters have started to show, others are still trying to acquaint themselves with their new surroundings and hopefully this doesn’t take them ages because the viewers are interested in entertainment and not excuses.
There are some Chasers who have stood out thus far (in my opinion), the likes of Nigeria’s Beverly who’s also the HOH for the Rubies, she’s been active though it’s funny when she reports to the DR and prefers to keep standing until Biggie ‘officially’ asks her to use the DR seat. Bolt from Sierra Leone has also impressed in a way especially when with the ladies, he…

Wager: Ruby Housemates Decide To Wager 50% In Their First Task.

After comfortably  settling in the Big Brother House, Housemates have been introduced to the “ Biggie’s way of doing things.” ….Not all things are free as they seem to be !
Big Brother would like Housemates to familiarize themselves with wagering and  the task rules.
Firstly;All  the basic needs like food, water, Soap etc are freely provided in abundance by Big Brother Himself . But when it comes to the  luxury stuff like alcohol, cigarettes , they are availed with strings attached, in fact after working for them.
Every Tuesday of the week Big Brother gives the Housemates a weekly task which determines their shopping voucher for the luxury stuff. Before starting the task, Housemates are asked to decide how much they would like to wager in a certain task and depending on the performance they hope to come up with and later inform Big Brother on their wager.
Biggie’s conditions are; If they wager a certain percentage in a particular task and they  successfully complete it,Big Br…

Bolt and Betty Described In Two Words

Here the Big Brother the Chase fans bring a hot topic “Beauty and Beast”, what an interesting topic, the people at the center of discussion is the Ethiopian Beauty Betty and Sierra Leone’s Bolt. The two as you can see are no-longer watching their space and Big Brother the Chase might soon register it’s first couple in the Diamonds house. However fans have different opinions about the two and here we sample you some of the people’s opinions on twitter. Alina Ndapanda says: Betty and Bolt (Beauty and the Beast) :-/ #BBATheChase
Audrey-Lee posted: hahahaha lol what’s up with Bolt and Betty? Do I see Beauty and the Beast imaging? Diamond House
SHAZY @Shazzmentation# Heeeei…Betty & Bolt,I saw that make it official already @BigBroAfrica Beauty nd beast betty + bolt B+B
JACKSON WEALTH²º¹3™ @Jackonwealth25 The beauty & the beast in the dark . Make it real guys… #BBATHECHASE @BigBroAfrica Do you agree with  the above comments and what the fans say on twitter? How would  you think d…

Nigeria’s Beverly Shakes Her Bottoms Pretty Harder!

The game is on,  it’s pretty evident that  the Housemates have to got to know each  other and are getting on well and they are now living a normal life ,and as far as we can see,it seems that they have forgotten that African cameras are  watching them. Late  this morning when the Housemates had a moment of fun during their nameless show, we happened to watch Nigeria’s famous Video vixen Beverly pimping her bottoms  harder when she was asked to do it by the then show’s MC Natasha.
It seems that this lass is pretty sure of what magic her bums can do because even yesterday during the Jacuzzi fun, she openly exhibited it which made Zimbabwe’s Hakeem to copy a feel at them…..But this morning, the shaking was really harder and energetic!
Of course she receives an amazing applause from the dudes because this is what takes the lads’ minds
Yes! That is what we call “Doing everything to  win the grand prize”.
Which Housemate rocks you the most in the Ruby House?
-By: Deogratius09

Romance: Bolt And Betty Open The Doors To The Chase’s Showmances!

Kissing, Romance, is what keeps Big Brother The Chase trending….Someone is always watching!!!! When it comes to questionable romance, Big Brother has got you covered!
Barely had we entered the second day of the chase when hot action started showing Up!
Late in the night while the rest of the Housemates were in their  slumber lands,Seirra Leone’s and Betty from Ethipia Bolt had a ” we time” where they expressed what we can’t explain.
The Seirra Leone Businessman was spotted minutes earlier seated  next to Betty’s bed before the lights went off not knowing that there was a plot for the night!…and later the two had to take a step forward, smooching all the way round .
After the lights went off, there was no other business between the twosome except cuddling and kissing till the sleep took over.  Besides the kissing game we saw during the days, this is the first passionate kiss and we hope to see more of a kind if at all this is the first couple in the chase.
Things tried trie…

Confirmed: 2/5 Will Go Home On Sunday!

