News: Coincidence

Being confined to a house for 91 days, the Big Brother Africa Housemates are completely oblivious to what’s happening in the outside world.
However, it was strange to hear the Downville Housemates talking about three topics that are actually happening at the moment. Kwaito star, Brown Dash, passed away yesterday, 9 May. A few of the Downville Housemates know that he was sick but did not realise that he had died.

Unaware that Goldie is in Upville, The singer randomly came up in one of their conversations. Lastly, the Housemates were talking about Barbz, saying that she could be one of the Housemates in Upville.
Can you say “Freaky?” It seems like these Housemates have a 6th sense, or maybe this was all just a co-incidence


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