News: Goldie Puts Blame On Communication

Putting into consideration of what is happenning in the Goldezzo relationship, Goldie  stressed that communication is important in all relationships.
During her conversation with Barbz in the garden, Goldie said that though things had turned out the way they had between her and Prezzo, she blamed it on communication and that Prezzo was partly to blame.
It was evident to all that what the Nigerian singer and Kenyan rapper had, was more than just friendship though Prezzo dropped the “we’re just friends” bomb at her.

However, Barbz told Goldie that Prezzo was worried about her and wanted to be sure she was fine before they could discuss their issue further and added that he looks to be caring to her regardless of how often they communicate.
Barbz told Goldie that Prezzo felt like she was drifting away, she added that she hadn’t noticed any bad blood between them and was shocked to see Goldie breaking down the previous night. It seems that for Barbz wasn’t watching the distance between the two before the scandal.
Where do you see this relationship’s destiny?


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