Having successfully gone through the first ever nominations of seaz 8, 5 housemates from both Diamonds and Ruby houses will have to face the block on Sunday, however, at least two of them will definitely be packing leaving us with at least 26 Chasers.
From the Diamonds house, Uganda’s Denzel, Ethiopia’s Betty and Kenya’s Huddah are up, they are also joined by two Chasers from the Rubies house; Malawi’s Natasha and Ghana’s Selly. This ideally means that five countries have at least a housemate on the block this week thus they will have to probably get on with the voting as soon as possible.
It was quite an interesting nomination session yesterday because most Chasers had the same view after nominating particular housemates, they were all of the view that they held nothing against those they were nominating but because it was an obligation to nominate, that’s why they were without options going through the nominations. Most Chasers were also requesting Biggie for more ti…

Eviction Fever, Five On Thee Block What are their next strategies?

For the first eviction in the Chase, Five are on the block, who will survive and who will be sent back Home?
Did I tell you about where the real Big Brother game is?….Hope yes, and that is Nomination and eviction.  Big Brother is a battle of characters and personalities but most of times the Nominations and the worry for eviction change the characters.
After one has been put on the chopping block it doesn’t matter with who but they automatically change to some hidden strategic players and any avid  watcher of the mighty Big Brother can tell that with their naked eyes.
Of course no Housemate will  accept that they are employing a strategy to survive the eviction, as  they’ll always tell  us that they are being themselves -But we can tell because we usually know who they are before being nominated.
The Chase….This  current season, the contestants will not only chase for the $US300,000 grand prize but also fame and to win the season’s tagline…Hope this means something to y…

The Chasers Threatened By Eviction

Housemates nominated their colleagues  for the  first time for possible eviction and as it turned out, Huddah and Denzel dominated the vote from the Diamond house. To be specific Huddah topped the list with a total of 7 votes, Uganda’s Denzel came in second with 6 votes.

This therefore confirms Huddah and Denzel as the two Diamonds to be listed on the chopping block for possible eviction next Sunday in the diamonds house.

Selly and Bassey on the other hand topped the nominations vote count  in the Ruby house and will be oared to the chopping block. Selly and Bassey were stalemates of six votes each and if we are to go by Ik’s announcement they find themselves battling for Survival.

Elikem was also among the highest scorers with four votes each coming third in the Diamond house while Natasah and Hakeem came third in the Ruby house.

Bassey was voted by many for being unpredictable and keeping it to himself , this was the similar reason why Huddah was voted by quite a number of …

The Chase’s First Kiss has Been Recorded!

The first Kiss in Big Brother Season eight has been witnessed  and if everything goes as spotted more kisses and Bigger packages are to be witnessed. Yes! I mean it, always expect this and more actions when some one tells you about Big Brother.
Barely 24 hours  into Big Brother The Chase, the first kiss of the Season has been recorded in the Rubies House as Housemates came up with their own game.
It was a casual game of spin the bottle in the garden that  resulted into  Ghana’s Selly reaching over to Angola’s Biguesas for a passionate kiss after the game rules favoured the Angolan lad, centered by the  applause from other Housemates.
This unfolded during the Housemates’ first Nominations session break when they looked for something to chase the boredom as they waited for their turns. After Selly, it was  South Africa’s Koketso but she  could not match up to Selly’s antics when her turn to kiss Zambia’s Sulu came up. Koketso simply hugged the Zambian  charmer and gave h…

‘The Game Has Started’,First Nomination .

The Big Brother game encompasses entertainment, Excitement,fun,emotion,Showmances,Romances, Bromances but what  what makes it a real game are the Nominations and Evictions and today we had to witness the first Nomination in the  chase.
As  the Housemates were still getting acquainted to each other, Big Brother threw a Bomb shell to them that they  had kick off with the game’s first Nominations.
Nominating  your fellow Housemate  the one you have been smiling with a few minutes back, it aint  a good feeling and neither it is for you being on the chopping block therefore, Nomination another fever inducing event in the Big Brother game.
After this bad news of the day landing into their ears, Housemates started running out of words as each saw their stay in the house fading away.
Nigeria’s Beverly was the first to pop into the Diary room for her first Nomination session and others followed up. As expected,Nominating on the first day is and will always be the hardest thing …

HOH: Beverly And Feza Become The First Sheriffs of The Chase.

