Who is the winner of Big Brother Africa 2012 Star Game Show?

It is less than three days to the end of the 2012 Big Brother Africa star game reality show and heart are certainly beating very fast. Everyone is anxious to know the winner of the game.The reality show would close on Sunday August 5 in South Africa.
Most countries are already drumming massive support for their citizens. About two days ago the biggest trend on the big brother show has to do with President Odinga of Kenya called on all citizens of the country to bombard Prezzo with their votes.

Almost all the housemates have a good chance of going home with the $300,000 star prize.
Who will be the BBA winner for 2012? Talia seem to have a good chance.The housemate from Zambia have proved her worth as a celebrity in the making.The graphic designer is regarded as the prettiest in the 2012 edition. The voting pattern in the house has so far favoured her above all the other housemates.Since she came into upville, she has never been nominated for eviction.
Strangely, the winner could be the ‘strange’ woman in the house- Lady May!
Unlike before when Nigerians won the star prize in three consecutive years,this years own is going to be different.The last housemate from Nigeria was Goldie and she got evicted some weeks back.
Gistmaster News is asking the question, who can predict the winner of the 2012 Big Brother Africa?


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