Daybreak: What a Dramatic Night!

The excitement of the Pirates party was short-lived in Downville as Housemates engaged in serious confrontation leading to tears.
The morning after was no different as the Housemates were either still intoxicated in bed or arguing with one another over again.
From Zainab and Seydou telling each other off and insulting each other about their mothers to Keagan and Edith as well as Luke engaging in their own drama, the early hours of Sunday morning turned extremely bitter.

With alcohol flowing freely, it’s never easy to tell how such drama erupts but Edith insisted that Keagan had thrown a chair at her resulting in her anger.
Though the Head of House Keitta tried drumming some sense into the Housemates about their behavior, it seems it fell on deaf ears.
Keagan could not be controlled as he threw himself all over the place adamant that “They don’t know me”. His partner, Lee was too tiny to hold keagan back but once Ola interevened, it was a totally different story.


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