The chase’s  first day has been quite eventful to the Housemates and we hope that it will give them a great Big Brother experience as they settle in their new home for the next three months.
After the Bloody Nominations, Big Brother gave his guests a short  break before he popped in with the Head of House tasks. The Rubies had  he task first; In the garden a covered container was placed  and Housemates one by one were required to pick one  ball without looking into the container, line up and  raise their balls.
All the other Housemates had yellow balls except Beverly who had a blue ball and she was announces the first HOH.
Meanwhile in the Diamond House,the same task was  carried out and Feza emerged out victorious.
This put Beverly and Feza in control of the Rubies and Diamonds respectively…
Congratulations the chasers.

-By: Deogratius09

Nomination Session

Elikem’s Nomination Session:
1. He nominates Kenya’s Huddah because he’s already picked up a fight with her, she also narrow minded and called him a woman because he was in the kitchen.
2. He nominates Ethiopia’s Betty because he’s not getting a long well with her.
 Huddah’s Nomination Session:
1. She nominates Ghana’s Elikem because he’s feels he’s a boss in Biggie’s house and recently attacked her.
2. she nominates Malawi’s Fatima because she’s too quite.
  Feza’s Nomination Session:
1.She nominates Ethiopia’s Betty because she’s failed to connect with her like anybody else.
2. she nominates Uganda’s Denzel because in her opinion he’s trying to ‘hide’ and get on her nerves.
Nando’s  Nomination Session:
1. He nominates Uganda’s Denzel because he’s not into team work.
2. he nominates Kenya’s Huddah because he doesn’t feel the ‘fire’ between him and her.
Dellish’s Nomination Session:
1. She nominates Sierra Leone’s Bolt because he doesn’t like the way he behaved on the first day and like…

Denzel Gives Huddah a Morning Massage!

Yeah, things are getting hotter on the first day and Housemates are getting cozy as they start chasing after the $US 300,000 Grand Prize. Besides their task, as a way entertaining themselves and getting to know each other more, Housemates employed different  means to make their first busy night in Biggie’s House active and meaningful.
Among the many scenes which were worth an eyebrow, Big Brother decided to fully show us a massage ride given By Uganda’s Denzel to the Kenyan Neighbor Huddah.

The Chase Starts: Housemates Get Along Quickly,Are They Faking?

Eight Seasons of the entertaining reality TV show have been witnessed and we are always watching to see how Housemates  get along most especially on their first day.
Unlike the previous seasons, the chase has proved to be a bit different as the strangers got to know each other and got along pretty well. But we still wonder whether it’s fake due to Biggie’s call that they had to know each other  before the nominations or it is their personalities.
From both Houses, while doing their Fire task,Housemates tried to raise so many conversations that kept them going through the long active night and getting to know each other more. The entertainers also used this chance to show what they had in their packages and the boredom was chased away.

Despite this cozy environment, the Housemates will have to face a tough situation tomorrow as they’ll kick off with their first nomination for possible eviction. In this time, each will be asked to name two Housemates they would like to s…

Housemate’s Outfits Rock The House

As it has always been in the previous season’s, Big Brother season eight opening show yet again gathered all the fashion designs from different parts of the continent. housemates hit the run way clad on different out fits. All  African finest designs, cultural wears and colors were represented by the wear of the 28 housemates.  Feza’s choice of the pink color is just an awesome idea which is very sensitive to the eye including Biggie’s cameras. Betty and Motamma did not disappoint, their outfits matched their body color complexion, Anabel’s necklace was a thing to talk about, whoop, that was so beautiful from the Kenyan lady, she looked completely different from other ladies. Fatima wore an eyebrow raising creation that can only be described as a mullet dress, that was honestly exceptional. If we take the Big Brother opening ceremony for a fashion show run-way which of the twenty eight contestant had a stunning outfit? Connect with Big Brother Africa fans across Africa

First Task: Keep The Fire Burning

While  gathered in the lounge,Biggie officially welcomed the Housemates in both houses (Diamond and Ruby)  to Big Brother  season 8. He at the same time reminded them to know each other well as tomorrow  they will be required  to nominate two of their fellows  for possible eviction. However, despite this shocking announcement, he asked them to relax and enjoy the Big Brother experience.
This was the time when the Housemates had to meet their first task of the game. Pokelle and Motamma received the task briefs for the Ruby and Diamonds House respectively.
Five chairs have been situated in the garden, Clowns and firewood are to  be allowed. Five Housemates are to wear clowns and are required  to use the provided firewood to start and keep the fire burning till day break.
The Housemates wearing clowns can at any time give the clowns to other Housemates who are not wearing and these must  not say no to the request. Big Brother also went ahead to tell the Housemates that ther…

This Season It’s The Diamond And Ruby House

Last season’s Upville and Downville houses have been renamed the diamond and Ruby house, the two houses will accommodate 28 housemates 14 guys and 14 ladies. Each house will accommodate 14 housemates 7 ladies and 7 gauys.
It’s going to be crazy as the number of gays equals that of the ladies in each house, will we have more romance in the Big Brother house this season?  Housemates are making their way into the house

Breaking News: Housemates Revealed!

