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Big Brother: It Was Not Easy, Malawi’s Wati

Wati, Malawi’s finalist in the Big Brother Africa says he tried his best to make history for the country but admitted the game was tough.
Big Brother Africa (BBA) Stargame which came to an end Sunday night saw South Africa’s Keagan walking home with the US$ 300,000 (approximately K80 million).
The calm and cool Wati, speaking on the sidelines of an after-party which followed the BBA grand finale, said Malawians should not despair as in a game there is only one winner.
“I tried to be as real as possible and showed fellow housemates who Wati really was. I had a chance of

Talia apologises for her public fornication, says was under ‘pressure’

Big Brother Africa star game finalist Talia Hayward has appealed to her fans and Zambians to forgive her for her public fornication with fellow housemate Keegan of South Africa.
Withing 90 days, Talia dated two men one Angolan and the other South African
She was watched by the whole world including her parents and younger siblings having sex with Keagan on live TV.
Keagan 21, emerged winner of the US$ 300, 000 grand prize of the seventh edition of Big Brother Africa reality show which ended on Sunday.

Bubbly, enigmatic Lady May is back

Lady May arrived back in Namibia on Tuesday after her successful  participation in the Big Brother StarGame where she competed against 34 contestants from all over African for the fabulous winner-takes-all prize of N$2.4 million and just, just fell short of the jackpot.
She survived numerous evictions and nearly scooped the US$300 000 (N$2.4 million) in prize money as she made it to the last three, before she was finally shown the exit. Lady May found herself fighting to be crowned the Big Brother winner this year, but her chances were crushed when Kenya’s rapper Prezzo and South Africa’s Keagan knocked her out of the running for the estimated N$2.4 million prize.

Did Keitta’s ‘Lucky Jacket’ Really Make Keagan Win Big Brother Stargame?

The winner of Big Brother Stargame, Keagan revealed in an interview with Peace FM that he won the $300,000 cash prize with a ‘lucky Jacket’ given to him by Ghanaian housemate Keitta before he left the house. According to Keagan, Keita described the jacket as his lucky jacket before handing it over to the South African.
“Keitta gave me that jacket as a special gift and it has always remained dear to my heart. That was the only thing I wanted to wear because I remembered Keitta when my name was mentioned. Keitta is one of the people I will never forget in the BBA house”.

Is the BBA finalist scheduled to enter into a recording deal with Jay-Z?

The curtains may have fallen down in the Big Brother Africa reality show but certainly never marked the end of the road for the contestants. On the contrary, this may have been a curtain raiser for one finalist who made it to the very last day of the reality show. After emerging second, Kenya’s favorite sensation C.M.B. Prezzo seems to be on his way to becoming the number one Kenyan artist to rub shoulders with the number one hip-hop superstar; Jay-Z.
The finals which were held in Johannesburg, South Africa, saw him emerge the very first Kenyan

I Only Indulged In Alcohol To Relieve Me From The Stress Of Big Brother – Wati

Malawian Big Brother Stargame finalist, Wati has revealed that he isn’t an alcoholic but rather found relief from all the stress in the Big Brother house in the bottle, thus his binge drinking. He told me in a phone interview from South Africa: “When you enter the house, it’s a whole lot of stress. For instance Big Brother wakes you up ahead of a time that you wouldn’t normally wake up, to go and exercise; the stress starts from there. Different people would cope with the stress in different ways and I coped with the stress by taking some alcohol.”
Wati also said he wasn’t too disappointed when he was

Did Keitta Bury The Hatchet?

While at the after party event Keitta and Kyle had some time together as buddies but we know that Keitta was not happy after Kyle replaced him for Keagan for eviction.
At the after party , all fans were eagerly waiting for what was to happen between the two. It was suspected that Keitta was to ignore Kyle after all he was the cause for his eviction from the House.
Though Keitta had officially announced that he had no problem with Kyle,it still remained  uncleared  as he excluded Kyle among the friends  he was waiting to party with after the show.
“I have no problem with Kyle, he is friend

Yes! I Betrayed Goldie – Prezzo

Believe it or not, Kenyan rapper and first runner-up in the just concluded Big Brother Star game, Jackson Makini alias Prezzo is feeling sober following his over-criticized relationship with Nigeria’s housemate, Goldie which went soar after the latter was evicted from the reality show few weeks ago.
Goldie, after leaving the Big Brother Star game house had accused the Kenyan rapper of betraying the trust she has in him, saying that Prezzo was the least housemate she expected to nominate her for eviction.
But reacting to this accusation, when confronted in an

