Zainab Finally joins Upville, Luke,Yadel & Dalphin Evicted

Luke, Yadel and Dalphin were Evicted while Zainab was upgraded to upville after surviving possible eviction this evening.
Like its normally done in this reality show, all the four nominees were first interviewed  on how they experienced life in downville within the past two weeks including the relationships they had among themselves.
During her interview, Zainab clearly stated that she doesn’t have any big misunderstandings with Seydou only that they don’t get along well. This is the main reason  she wanted to go home.

Here is how different countries voted for the nominated housemates;
Zainab got 13 votes, Yadel and Luke each with 1 vote and Dalphin walked out with no vote making it a total of 15 votes.
Next week there will be no nominations in the downville. As for Upville, housemates will be required to nominate each other for possible eviction.
This is going to be the first of its kind in Upville.


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