Zimbabwe is represented by Pokello (27) and Hakeem (22)

Uganda is represented by Lugudde ‘LK4′ (28)and Denzel (29)

Ghana is represented by Celly (25) and Elikem (24)

Sierra Leone is represented by Bassey (22)and Bolt (27)

Namibia is represented by Dellish (22) and Maria (24)

South Africa is represented by Angelo (36)and Koketso (26)

Malawi is represented by Fatima (30) and Natasha (28)

Tanzania is represented by Nando (22)and Feza (25)

Kenya is represented by Huddah (21) and Annabell (24)

Ethiopia is represented by Bimp (23) and Betty (26)

Botswana is represented by Motamma () and Oneal (33)

Angola is represented by Neyll (32)and Buguesas (29)

Nigeria is represented by Beverly (21) and Melvin (28)

Zambia is represented by Sulu (31)and Cleo (22)

-By- Joe Owakabik Omukujjukujju

8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss ‘The Chase’

It is 1 day to go before the eighth installment of Big Brother Africa, and these are eight reasons why you should watch this season’s The Chase. Off-course there are more than eight reasons to watch but one reason for each season will do for now. 1. African Showpiece
The show is an African showpiece with each corner of the continent being represented. With 28 housemates and 14 countries participating one is never in short supply of learning something new about the continent, be it food from the various regions, dance moves and even a bit of the local lingo.
2. Biggie’s Always Watching!
There are cameras and microphones all over the house meaning you never get to miss a single moment of the action. The famous saying “Big Brother is always watching,” applies here in the literal sense.
3. You Miss Nothing
You’re the first to find out what the infamous Biggie has lined up for the housemates…be it tasks or a more stern approach in the form of his punishments. You just never know w…

Big Brother Africa Debuts Today!

Africa’s biggest reality show, Big Brother Africa, is back with season 8, dramatically tagged “The Chase”.

As per usual, 28 housemates from 14 countries will be sequestered in The House, chasing after the $300 000 cash prize, and the chance of becoming a household name. Expect fun, entertainment, Excitement,Emotions and the  inevitable romantic connection is a bonus.

After today, there will be no more waiting But we’ll be watching every move of the chasers and what they’ll do to keep themselves in the house till the Final day.

The show will be screened live 24/7 on DStv channels 197 & 198.


Watch this space for more! And do not hesitate to tell us your expectations for The Chase in the comments below

Take A Look At Big Brother Africa 8 House.

The Countdown to the launch of Big Brother The Chase has begun! With just two days to go, many surprises await eagerly anticipating audiences across the continent, including the all important Big Brother house. A character in its own right, the house is always subject to interest and now AfricaMagic has unveiled a sneak peek in the Big Brother house.

Modern, trendy and contemporary are just some of the words that define the imagery of the house.
This year’s look is definitely distinctive, featuring a solid use of bright colour with a sophisticated polish.
The décor is fresh and airy with a cosmopolitan and yet youthful demeanor, dominated by straight lines and square finishes.

Audiences and housemates can also expect intriguing fixtures that will certainly create talkability. There are also unique accessories thoughout the house creating a cosy and homey ambiance. The house is also technically well equipped and Biggie can watch 24/7, thanks to 56 cameras and 137 microphones…

‘The Chase’ Count Down: It’s Just Hours Away!

Such parties will be part of ‘The Chase’ We are hardly a day to the grand opening of the most popular reality show on the continent, Big Brother Africa. The show is in it’s 8th season dubbed ‘The Chase’ having kicked off in 2003 though it hard a few years off.
Big Brother Africa is so popular because of the dynamics it brings to the telly, unlike other shows, it’s a reality show and you hardly know what to expect, it’s also hardly scripted because the events that unfold at times also catch Biggie unawares.
Well, with just hours away to the live opening show, anticipations keep rising especially among the fans of the show and they can’t expect any less apart from something better and new from the previous season, ‘The Stargame’.
The 28 reps from 14 countries are most probably already down in ‘Zululand’ but their details can not be revealed until Biggie him/herself (Lol) says so. For now we can only try to guess who’s already in SA to represent a certain country as the hours…