Talia back, says sorry

ZAMBIA’s finalist in Africa’s reality super series show, Big Brother
Stargame, Talia, has said she is just human prone to making what she describes as human error of falling in a love – even in a love triangle as the case was while she was in the house.
Talia has since apologised to the nation and her fans for falling in a trap that exposed her to two sexual acts with two men on continental television but attributes all this to the pressure of the Big Brother House. Commenting on the alleged sexual encounter with Seydou and Keagan, Talia said she was only human who

No extra cash for Prezzo as ONE ambassador

The ONE campaign against hunger has issued a statement clarifying that all the ambassadors that work with them do so on a voluntary basis.
The statement comes amid reports that rapper Jackson Makini aka Prezzo may have gotten himself a new pay-slip worth several millions each year, and this compared to the Big Brother Africa cash prize he missed out on of a cool Sh25m.
Varied reports across the internet have pinned Prezzo’s earning at well over Sh4m per month, including a diplomatic passport and security.
Despite losing out on the top prize, Prezzo was appointed as an ambassador of the ONE campaign, a

Prezzo Arrives In Kenya – Photos

Jackson Ngechu aka CMB Prezzo, the second runner up of the just concluded Big Brother StarGame reality show jetted into the country today morning at 5:45 AM.
He was meet by journalist at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) where he gave an impromptu interview.
Prezzo will be in the media later in the day as he

It’s Keagan Over Seydou – Talia Confirms

Zambian Big Brother Stargame finalist, Talia has expressed her intention to continue her love relationship with South Africa’s Keagan, which blossomed in the last few weeks in the reality TV series. In spite of confessing her love for former Angolan housemate, Seydou for majority of her stay in the Big Brother house, she seems convinced that it is going to be Keagan over Seydou even outside the Big Brother house.
Talia told me in a telephone interview from South Africa that she was happy with the outcome of Sunday’s finale show. “It is what it is and everything happens for a

I Won’t Touch My Money-Keagan

South Africa’s only surviving representative and winner of this season’s Big Brother Africa StarGame reality show, Keagan Petersen, says he is happy that he was the one who brought the prize home.
The 22-year-old Capetonian beat five other finalists – Jackson “Prezzo” Ngechu from Kenya; Martha “Lady May” Namundjebo from Namibia; Talia Hayward from Zambia; Duncan “Kyle” Kushaba from Uganda and Watipaso Kulemeka from Malawi – to the grand prize of $300000 (R2.4m).
Petersen said he was not going to touch his money just yet as he needed to think

I was extremely shocked to win Big Brother Africa – Keagan

L-R: Biola Alabi, M-Net Africa Managing Director, Keagan and Olufemi Ashipa (Brand Manager Colas: Coca Cola Nigeria) South African, Keagan Petersen, says he was extremely shocked when he was announced winner of Season Seven of the Big Brother Africa (StarGame) reality show Sunday night.

Kenya: Where Did Prezzo Get It Wrong?

Angry Kenyan BBA fans vented their frustrations on twitter and facebook after rapper Prezzo was evicted from the House last night, in a tense finale that saw South African contestant Keagan announced as winner.
Hopes that had built to a crescendo when it was just Prezzo and Keagan left in the Upville house, but they were quickly dashed when the musician was asked to leave.
Prezzo got two country votes compared to Keagan’s whopping seven, which earned him a grand prize of about Sh25 million.

Kyle’s Interview At The Party

What message do you have for Africa?
This is wat am gonna say gto Africa; Africa has been amazing, they held me down, I didn’t know, I didn’t know that I was that special , I didn’t even know that I did a great  job in the House.
How was Your Life In The House?
All I did in the House was “live” you  knw what I mean,I let live , I did not know what Africa thought of me but they kept me nicely and I appreciate that a lot.

Talia’s Interview At The Party.

Hey Talia, How Do You Feel Right Now?
Oh right now am very overwhelmed and I don’t know how I can take all over this,I mean the love. I just saw much attention I didn’t really expect to be like this.
What To You Say About Making It This Far?
Making it this far means…..First of all, I was nominated once from Downville to Upville and as far as I know I got the most votes so that was amazing for me so it covers up being nominated for other times.

