Who Will Be $300,000 Richer?

The jury is out. Stargame is ready to make a star out of one of six housemates -Prezzo, Lady May, Wati P, Keagan, Talia and Kyle. BOBOYE ONDUKU previews the chances of the housemates ahead of the grand finale and where their winning country-votes will come from.
It’s down to who will be crowned the winner of Big Brother Africa Stargame. The stakes and odds of any of the final six housemates getting the big Day 91 pay-package are getting higher. But it  is certain: one of Prezzo, Lady May, Wati P, Keagan, Talia, or Kyle will walk away $300,000 richer  by 8pm Nigeria time tomorrow. Who will it be and where will the support come from?
‘El Prezzidente’ sees himself as winner

Prezzo sees himself as the winner of Big Brother Stargame and has guts. It is amazing how one man has maintained his place as the Maasai Prince and El Prezzidente despite been hated by many. Big Brother Africa is won by game players and those who use their head during nominations. Hate or like him for it, the Kenyan has done just that to get into the finale. He’s defied the odds and weathered the storms despite an outpour of rage against him from many quarters.
Where will Prezzo votes come from
Prezzo’s votes will come from Kenya, Liberia and Tanzania. There is the little battle with Kyle for Tanzania but that’s that – a little battle. He will have to battle it out for the Rest of Africa with Lady May.
Prezzo’s possible total country votes: 4
Lady May doesn’t ‘give a damn’
What can be said about Lady May that has not been said before? Individualistic, weird, strange …whatever. No matter the odds, the Namibian has stuck to her guns: no friends, no personal questions and no confrontations – except in the Biggie’s diary room. The lady with the pink heels and ‘bra-tops’ looks too old for her 25-year old frame. But she is a 5-year old at heart and many people just love that.
Where will Lady May’s votes come from?
Lady May is looking up to Namibia, Angola, Botswana and Zimbabwe. There is a huge fight for Zimbabwe with Wati P and Talia. Even her Botswana vote is under threat due to Botswana’s history of aligning with South Africa. Nigeria is a long call.
Lady May’s possible total country votes: 4
Talia found Seydou, Keagan and love in Stargame
Talia was once an innocent girl who listened to her sister Tamara with rapt attention. That was until Seydou, the Angolan bloke, showed up. She fell in love but Esperanca‘s insistence on leaving the Stargame voluntarily ensured that, her love was short-circuited.  It meant Seydou hard to exit with her. But she found another fuse, Keagan, to reconnect her love short-circuit. And by doing that she has lost her appeal and by extension many votes that would have helped her Day 91 cause – big time
Where will Talia’s votes come from?
The Zambian vote is the only sure vote Talia has due to her last ditch love ‘fiasco’ with Keagan. Angola’s vote has gone with the wind since she pitched tent with South Africa’s Keagan.  Zimbabwe and Rest of Africa are long shots.
Talia’s possible total country votes: 3
Keagan finally loses it
Well, Keagan has more or less found what he hoped to get on the Big Brother Africa show: Talia and possibly love. Or what else can one say of a guy who saw only the money and was not interested in the game from the outset. By some strange twist, he has chosen to throw all that away for last ditch love ‘thinz’ with Talia. Sherioushly? He knew that the only way for him to survive the game was to strive to become head of house, always. The intern manager gave it a short and was successful a whooping six times! On the sixth occasion, this week, he threw caution to the wind and has cornered Talia for himself. Strategic game at the wrong time. He has effectively foregone his shot of a dream $300,000 payday.
Where will Keagan’s votes come from?
Keagan’s South Africa’s vote is not in doubt. He has burnt his Angola allegiances as a result of his tango with Tailia. Botswana will be a straight fight with Lady May.  Ghana is a short call due to his friendship with Keitta but a Sierra Leone’s and the Rest of Africa are long calls.
Keagan’s possible total country votes: 3
Kyle has kept it ‘real’
Kyle slowly picked up momentum on the show. By the time he did, it was huge and Wati P felt the full weight. The Ugandan journalist played a rare game when he saved Keagan (who had put him up for eviction the previous week) and replaced him with Keitta. He was heartbroken when Keitta was evicted. He became one of the few guys to cry on the show as a result. It remains to be seen whether Ghana will accept his apology but Keagan’s fans would do him no favours. Nevertheless, the Ugandan has managed to floor both Prezzo and Lady May twice, in making the grand finale. Without mincing words, he is the brightest prospect of an original Downville mate winning Biggie’s big prize.
Where will Kyle’s votes come from?
Kyle is a Ugandan, so he has no problems with getting his country’s nod. He looks set to be on course to receive Nigeria’s vote, but there is the little threat of Lady May. Ghana may forgive him for the Keitta ouster. Sierra Leone is also within a touching distance.
Kyle’s possible total country votes: 4
Wati P has come this far
Wati P has been instrumental in Talia making it to the final without stress. And in doing that he helped set up the Kealia love buzz. Many thanks because he showed that he could be trusted despite many people not giving him the benefit of doubt. He kept his bond to Talia despite many laughing at the Zambian graphic designer when she told Big Brother that she knew Wati had her back. But that’s that. Wati P’s roamnce with alcohol and his ‘CyberSteve’ obnoxious personality has pitched him against many fans. Nigeria and Ugandan fans would never forgive him.  Goldie and Jannette  felt  Wati P’s ‘CyberSteve’ ego first hand.
Where will Wati P’s votes come from?
Wati P has a one-country vote: Malawi that has no surprises- no matter the odds. Botswana is his next chance of getting another vote, but Keagan looks well poised to wrestle that from him.
Wati P’s possible total country votes: 1


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