Wande Coal, Don Jazzy, Others to Headline Big Brother Africa “The Chase” Opening Ceremony

Mavin records artiste, Wande coal, Don Jazzy and D’Prince, are billed to headline the opening ceremony of this year’s edition of reality TV show, Big Brother Africa, on Sunday, May 26.
This edition which has been tagged “the chase” will also see other African music stars like South African Mafikizolo and Kenyan Rap queen, STL.
As the organisers introduce us to 28 new housemates, the opening ceremony is going to be a huge smash with performances from Nigerian, Kenyan and South African acts taking the stage.
Screening live from 19:00 CAT on AfricaMagic, AfricaMagic Entertainment, AfricaMagic World, DStv channel 197 and 198 as well as on the Big Brother Africa website, the 28 new housemates will be presented to the continent.

A sneak pic into the Big Brother Africa House

Its counting and its not stopping up to the launch of Big Brother The Chase!
With just two days to go, many surprises await eagerly anticipating audiences across the continent. A character in its own right, the house is always subject to interest and now AfricaMagic has unveiled a sneak peek in the Big Brother house.
This year’s look is definitely distinctive, featuring a solid use of bright colour with a sophisticated polish. The décor is fresh and airy with a cosmopolitan and yet youthful demeanor, dominated by straight lines and square finishes.
Audiences and housemates can also expect intriguing fixtures that will certainly create talkability. There are also unique accessories thoughout the house creating a cosy and homey ambiance. The house is also technically well equipped and Biggie can watch 24/7, thanks to 56 cameras and 137 microphones.
More of the house will be revealed on Sunday May 26 at 19:00 CAT when audiences from over 50 African countries are introduc…

Bigbrother Africa For beginners;Don’t Be Caught Off Gaurd,Get The Basics About The Show

In just a few days Big Brother launches Season 8 titled The Chase.Yes,Africa’s biggest reality show premieres on Sunday, 26 May at 19:00 with a bunch of new housemates ready to entertain viewers for the next 91 days. We know your colleagues will be talking about it at the water cooler, your friends will mention the hottest romance in the house over brunch and surely, there’ll be that one eccentric housemate who will have everyone asking, “what will they do next?” So, if you’re not in the know, and to prevent you from suffering from FOMO, we thought we’d give you the basics on what to expect from Big Brother Africa, based on what’s gone down in the previous seven seasons.
First, you must tune into the launch. The show’s host IK Osakioduwa returns and he will introduce the new housemates at a star-studded event, which will see performances from Kenya’s STL, Nigeria’s Don Jazzy and D’Prince and South Africa’s Mafikizolo. If Big Brother sticks to the norm, on Monday night the ho…

Radio And Weasel Off To South Africa,Is It For BBA Or A Music Show?

Uganda’s singing duo Moze Radio and Weasel confessed early this week to be the two selected housemates to represent Uganda in this year BBA show set to kick off on Sunday,26th May,2013.
This according to their fans was unlikely since the chosen representatives are under strict code not to disclose their legibility to any one…….  the boys however,haven’t stopped talking about Bigbrother Africa and seem rather excited to be chosen…read their recent Facebook update below;
“Off to South Africa to represent UG, Big Brother.” 
The other twist is the fact that the Gudlyf crew is scheduled to perform in South Africa on Saturday 25th May,2013,only one day to the launch of this year’s BBA Show,meaning that they could have a chance to actually attend  the show.look at their poster below;
The openning acts for this year show have already been announced,among whom is Kenya’s Stella Mwangi aka STL, Nigeria’s Don Jazzy, D’Prince and South Africa’s Mafikizolo who will perform as the 28 Ho…

BB ‘The Chase’ Count Down: 2 Days To Go!

Remember this Stargame moment?
Yesh! Big Brother Africa 8‘The Chase’ will be screening live from South Africa in just two days time. As earlier communicated, the preparations are in their final stages and the 28 housemates from 14 countries will also be revealed during the live launch on Sunday.
Ikponmwosa Osakioduwa aka IK returns to host seaz 8 of the reality show for a record 5 times. The Nigerian media personality has hosted the show since 2009 when South Africa’s  KB Ngakane threw in the towel paving way for the now popular IK.
In an interview with IK, he shares: “I’m more than ready to host the show once again,” highlighting that his best moment of Big Brother Africa is when he had to announce Karen Igho and Wendall Parson as joint winners during 2011′s Big Brother Amplified, stressing that both didn’t expect to win so the moment of breaking the good news to the two is his best BBA moment thus far.
Angola, Botswana, Ethiopia (replaces Liberia), Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, N…

