Prezzo Encourages Keagan

Keagan seems to be trapped some where in Talia‘s heart but still does not know what exactly to do. He therefore decided to seek some advice from his fellow StarGame boys.
“Go for it,” Prezzo said. The Kenyan rep was definitely in the best position to offer some advice as he has already had his fair share of StarGame love with Nigeria’s evicted housemate Goldie. However, Keagan was of the idea that he should let Talia to push things but Prezzo insisted that it was right for him to make the move which Keagan seemed to have agreed with.
Meanwhile, Wati had a different view altogether, he told Keagan that he should take things easy because by the time Seydou left, they were not on talking terms thus by pursuing Talia, it would look like payback.
Well, well, Keagan seems be faced with conflicting loyalties, we wonder whose advice he’s going to take!


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