News: Talia Cries Over Seydou’s Exit!

Finally its game over for the Angolan Pair. Following the misunderstandings and divisions  between the two, Esperanca this week told Biggie that she wants to quit the game.It followed the fact that Esperanca’s partner Seydou was not cooperative and was playing the game as an individual.
The pair was given some time to settle their matters and come up with a common decision but to no avail.This afternoon when the two were called up in the diary room and asked  what their decision was, Esperanca was still by her word and confirmed that she wants to go home.Biggie was left with no option apart from  telling the two  to go prepare and pack their bags.

The Angolan pair’s departure did not only affect Seydou who never wanted, but all the Downvillers  and MOST especially Talia.
“No,no,no,no,no,no,…..its not possible…” were the only words heard coming from Talia’s mouth. A crying Talia couldn’t believe what she had just heard…….Leaving Talia behind, was the hardest thing Seydou felt but Talia’s  sadness was beyond imagination.Recently, Talia was heard lamenting that….”…….in fact am going to hate that bitch”…..Seydou too was heard saying the same word….”bitch” It seems like Esperanca has ended the Seytalia(Seydou and Talia) relationship.
Is Esperanca a “BITCH” as said by Seydou and Talia????


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