Breaking News: Esperanca Exits StarGame?

In a sudden twist of events, Angola’s Esperanca has volunteerd to exit Big Brother StarGame due to personal issues.
As the Downville Housemates were chilling in the garden, Biggie called Esperanca into the Diary Room and asked her what was on her mind.
Esperanca didn’t hesitate to mention that she had made up her mind on this decision and had even discussed it with the Head of House, Keitta.

However, Biggie gave Esperanca 24 hours to rethink her decision and suggested that she gets the other Housemates’ views on her decision.
Though hesitant, Esperanca agreed to Biggie’s time frame but said she preferred to discuss the matter with a select few Housemates that she trusts.
As she left the Diary Room, Esperanca looked a tad worried and went straight to Tswana sisters, Edith and Eve.
To Exit or Not To?


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