Lady May’s Interview At The Party.

How Do You Feel Right Now?
I feel awesome, excited that I made it up to the top four…yeah…so, that for me is a very big blessing and its because of the friends that I wear that I made it as far as I made it.
About The Big Brother Experience.
This experience is a big blessing and so far hmm….Hey, its great to be outside the House .My heart is still spinning but,ahh I’m still having fun.
What Would You Like To Say To Africa?

What I want to say to Africa for Keeping me until day 91 is, God Bless you, thank you guys for waiting for me and Keeping me in the House for so long coz I still can’t believe it that I made it this far. Thank you for allowing me to ,..entertain you, I love you so much and I once asked Africa to marry me in the House and so I’m stil waiting for my answer.
What Is Lady May Going To Do After Here?
For Lady May , where to from now,the sky is the limit , I am alcoholic, I don’t know if that is a good thing. I’m so excited to be out of the cage though I’m gonna miss the House and I’m ready to work, work and work…. wow and one love all the way…..Many kisses.


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