I’m Ready To Work With Musicians From All Over Africa – Lady May

Namibian singer and Big Brother StarGame finalist, Lady May has revealed that she enjoyed her stay and experience in the Big Brother House and is ready to use the exposure to work with artists from all over Africa. While in the competition, Lady May always showed appreciation for music from across the continent and an interest to work with her fellow musician housemates in Upville.
Lady May who came third in Sunday’s finale revealed in a telephone interview from South Africa that she feels great coming in third place and she felt a lot of love from the crowd when she came on stage.

Wati’s Interview At The Party.

What Is Your Word To Africa?
All I want so say to Africa is ….You guys thank you for keeping me  real .If you fake your life uhh, life might take you for granted and you not gonna prosper that way… know what I mean.Its like you want people to like you for what you are. I am glad that I tried to show my best to Africa and finally Africa likes me for what I am.
What Is Next In Your Life?
Hmm, what is next for me like this year, I’m gonna be having fun and slight hustling n the other side. Next year ,its when I’m gonna start thinking about what I’m gonna do for my life but that I will do what I do at ma best which is architecture and art and designing.
Message To Keagan.
Hmm, Keagan we have been Homies ever since the first day and if there was someone who was gonna win the money ….I was hoping it was gonna be you and you owe me Ten cards…you know what I mean hahaha.

Prezzo’s Interview At The Party.

Hello Prezzo, How Do You Feel Now?
I feel very blessed you know, to make it to number two its not that easy so I feel blessed .Praise to the man above.
What Is Next In The Prezzident’s Life?
Well A ma do what I do best …endless hustle.I have a very litle baby girl who needs to eat, who needs to go to school, so you know life goes on for me, I keep hustling and before you know it that I might make that money that I was supposed to win.
How Do You Feel About Being Up Against Keagan And He wins?
You know its a game and the best man won, I can not hate on that and I salute him for that and you know something else is gonna give on my side. I just feel blessed to be like number two…do you know what I mean ..its better than anything else so I wish him all the best as well.

Lady May’s Interview At The Party.

How Do You Feel Right Now? I feel awesome, excited that I made it up to the top four…yeah…so, that for me is a very big blessing and its because of the friends that I wear that I made it as far as I made it.
About The Big Brother Experience.
This experience is a big blessing and so far hmm….Hey, its great to be outside the House .My heart is still spinning but,ahh I’m still having fun.
What Would You Like To Say To Africa?

How Africa Voted!

South Africa’s Keagan wins StarGame! (5th August 2012, week 12)
Here’s who which country voted for:
Angola: Keagan
Botswana: Keagan
Ghana: Keagan
Kenya: Prezzo
Liberia: Keagan
Malawi: Wati
Namibia: Lady May
Nigeria: Keagan
South Africa: Keagan
Sierra Leone: Talia
Tanzania: Prezzo
Uganda: Kyle
Zambia: Talia
Zimbabwe: Lady May
Rest of Africa: Keagan
Total: Keagan = 7; Lady May = 2; Prezzo =2, Talia = 2, Kyle = 1, Wati = 1. (Total: 15 Votes)

Breaking News: Keagan Wins StarGame!

South African Housemate KEAGAN has won the Big Brother StarGme!
After 91 long days in the house, the young lad has finally hit the jack pot. His journey started in Doenville with partner Lee who was evicted on the same night he was Upgraded to Upville.
This means that South Africa has won Big Brother for the first time after a long wait.
The South African housemate managed to beat off stiff competition from 34 other housemates including strong contenders from Upville.
Prezzo was the runner up and was rewarded with a ONE Campaign ambassador slot. He was also told that he would be attending Jay Z’s concert in the United States soon.

Talia Evicted!

It’s the end of the road for Zambia’s Talia.
After fighting the good fight and holding on till Day 91, Talia is out of the running for the incredible USD 300 000 prize.
Talia entered the game in Downville, alongside partner Tamara, who was sadly Evicted a few weeks ago. Looks like that is nothing but a distant dream, now that she has been Evicted.
Talia has performed exceptionally well and should be proud of herself for making it this far.
With that golden voice she possesses as well as the guitar skills, Talia is no doubt set to take over the world. We’ll be watching!

Kyle Is Also Evicted

After making it   to the finals of the Big Brother Stargame, the second Housemate to be booted out of the Big Brother House  after Wati is  Kyle.
This implies that he has left the battle for the US$300,000 and its now left among four Housemates ; Lady May, Prezzo, Keagan and Talia.
Kyle looked  a bit shocked  because after  surviving evictions many times he never expected Africa to abandon him at the last hour.He was given ten seconds to leave the House and so did.
His eviction without the money has broken his dream of sharing it with his former partner Jannette who has been eagerly waiting right from the ‘ former Housemates’ corner’ from the Audience.
Though evicted, we  believe that he was grateful for having reached the finals and we hope that his country Uganda shouold be happy for him.

