Wati’s Interview At The Party.

What Is Your Word To Africa?
All I want so say to Africa is ….You guys thank you for keeping me  real .If you fake your life uhh, life might take you for granted and you not gonna prosper that way…..you know what I mean.Its like you want people to like you for what you are. I am glad that I tried to show my best to Africa and finally Africa likes me for what I am.
What Is Next In Your Life?
Hmm, what is next for me like this year, I’m gonna be having fun and slight hustling n the other side. Next year ,its when I’m gonna start thinking about what I’m gonna do for my life but that I will do what I do at ma best which is architecture and art and designing.
Message To Keagan.
Hmm, Keagan we have been Homies ever since the first day and if there was someone who was gonna win the money ….I was hoping it was gonna be you and you owe me Ten cards…you know what I mean hahaha.


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