News: Kissing And Touching Won’t Stop!

Once the Jamaican feast was over, the Housemates changed into their swim suites ,went to the Jacuzzi and the now Stargtame love birds simply couldn’t keep their hands off each other.
We won’t be wrong  if we say that Talia and Keagan really behave like they’ve just discovered each other or that they are taking the advantage of the remaining days and reoccupying the missed moments.
It has been realised that; If they are not staring into each other’s eyes from a distance, they are  touching and kissing passionately.

When thy got in the Jacuzzi, the two took one corner and stayed locked in each other’s arms and  Kyle was curious about when Talia fell for Keagan . Without taking  a breathe, She confessed “since I got to Upville and we started spending time together.”…hmm
Was this after IK asked Keagan the girl he would hook up with in the House or it was already in Talia’s mind?


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