News: Taking it Easy

The Housemates engaged in mindless chatter this morning, probably saving their energy for tonight’s party, which will see South Africa’s DJ Sphectacula rocking the decks.
Lady May and Goldie lounged in the sun, bonding over their fears. The two spoke about lions, tigers, bears and sharks, which are all pretty common fears for most.
Lady May however, took it up a notch, highlighting her fear of butterflies. “There’s something about butterflies. I respect them because there is something so powerful about them”, she said.

Barbz on the other hand moaned seductively, prompting a curious DKB to enquire.
Barbz told him that was the sound she makes when she’s bored.
Over in Downville, the mood was the same. Instead of the usual chaos, the Housemates were on their
best behaviour. Wati tried to entertain with a guitar solo, while Seydou tried to school his fellow Housemates about the difference between pro-ball and college basketball.
How are our Housemates going to entertain themselves this afternoon? Are we going to see all that pent up energy unleashed tonight, during the first ever StarGame Saturday night party.


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