News:DKB And Roki Punished.

Season seven’s Big Brother participants seem to be the most Big Headed ones compared to all the past seasons we have ever watched. This is because they are fond of breaking Big Brother’s Rules nomatter how many times they are briefed through and emphasised.
Roki and DKB‘s insolence has cost the Housemates a big loss of the weekly Upville Shopping budget.
Monday this week, it was the first ever Nominations for the Upvillres since StarGame began. One of the major rules during Nominations is that no one is allowed to reveal the names of the people they have put up for possible Eviction to the fellow Housemates.

DKB and Roki were Big headed and instead did the opposite this week, when they told some of their fellow Starmates who they had put on the chopping list which is obviously contrary to Big Brother’s rules and this had to call for an immediate response from the Big man, the two felt the wrath of Big Brother when their ‘Shopping Stars’ were removed from the budget. DKB blamed his fellow Housemates for being nosy.He added that”The reason I told you guys is because all of you were so nosy. I didn’t even say the name. I said I Nominated a strong character,” he said.
This caled up for Zainab‘s involvement in the matter and told DKB that he should stop blaming other because he was the only one to blame.
Why do you think that these starmates break simple rules?


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