News: Dalphin & Hilda Fight Over a Chair

After Biggie asked the Housemates to assembly outside until further notice, Hilda claims to have quickly rushed upstairs to get her Bible only to find Dalphin sitting on her chair.
The Sierra Leone Housemate took Hilda apart when she tried reclaiming the chair resulting in a serious war of words.
From “Women blessed with big mouths” to “I can never be your sister!,” there was no doubt that it was on.
The ladies’ argument was hilariously punctuated with guitar notes courtesy of Luke coupled with Ola‘s dance moves. Zainab couldn’t contain herself and perked out at the guys display amidst all the anger.
Meanwhile, Chris and Maneta had also exchanged harsh words during the wee hours after he drummed Downville out of their sleep.
Sparks Fly!


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