Talia’s Interview At The Party.

Hey Talia, How Do You Feel Right Now?
Oh right now am very overwhelmed and I don’t know how I can take all over this,I mean the love. I just saw much attention I didn’t really expect to be like this.
What To You Say About Making It This Far?
Making it this far means…..First of all, I was nominated once from Downville to Upville and as far as I know I got the most votes so that was amazing for me so it covers up being nominated for other times.

What Do You Say About Keagan Winning The Money?
About Keagan winning the money…..I am extremnely happy for him really, he is a good guy, he is a good guy , he deserves to win the money and its a great thing and I said it in the Diary room sessions that this money is gonna go to everyone coz everyone deserved it… and I’m extermely haappy for him.


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