News: Lady May Runs Crazy!

It was fun today and the Diary room today was filled with entertainment during Lady May‘s Diary Room session. Putting on a top with a label “MAMPI” ,the free style and neutral Namibian asked Biggie  a favor which Biggie agreed to offer.
A smiling Lady May started…….” You  know Biggie, ever since  I entered this room, I want to put my legs up and the head down to know how it feels” The favor was a bit crazy but Biggie just told her that…”Remember its in the Diary room that a
Housemate is free to do anything he or she wants”.
Within a blink of an eye , Namibia’s Housemate was upside down hanging in the Diary room’s chair! All eyes of Africa on her, Lady May took all her Diary session making different moves from the chair.A few people could believe this but if you know how crazy Lady May is you would expect anything crazy from her!

Do you like the way Lady May plays her game??


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