Breaking News: Wati Evicted!

Malawian housemate, Wati has been evicted from the Big Brother StarGame!
Wati became the first of the six finalists to be evicted from the house. This means that he has failed to hit the jackpot but can equally be proud to have made it this far.
This leaves only five finalists in the run in to the $300.000 cash prize.
Big Brother presenter IK broke the news to the housemates and later Wati was given just ten seconds to leave the house. He was called on to the magnificent stage to join IK who briefly interviewed the former StarGamer.
Meanwhile, more evictions are still on.

StarGame Countdown: It’s D-Day!

Hmmm… It’s the Final day of the StarGame. It’s been three months, 12 weeks and 91 long days. They say ‘patience pains but pays’, this saying is justified because amid all the anxiety and desire to reach day 91, it’s finally here.
Today, one of the six Finalists will be walking home with the $300.000 cash prize. All of them have their plans already laid down as regards what they would do with the money in case they won it. By now you should have already done your choice and voted in favour of your favourite housemate.

We can Smell Dollars.

This morning Housemates woke up  happier that ever.
After enduring the 91 days in the Big Brother House without  being updated on the happenings in the real world, they had to celebrate this early victory  collectively.
It was Kyle and Prezo doing the singing and dancing first  and Wati too couldn’t be left out of the  celebrating crew.
It has been a   very long journey full of Nominations and Evictions   which saw  many of their fellows   evicted from the House. For those  who have managed to survive up to the game’s last day, indeed have got  a reason to celebrate though only one winner will be announced tonight.
Congratulations Housemates upon this Victory…..We wish you the  best.

Talia Scared Of The Consequences

After having her hair done, Talia went straight to Keagan and needed a little comfort from her new beau. She confided in him about her fears as regards the consequences of her love triangle.
The Zambian lass gave Keagan a kiss and rested on his chest but looked worried about tonight’s live show. All the while, she could only talk about what will happen as soon as they exit the house.
Ever since her romance with Keagan became public, she has openly complained about being confused and feeling guilty. However, she has not done her self justice either because she continues to venture into her new

Who Is Going Home Richer Tonight?

The  final moment that Africa has been waiting for is just  a few hours from now .
Out of the thirty six Housemates who started the battle  struggling for the US$300,000,  we are now left with only six finalists to accomplish the mission and the question is;  Who is going to walk away richer tonight?
For exactly 91 days Keagan, Kyle, Lady May, Prezzo, Talia and Wati have passed the grueling test of not only entertaining Africa but staying relevant as well. They have  survived the testing times of evictions which saw their fellows booted out of the House.

Talia Needs A Saviour

In the early afternoon, Talia referred to her as: “Silly little whore.”
It has not been an easy day for the Zambian StarGame finalist, every moment she gets, she’s quick to confide in Keagan about her concerns as regards the looming Live Show.
She recalled the day she was upgraded to Upville and Seydou was in the crowd showing his commitment to her. “I was going on about how much I love him. Look at me now, silly little whore,” she said.
Well, we wonder when Talia will get over her worries!
However, her beau has been comforting and assuring her that things will turn out for the better.

Messages From Former Housemates

They were so near yet so far, the last six Housemates to be Evicted from StarGame send word to the Finalists:
“I’ve already done my part in the House, so I didn’t vote. But Africa must do their part and vote for whoever they love.”
“Everyone has fans, not just the Upvillers. You will also have haters because different people see you differently in the House”
“I hope that whoever wins won’t blow the money, but rather use it such that in 20 years from now, they will remember that it started with Big Brother Africa.”
“May the human being with the best heart win”

Who Will Be $300,000 Richer?

