Kyle’s Interview At The Party

What message do you have for Africa?
This is wat am gonna say gto Africa; Africa has been amazing, they held me down, I didn’t know, I didn’t know that I was that special , I didn’t even know that I did a great  job in the House.
How was Your Life In The House?
All I did in the House was “live” you  knw what I mean,I let live , I did not know what Africa thought of me but they kept me nicely and I appreciate that a lot.

Message To Those Who saved You The Three Times.
To those people who saved me, I appreciate them and God bless them and you know what ; this is not the last time they are seeing me, I’m here to stay.
What Is On Your Mind?
There is a lot of things on my mind. Honestly I do TV, in my country I’m a TV presenter so definately I’m gonna put TV thung to another level perhaps you never know, Channel O,MTV Base baibe.
What Is Next In Your Life?
From here, I wanna concentrate on my career as well. I am a singer and I wanna boom my career to a certain level.
What Do You say About Keagan Winning The Money?
For Keagan, he  has been my great friend. In the House I had three best friends, Keagan,Wati and Keitta. Those three guys, I gat them at my heart  and one of them winning, it means a lot to me. Even if I didn’t win,I feel like I won coz Keagan did it.
Message To Keagan.
Keagan is ma boy, I love him to death, to death…You know what I mean, so I’m very happy, very very very happy”…


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