Prezzo’s New Lover In Bitter Fight With Kenyan Socialist Huddah Monroe

Kenyan socialist Huddah Monroe has a serious beef with Tanzanian radio personality and former BBA Housemate Prezzo’s new lover,DIVA.
Following Diva’s floss on twitter about how much she loves Prezzo and how she can’t live with him,even going on to say Kenyan men are better than Tanzania men,Huddah,has since been on her case.
DIVA had to come out and defend her love,amidist insults from Huddah
see some of the messages below;

Prezzo’s New Lover, DIVA To Get A Tattoo Of His Name

It seems like the Tanzanian radio presenter DIVA is totally smitten with Kenyan rapper Prezzo’s love.
Apart from being all over twitter writing about her love for him,she now says she wants to cement their love with his tattoo.
DIVa has recieved alot of interviews all over Africa after the revelation about her affair with Prezzo. And in his recent interview Prezzo says;”anything for gold!”,Referring to the many opportunities that have come up for DIVA in the name of interviews.

Roki’s Ex-Wives Speak Out

The feud between urban groover Rockford “Roki” Josphats and his two ex-wives, Pauline Gundidza and Melody Musekiwa, continues unabated with the women alleging that the musician is failing to take care of his children.
Roki’s ex-wives ,who were booted out of their Waterfalls lodgings last month for failing to pay rent and other bills, are now living apart and they both claim they are done with Roki.
Pauline, who confirmed her split from her friend Melody, said she was now living peacefully with her two children, adding that she was no longer dependent on anyone.

Big Brother Amplified star Wendall Parson up for fraud

Police last night confirmed the arrest of former Big Brother Africa winner Wendall Parson in connection with a US$25 000 car insurance scam.
Police spokesperson Superintendent Andrew Phiri disclosed that Parson (25) was picked up on Friday.
The BBA star is suspected to have forged documents as he lodged an insurance claim after being involved in accident while driving his Ford Ranger on March 16 this year.
It is suspected that the car was not

Keitta And Eazzy At The Premiere Of ‘Single & Married’ In Accra

At the premiere of Gollywood actress Yvonne Nelson’s first movie “Single and Married”,former BBA housemates Keitta and Eazzy were among the few invited celebrities…..see more photos below;

“My Alcohol Escapades Lowered my votes”-Wati

Wati, Malawi’s finalist in the Big Brother Africa says he tried his best to make history for the country but admitted the game was tough. The Big Brother Africa star game finale in Johannesburg South Africa saw South Africa’s Keagan walking home with the US$ 300,000.
In his recent interview,the calm and cool Wati said; Malawians should not despair as in a game there is only one winner.
“I tried to be as real as possible and showed fellow housemates who Wati really was. I had a chance of winning but

Controversy! Mampi Reports Nude Photos Of Herself To Police

The picture shows a naked woman, who resembles Mampi, having sex with a man.
The 26-year-old singer has since reported the matter to police, saying she was not the person in the picture and that the image had been posted by people she branded as haters. “When I first looked at the picture, I said it looked like me but then I later realised it was not me. And I started thinking who would do this? Because if you look at it, you surely think it is me. I don’t know whether it is just someone that looks like me or what. The bottom line is that it is not me in the picture. And that is why I reported it to police headquarters, under cyber crime. And the police

Prezzo Moves On,Now Dating Radio Diva Loveness Love

Goldie died a few minutes after she was rushed to hospital on claims of a terrible head. Although rumors that Prezzo and Goldie were not exactly dating, an issue even justified by an enstranged husband,who shared wedding photos as prove that he was married to Goldie,Prezzo still seemed to have a thing for the sikibobo singer,and had even made Nigeria his second home before Goldie passed on. All this must be a thing of the past for Prezzo seeing that on several occasions he has been spotted with cloud FM’s  Radio presenter famously known as Loveness love. Asked about if there is anything between him and

The Chase Vs Stargame, What Are The Anticipations?

The Hot African Reality Tv show is getting hotter.
Dear fans and avid watchers of the BIg Brother Africa Reality Tv show.
It has been eight years since the inception of the African Version of Big Brother on the Black Man’s continet and so far we’ve already witnessed seven dramatic Editions of the show with the eighth one around the corner.

With Big Brother Africa showing on the screens, you should not only expect the run for the grand prize but also Romance, emotions,Suspense, Fights and arguments,beef,gossip and  lots o f more actions.

Since the show’s inception,from season 4,