The jury is out. Stargame is ready to make a star out of one of six housemates -Prezzo, Lady May, Wati P, Keagan, Talia and Kyle. BOBOYE ONDUKU previews the chances of the housemates ahead of the grand finale and where their winning country-votes will come from.
It’s down to who will be crowned the winner of Big Brother Africa Stargame. The stakes and odds of any of the final six housemates getting the big Day 91 pay-package are getting higher. But it  is certain: one of Prezzo, Lady May, Wati P, Keagan, Talia, or Kyle will walk away $300,000 richer  by 8pm Nigeria time tomorrow. Who will it be and where will the support come from?
‘El Prezzidente’ sees himself as winner

Nigerian Super Star D’Banj To Rock Big Brother Africa Stargame Finale

Nigerian superstar, D’Banj will be one of five renowned African artists that will grace the Finale stage this Sunday. Fresh off the success of his sensational global hit Oliver Twist, D’Banj will be making a return to the Big Brother Africa stage for an electrifying performance. The talented singer/songwriter/producer first made his mark on the music scene with the release of his debut album, No Long Thing in 2005. The album yielded several singles including the hit single Tongolo. In 2006 he followed up with his sophomore release, Rundown Funk U Up. The year 2008 saw the release of his third album, The Entertaineras and he was also part of Mo Hit Allstar’s debut album Curriculum Vitae.

Who is the winner of Big Brother Africa 2012 Star Game Show?

It is less than three days to the end of the 2012 Big Brother Africa star game reality show and heart are certainly beating very fast. Everyone is anxious to know the winner of the game.The reality show would close on Sunday August 5 in South Africa.
Most countries are already drumming massive support for their citizens. About two days ago the biggest trend on the big brother show has to do with President Odinga of Kenya called on all citizens of the country to bombard Prezzo with their votes.

Biggie’s Former Housemates Root for Prezzo

Former Kenyan Big Brother housemates have shown their support for the remaining countryman, Prezzo, in the ongoing reality series that is set to conclude on Sunday.
Evicted Big Brother Star Game brothers, Alex and Malonza are voting for Prezzo despite numerous media reports that there was bad blood between the three.
Alex who has not been popular after nominating Prezzo twice said that he was just playing a game. “People really took this personal while Prezzo and I were just cool. I just had to do what I had to do,” Alex told Word Is.

News: Keagan And Talia Bang In Bed!

Right from the shower where the two had   a strong intimacy paired with  a short  sexual drive, Keagan and Talia  felt  like having more of each  other.
The two love bird rushed upstairs in their bed and the action continued. It looked  like  the two were yearning for nothing else apart from having  more sex as  it could be read  right from their eyes.
At this time, the curious Wati and Kyle who were peeping into the shower had nothing to talk about apart from saying that ” They are going to continue, its not done.”

Half of Kyle’s money is mine –Jannette

One of Uganda’s representatives in this year’s Big Brother Africa reality TV show, Jannette Lutaaya, was evicted last Sunday, while her partner Kyle Duncan Kushaba proceeded to the show’s grand finale.JOSEPH SSEMUTOOKE had a chat with the Ugandan who had come to be known as Little Princess about her time in the house Little Princess, what should we begin with? Maybe your insecurity and low self-esteem? Has your time in the house cured it? Ha ha ha. Insecurity and low self-esteem? I have never had those. It was just my strategy to pretend that I had them, so I could win the favour and sympathy of viewers. And it worked for me for 11 weeks, almost got me into the finale.

News: Kissing And Touching Won’t Stop!

Once the Jamaican feast was over, the Housemates changed into their swim suites ,went to the Jacuzzi and the now Stargtame love birds simply couldn’t keep their hands off each other.
We won’t be wrong  if we say that Talia and Keagan really behave like they’ve just discovered each other or that they are taking the advantage of the remaining days and reoccupying the missed moments.
It has been realised that; If they are not staring into each other’s eyes from a distance, they are  touching and kissing passionately.

Kealia’s Intimate Moment in The Shower

From the Jacuzzi, Keagan and Talia went to the shower to have a another moment together in privacy.
The two  spent quite a while in the shower, naked just after midnight kissing and touching themselves extremely.
After realising that  the two love birds were  not getting out of the shower, Wati and Kyle couldn’t help their curiosity and tried so hard to get a sneak peek into what was going on in there.
To their observation, the two curious gents were shocked only to find out that Talia and Keagan were making love in the shower.

News: Kyle Blasts Talia For Her New Love

It looks like Kyle is not happy with Talia‘s cheating on Seydou and he is becoming   the wet blanket in Kealia’s blossoming relationship .
This was after he highlighted that Seydou wasn’t happy about Talia’s new love with Keagan .  Wati jumped to Talia’s defense telling Kyle to stop what he was saying but Kyle too couldn’t just let it go. I just want to know if she’s comfortable,” Kyle told Wati.
Wati fired at the Ugandan Housemate for being tacky in his approach to the Zambian lass but Kyle was unapologetic. “You were not close to Seydou. Before Seydou made a move on Talia, he was with me. I’m being objective here,” Kyle explained.

