Kealia’s Intimate Moment in The Shower

From the Jacuzzi, Keagan and Talia went to the shower to have a another moment together in privacy.
The two  spent quite a while in the shower, naked just after midnight kissing and touching themselves extremely.
After realising that  the two love birds were  not getting out of the shower, Wati and Kyle couldn’t help their curiosity and tried so hard to get a sneak peek into what was going on in there.
To their observation, the two curious gents were shocked only to find out that Talia and Keagan were making love in the shower.

Keagan and Talia  held each other , touched  , felt and kissed passionately for what seemed like forever. From a distance, Keagan was occasionally seen fixing his towel and wrapping it around Talia as the hanky-panky continued.
It was a short but looked to be  a nice drive to Keagan though for Talia it was  hard to tell.


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