News: Zainab Raped

Newest member in the Upville House Zainab has already settled in and could easily be seen already feeling at home in her new House, well, during one of her conversations with one of the Upville boys DKB, she told him how she got raped during the war in Sierra Leone.
The outspoken model, narrated that during the war, one of the fighters she hardly remembers picked her from her house and raped her, leaving her in alot of pain and bleeding all over. She adds that she could not even walk.

“He took my virginity and I do not even remember him, my mum was so scared and first thing after the war cooled down, mum rushed me to hospital.”
Zainab continued to reveal that her mum was so worried about pregnancy and HIV, fortunately she survived both. She also said that she was about 13 or 14 years.
However, amid all this narration, DKB was so touched that he tried comforting her, DKB was convinced that such people are always under the influence of weed and alcohol. “You are more than fine…” DKB assured her.
Zainab says that the man who raped her was around 30 years and that he threatened her that if she shouted, he would cut her into two and burn the house.


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