Task: Lady May Unlocks Biggie’s Conundrum

Lady May nailed the slippery Task that Biggie threw at the Upville VIPs late at night and she and her partner Roki couldn’t contain their excitement.
Just as they were relaxing in the lounge, Biggie charged the Housemates to bear all and change into their swimwear and gave them four bars of soap with a Big Brother coin with a conundrum on it in them.
“Use the shower or the Jacuzzi. Try and be the first Housemate to unlock the conundrum. As soon as you make out the letters and unscramble them, shout out the answer and you could win a reward,” Biggie’s brief read.

Led by Barbz, the girls suggested that the pairs rub each other’s feet instead of their backs because it was rather intrusive.
Roki and Lady May were the first to wash the soap away until they revealed the Big Brother coin but it took them a while to unlock the conundrum. After paying careful attention to the conundrum “MEGAARTS”, Lady May quickly shouted; “It’s StarGame” echoed by her partner, Roki.


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