Talia Kisses Keagan After He Shed Tears!

How  should we term this?…….Should we say that Keagan cried for a kiss or something else?
After a long period of begging for  a kiss from Talia but to no avail, Keagan decided to shed tears for it. The South African took some good time asking for “just a kiss” but Talia kept turning him down. This was after Talia had picked up a fight with Prezzo and Keagam went to her as a comforter.
Keagan’s affection for Talia seems to have taken another level that he feels like he can’t survive without tasting Talia’s lips. The two new lovebirds stayed awake in bed as others slept with one party asking for a kiss
but the other rejecting it.
As time went on, Keagan looked like he had given up but only to realise that he was crying silently under the covers. Talia felt a little bit sympathetic that she felt like   availing  a simple kiss to him and so did she.
The two then continued to have good time together in bed though Talia looked like she was kind of regretting.
Did Keagan shed tears for a kiss or there was something else disturbing him?


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