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Talia And Keagan Kissed Deeply In Bed!

Keagan and Talia entertained each other in bed this afternoon.
Has Talia finally decided who she wants between Keagan and Seydou? Well, it seems she just might have. This afternoon, the Zambian beauty opened the gate even further for Keagan to get in. The two chilled in bed together and discussed some of the issues that weigh heavily on their hearts and minds.
Keagan encouraged Talia to not worry so much about Seydou. “You know that’s not possible,” she replied.
Keagan then attempted to make it better by kissing her. The two disappeared under the covers for a couple of minutes.
When they finally got up for air, Talia said she needed to take a nap before tonight’s Task Presentation.

Prezzo Encourages Keagan

Keagan seems to be trapped some where in Talia‘s heart but still does not know what exactly to do. He therefore decided to seek some advice from his fellow StarGame boys.
“Go for it,” Prezzo said. The Kenyan rep was definitely in the best position to offer some advice as he has already had his fair share of StarGame love with Nigeria’s evicted housemate Goldie. However, Keagan was of the idea that he should let Talia to push things but Prezzo insisted that it was right for him to make the move which Keagan seemed to have agreed with.
Meanwhile, Wati had a different view altogether, he told Keagan that he should take things easy because by the time Seydou left, they were not on talking terms thus by pursuing Talia, it would look like payback.
Well, well, Keagan seems be faced with conflicting loyalties, we wonder whose advice he’s going to take!

Half Naked Keagan In Talia’s Arms!

It seems love has no boundaries and can conquer anything. Who ever imagined that bad boy Keagan would shed a tear over a kiss? Well, he just did just like a baby in need of breast milk.
In the wee hours of the morning, the half naked lad approached Talia in her bed and begged for a kiss but the Zambian lass did not oblige which resulted to the South African lad sobbing quietly. Well, it seems his strategy of crying worked like a charm because Talia was touched by his tears thus she gave him a peck and

“I’m Sorry To Those I Offended”-Prezzo

During his task presentation this evening, Prezzo bowed down his head and apologised to Africa  for all the mistakes he might have done while in the Big Brother House.
“During my stay in the House, I  have learnt to live with many people and I’m here to say Sorry  to all those I offended in any waybecause I ain’t perfect too,” Prezzo apologised to Africa.
Considering all what they (Housemates) have gone through, Prezzo was grateful to say that “Everybody deserves to win the Money ” because all of them have gone through the same hardships.
Prezzo added that living in the Big Brother House might seem easy to any outsider but if one gets  a chance to join the life in the House, they will see how hard it is.
No one is perfect and anyone offended by Prezzo, he asked for  forgiveness…….We hope Goldie heard this speech.

Prezzo Justifies Drunk Antics

After an eventful night yesterday, Prezzo has tried coming out clean. The Kenyan explained to his fellow housemates about his behavior yesterday. He defended his antics by putting the blame on the pressure in the house as being the sole cause of his altercations with some of them.
“On the outside, if I speak for myself, I would drink but I wouldn’t act the fool. But in this frikkin House…” he explained.
Prezzo who had a face offs with Talia, Wati and Keagan yesterday said that the pressure in the house had become too much thus the reactions but tried assuring them that he didn’t mean whatever he had said and done.
Well, some of them seem to have reasoned with him. Talia also shared the same sentiments: “It’s the pressure from being locked up.”

Talia Kisses Keagan After He Shed Tears!

How  should we term this?…….Should we say that Keagan cried for a kiss or something else?
After a long period of begging for  a kiss from Talia but to no avail, Keagan decided to shed tears for it. The South African took some good time asking for “just a kiss” but Talia kept turning him down. This was after Talia had picked up a fight with Prezzo and Keagam went to her as a comforter.
Keagan’s affection for Talia seems to have taken another level that he feels like he can’t survive without tasting Talia’s lips. The two new lovebirds stayed awake in bed as others slept with one party asking for a kiss

Kenyan Prime Minister, Raila Odinga mobilises support for Prezzo

Raila Odinga, Kenyan Prime Minister, has started mobilising support for Prezzo, his country’s representative in the BigBrother Africa Stargame.
This was made known in Odinga’s tweet on Monday, in which he urged his countrymen and women to “come together in large number and vote” Prezzo.
The 32-year-old musician is one of the six contestants remaining in the competition.
The prime minister said he had already sent his vote to the number provided by the organisers for voting.