Half of Kyle’s money is mine –Jannette

One of Uganda’s representatives in this year’s Big Brother Africa reality TV show, Jannette Lutaaya, was evicted last Sunday, while her partner Kyle Duncan Kushaba proceeded to the show’s grand finale.JOSEPH SSEMUTOOKE had a chat with the Ugandan who had come to be known as Little Princess about her time in the house
Little Princess, what should we begin with? Maybe your insecurity and low self-esteem? Has your time in the house cured it?
Ha ha ha. Insecurity and low self-esteem? I have never had those. It was just my strategy to pretend that I had them, so I could win the favour and sympathy of viewers. And it worked for me for 11 weeks, almost got me into the finale.
But it also made you look desperate for men. You were all over boys.
Ah, I indeed kissed many of the boys. Alex, Malonza, Keagan, Wati, Nafe. But I was just having fun and never intended to get serious with any of them. And you need to realise sometimes it was alcohol driving me crazy into it.
Talking of drinking and getting crazy, I hope you are not always like that even in Uganda.
Ah, no. I have always liked to have my fun and hang out back in Uganda, but I never drink to the levels I did in Biggie’s house. Back home I had drank a little at house parties, drink-ups and when out, but not like I did in the house.
And I hope you hang out in cool places.
I go to the usual places for young people.  Alfredos, Bodaboda, Guvnor…I also used to go to Casablanca and Cayenne.
Ok, those aren’t bad. When you come back a celeb they will still suffice. But how do you see your life changing as a celeb on return?
I don’t see myself changing in any way. I’m not a person who would rub it in people’s faces even if I had won the $300,000 prize money, and now that I didn’t win it I will stay me – same friends, lifestyle, everything.
Do you really mean that the Big Brother experience won’t have any real effect on your life?
Of course, Big Brother is going to impact me in some other areas, though not what you were talking about. I’ve always wanted to be a recording artiste and professional entertainer, and now Big Brother has given the foundation of being known. I will build on that to launch my music career.
So even after all lectures from housemates about the need for you to go back and complete school, you are still not going back, just music and entertainment?
I will go back to school, but only when I feel I’ve achieved something in my upcoming entertainment career. I’m not going back this year or the next.
And who do you see winning the money?
Of course, Kyle. Keagan and Prezzo are strong too, but Kyle will win it.
And he will then give you five million of the 750 million!
No! We have a standing agreement which we made with him upon entering the house, that whoever wins the money we shall share it equally.


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