News: Hilda wants to stay in Downville

With evictions less than 24 hours away, the current talk topic amongst the Downville Housemates is who will be moved to Upville and who will leave the show. Yesterday, the Housemates were showed pictures of Upville, and excitement and nerves have been in the air ever since.

With most Housemates hoping to be the lucky person to go to Upville, Hilda, strangely enough, does not seem too pleased. She’s very comfortable in Downville, and says that staying in Upville will be boring. She likes being around the rest of her Housemates, and believes that being with only 7 people just isn’t fun.
Meanwhile, Yadel and Jesica were sitting in the garden, discussing how many winners they think this year’s Big Brother will have. Yadel believes that there will be only 1 winner, as she hasn’t heard anything about a couple’s win.
With a lot of confusion and speculation at the moment, a few things will probably be a little more clearer after tomorrow.


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