News: No Booze

After drowning themselves in copious amounts of booze when they first entered the House on Sunday night, the Downville Housemates quickly realized this evening, that they have run out of stock.
The only exception is Tanzania’s Hilda, who saved for the inevitable rainy day, while her fellow Housemates were partying it up. A very chipper Hilda spent most of the evening fluttering about, clutching a glass filled with what looked like orange juice.

When quizzed by her thirsty Housemates about the contents of her glass, Hilda told them she was drinking juice. She then confided in Chris later and told him she has a bottle of vodka stashed away somewhere in the House. Chris did not want to believe her. Whether it was a ploy to get a little taste cannot be dismissed.
If it was, Hilda was not about to give up the goods.
Alcohol often plays an important role in the Big Brother House. More often than not, any kind of drama (fights and hookups) usually stems from over consumption of booze.
Today, the Downville Housemates entertained themselves by keeping the fire outside burning, as per Big Brother’s instructions.


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